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Edge computing can be defined as the technology by which Internet of Things (IoT)–enabled devices process data close to the heart of where those data are created instead of sending them through lengthy routes in the cloud. Performing edge computing enables enterprises to analyze critical data in almost real time. This type of computing power can be helpful to every industry. In many cases, enterprises assume that everything in the cloud will connect to an edge device over a strong and stable connection—a false presumption.Think of edge computing as a micro-mesh–style network in which data flow into data centers that store or analyze the data locally, and then move those data into a centralized cloud or data center with a small footprint. The data transferred from IoT devices to local micro-networks are small and typically saved to an Infrastructure as a Service solution. Edge computing is important to enterprises in a variety of ways. When IoT devices have low connectivity or aren’t as efficient as they should be, edge computing can return faster data rates and backup responses than if the data were saved to the cloud. ANTHONY ORTEGA READ MORE