. https://www.zdnet.com/article/f5-networks-to-acquire-nginx/
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F5 Networks on Monday announced that it will acquire NGINX, which provides popular open-source software of the same name, for $670 million. The deal advances F5's aim of capitalizing on the trend toward multi-cloud deployments.F5 plans to enhance NGINX's current offerings with F5 security solutions and will integrate F5 cloud-native technology with NGINX's software load balancing technology. This should accelerate F5's time to market of application services for containerized applications. Meanwhile, NGINX will benefit from F5's global salesforce, channel infrastructure and partner ecosystem. The acquisition adds "the power of NGINX's open source innovation to F5's ADC leadership and enterprise reach," NGINX CEO Gus Robertson said in a statement. "F5 gains depth with solutions designed for DevOps, while NGINX gains breadth with access to tens of thousands of customers and partners." F5 says it is committed to increasing investment in the NGINX open source project and to maintaining the NGINX brand. NGINX's thriving open source community was "one of the most attractive elements of this combination," F5 said in a release. The company expects the deal to accelerate its product integrations with leading open source projects and enhance its technology partnerships with open source vendors. STEPHANIE CONDON READ MORE