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Businesses are drowning in data, making it difficult to maintain consistency, identify “good” data, or derive valuable insights from it. To stay innovative, businesses have been implementing multi-cloud infrastructures, many of which also incorporate on-premises systems. However, when data is spread across on-premises and cloud systems, it is often challenging to bring the data together in real time, in a unified and well-governed manner.Data virtualization is a technology that enables organizations to quickly and easily make data available to users. It does not copy or replicate the data – the data remains in its original location and is retrieved, combined, and transformed in real time, on demand. The data is exposed through virtual views that can be accessed using SQL or web services.With more infrastructure and applications moving to the cloud in support of digital transformation, one of the decisions enterprises must confront is the best approach to cloud migration for long-term success. In this piece, I will provide some sample use cases showing how data virtualization and AWS Cloud can make the migration process more straightforward. I will also explain the licensing options available for the Denodo Platform for AWS and how to get started. READ MORE