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In today’s multicloud world, managing complexity seems to be a full-time job for many IT professionals. This is not surprising, since they are often asked to concurrently manage legacy infrastructure, public and private cloud environments, with multiple vendors, all while trying to adapt to a world where data and data centers are no longer centered. It should also come as no surprise that what our customers truly need to succeed in this new reality is not more complexity, but more simplicity.Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) has emerged as a leading solution to provide this type of simplicity, but not all HCI solutions are created equal. And the type of HCI solution chosen can have a big impact on whether things get simpler or more complex. This is one of the major reasons we at Cisco designed our HyperFlex HCI solution as a fully integrated offering with hardware, software, network, and management all optimized together and supported through a single vendor. READ MORE