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Several weeks ago, I got to visit a Global 50 manufacturer. This organization had a very complex supply chain and manufacturing locations and vendor relationships across the world. It needed to govern the data that flowed between suppliers, customers, and even internal organizations. And it was not appropriate for everyone to see everything.In the middle of this conversation, the manufacturer discussed the depth of their clouds and cloud vendor relationships and the problems that multi-cloud presented to their organization. Given this, I decided it was time to dig-in on multi-cloud with the #CIOChat. CIOs had differing answers based upon the complexity of their organizations. Some said that they really don’t think about having a "cloud fabric." These CIOs use a small number of cloud providers. For them, there are few internal and external providers. Given this, they don’t believe there are layers unless an organization is running hybrid (by virtue several clouds) or there are silos of data located across the organization. MYLES F. SUER READ MORE