Accenture’s VMware Validated Design

| April 10, 2017

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Accenture's VMware Validated Design is a reference architecture for implementation of a private cloud based on VMware's software-defined data center (SDDC) technology. It encompasses the benefits of server and network virtualization along with integrated management and automated provisioning. Using VMware's next generation technology platforms, this architecture transforms rigid infrastructure elements into agile, software-centric private cloud blueprint.


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Virtualization can transform your company’s IT infrastructure

Article | February 18, 2020

For many companies in today’s highly competitive, rapidly digitizing world, data center transformation is not merely a one-time project – it’s a constant challenge. No corporate IT leader should be content merely to revamp their data infrastructure once, then call it a day. Instead, they should always be looking for ways to make their approach to data more dynamic and easier to scale. Ideally, they’d do so in a way that maximizes resource utilization while minimizing costs. Luckily, that’s exactly the idea behind virtualization, which involves creating a new infrastructure that’s capable of rapidly scaling and facilitating workload development. IT leaders are quickly coming to realize that with virtualization in their toolbox, they’re able to make their operations more agile than ever, and without increasing costs. This is why over 80% of enterprise server workloads today are running on virtual machines, and the market for data center virtualization is expected to reach a total value of $10 billion by 2023.

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VMware Tanzu Service Mesh, built on VMware NSX is Now Available

Article | March 11, 2020

VMware marked its entry into the service mesh space with the announcement of VMware NSX Service Mesh. Today, we have some exciting developments to share. First, VMware NSX Service Mesh is now VMware Tanzu Service Mesh. This new brand aligns with the VMware Tanzu Portfolio for modern applications that we launched today. Second, and more importantly, we are announcing that Tanzu Service Mesh, built on VMware NSX is now available for purchase. Tanzu Service Mesh provides consistent connectivity and security for microservices – across all your Kubernetes clusters and clouds – in the most demanding multi-cluster and multi-cloud environments. Tanzu Service Mesh can be installed in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) clusters and third-party Kubernetes-conformant clusters, and used with clusters managed by Tanzu Mission Control (i.e., Tanzu-managed clusters) or clusters managed by other Kubernetes platforms and managed services.

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Cisco and Microsoft partner on cloud IoT stuff

Article | March 5, 2020

The move was announced in a Microsoft blog, which somehow resisted the urge to use the term ‘end-to-end’ a lot. The thinking is that Microsoft’s Azure IoT platform is great at the datacenter end of things and Cisco is pretty hot at the edge. Industries increasingly want a bit of both from their IoT so this partnership has been created to provide that.Using software-based intelligence pre-loaded onto Cisco IoT network devices, telemetry data pipelines from industry-standard protocols like OPC-Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) and Modbus can be easily established using a friendly UI directly into Azure IoT Hub,” explains the blog, “Additional telemetry processing is also supported by Cisco through local scripts developed in Microsoft Visual Studio, where filtered data can also be uploaded directly into Azure IoT Hub. This collaboration provides customers with a fully integrated solution that will give access to powerful design tools, global connectivity, advance analytics, and cognitive services for analyzing IoT data.

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IT modernisation series – Rancher Labs: Kubernetes is a catalyst

Article | March 17, 2020

In this series of articles we investigate how organisations are approaching the modernisation, replatforming and migration of legacy applications and related data services. We look at the tools and technologies available encompassing aspects of change management and the use of APIs and containerisation (and more) to make legacy functionality and data available to cloud-native applications. This post is written by Olivier Maes, VP EMEA for Rancher Labs – the company is known for its work in operating-system-level virtualization tools. IT modernisation can be intimidating, but it’s a necessity. Businesses that continue to rely on legacy technologies risk being left behind, while those that embrace digitalisation gain a competitive advantage.

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