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| November 19, 2019

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Virtualizing Broadband Networks: Q&A with Tom Cloonan and David Grubb

Article | June 11, 2020

The future of broadband networks is fast, pervasive, reliable, and increasingly, virtual. Dell’Oro predicts that virtual CMTS/CCAP revenue will grow from $90 million in 2019 to $418 million worldwide in 2024. While network virtualization is still in its earliest stages of deployment, many operators have begun building their strategy for virtualizing one or more components of their broadband networks.

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Accelerating 5G vRAN: The Case for GPUs

Article | April 1, 2020

The pace of 5G rollouts in 2019 surpassed expectations, and in 2020 the momentum is only increasing. So far, 5G usage has been predominantly 4G-style mobile broadband (MBB) services driving smartphone traffic growth. By the end of 2019, global mobile data traffic was around 40 exabytes (EB) per month and by 2025 we expect 160 EB, with video-related streaming accounting for about three-quarters of the total. Beyond MBB, 5G will allow service providers to address more of the IT value chain as they accommodate and enable an emerging range of enterprise applications and services. What will it take to spur this next wave of 5G across a broad spectrum of use-cases? RAN virtualization is a key element to the story of 5G reaching beyond MBB.

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8 reasons to consider hyperconverged infrastructure for your data center

Article | March 1, 2020

Demand for on-premises data center equipment is shrinking as organizations move workloads to the cloud. But on-prem is far from dead, and one segment that’s thriving is hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). HCI is a form of scale-out, software-integrated infrastructure that applies a modular approach to compute, network and storage capacity. Rather than silos with specialized hardware, HCI leverages distributed, horizontal blocks of commodity hardware and delivers a single-pane dashboard for reporting and management. Form factors vary: Enterprises can choose to deploy hardware-agnostic hyperconvergence software from vendors such as Nutanix and VMware, or an integrated HCI appliance from vendors such as HP Enterprise, Dell, Cisco, and Lenovo.

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ProtonVPN iOS app now supports the OpenVPN protocol

Article | May 7, 2020

Your ProtonVPN iOS app is now better equipped to fight censorship and offers more flexible connection options with the launch of OpenVPN for iOS. The OpenVPN protocol is one of the best VPN protocols because of its flexibility, security, and because it is more resistant to blocks. You now have the option to switch between the faster IKEv2 protocol and the more stable and censorship-resistant OpenVPN protocol.

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