. https://www.ericsson.com/en/blog/2019/3/how-data-and-ai-are-key-to-future-networks
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It’s the second part the quote that I find especially interesting, and it addresses some very important things in the telecom industry. Today, massive amounts of data constantly hits a mobile network. For example, 4 terabits of data hits a US service provider’s mobile network every second, and that same network registers 15 million ‘data events’ every second. The thing is, these figures won’t be slowing down anytime soon as IoT and 5G come into play. The market will become much more complex in the future. The number of new use cases enabled by 5G and network slicing, virtualization of networks, edge computing and the continued explosion of data volumes in mobile networks propelled by video and more devices will force networks to transform into dynamic networks that are able to react in real-time to increased demands, problems and shifts in traffic. We mortals won’t be able to manage all this alone. We’ll need huge amounts of data and artificial intelligence just to manage the networks, let alone the devices that demand its attention. As Humby said, the data in itself is not valuable, it must be refined to add value. And that refinement must in many cases be done fast, close to real-time, to be able to quickly act on insights but also to avoid the need to store data in big data lakes that will increase the cost for getting to those valuable insights. ANDERS KÄLVEMARK READ MORE