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| January 27, 2019

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Network: Can you connect millions of endpoints securely and collect data from it? Data Center: Is your infrastructure resilient so your applications are available anywhere, anytime? Cloud: Can you seamlessly integrate, aggregate and provision cloud services from multiple cloud environments? Collaboration: Can you connect every employee, every application, and every room?


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T-Mobile to Slash $30M in Cloud Costs With Kubernetes

Article | April 3, 2020

T-Mobile US has found success with Kubernetes and currently operates 20,000 containers across its virtualized cloud infrastructure. In fact, over the next year the carrier claims the combination of centralized management of Kubernetes containers and a normalized approach to clusters will help it to slash $30 million in cloud costs. Thom McCann, senior manager and software engineer at T-Mobile, shared the carrier’s seven-year cloud journey progress this week as as part of D2iQ’s “Cloud Native Virtual Summit featuring Kubernetes.” From building applications manually, progressing to automation, and then implementing container-based workloads at scale, T-Mobile’s centralized cloud team has laid “bedrock foundations in place to deliver consistent cloud consumption in a large organization,” McCann said.

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Recent IDC Report Highlights VMware Cloud on Dell EMC For Edge Compute

Article | March 18, 2020

Many businesses are discovering the need to compute enable the edge of their network. Whether it be a chain of brick and mortar stores, satellite healthcare clinics, or factories in remote locations, deploying compute at the edge allows applications to run in close proximity to internet- connected end user devices or machinery and the date generated by these devices. This allows real-time application interaction with these devices that otherwise would not be possible if data and applications were centrally hosted. While edge computing can significantly improve such things as customer interaction and real-time manufacturing efficiencies, IT organizations are often challenged by the cost and logistics of maintaining and servicing these decentralized compute end points. VMware and Dell EMC offer a straight-forward, easy to scale solution which optimally solves these challenges.

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Inferencing at the Edge with HyperFlex

Article | March 3, 2020

While at this year’s Cisco Live! Barcelona, our staff interviewed many of the amazing thought leaders who joined us to demonstrate their work with Cisco. We’ll be sharing those interviews, and short blog post summaries, for the next few weeks.The first interview is about how Vispera, which makes visual intelligence solutions for retail, works with Cisco on inferencing at the edge with HyperFlex. As Erdem Yoruk, chief scientist at Vispera, explained, the company uses image recognition technology for its shelf monitoring and inventory management solution, Shelfsight. Cisco HyperFlex, together with Intel’s Xeon Scalable Processors, provides the compute power needed to perform inferencing at multiple retail locations. As they stood in front shelves with cereal and other products, Yoruk explained how Shelfsight, the latest product from Vispera, uses a camera solution for real-time shelf monitoring and in-store management. Running on Cisco HyperFlex Edge servers powered by scalable Intel Xeon processors, Shelfsight takes measurements from the shelves every 10 minutes. It recognizes every product visible on the shelf down to a granular level, generating KPI metrics and notifying store personnel of any non-compliance issues so that they can take immediate action and replenish the shelves as necessary.

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The Denodo Platform and Cloud Marketplaces – A Winning Combination

Article | April 7, 2020

Cloud marketplaces are not new and provide users with a smart, low-touch, easy way to get started with data management in the cloud. In today’s market buyers want better solutions to meet their personalized needs, and this has made public cloud marketplaces even more popular for doing business. Public cloud marketplaces leverage a cloud-based commerce model that enables businesses to evaluate a range of different options to solve a multitude of issues. As seen from the Denodo Global Cloud Survey 2020, cloud computing adoption continues to explode. According to Gartner, the global cloud market will reach $411 billion by 2020. Public cloud marketplaces are quickly becoming one of the preferred channels that companies use to research, purchase, and manage their apps. Here’s a closer look at how to develop a marketplace strategy to improve your tech delivery and help your team increase productivity. Opportunity awaits at the doorsteps of cloud users. In this blog, we will explore possibilities and options for working with marketplaces.

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