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Magento is an amazing platform that has helped many e-commerce websites. AWS lets you establish the right infrastructure to assist Magento deployment properly and in an affordable manner on AWS Cloud. The deployment starts Magento Open Source easily & automatically to be set up in a configuration as per your preference. Well, when you are using the Quick start deployment reference you will be handling the expenses of AWS services.You will be charged no extra cost for just utilizing Quick Start. The cost varies based on the compute configuration of the cluster and storage you deploy. The primary AWS components that Quick Start uses comprise of the below mentioned AWS services.Amazon VPC Amazon VPC (The Amazon Virtual Private Cloud) service allows you to get isolation and private AWS cloud section that lets you launch AWS services along with additional resources in a safe virtual network which you wish to set up.You gain complete control over the virtual networking zone you have set up like selecting IP address of your own and setting its range, creation of subnet, configuring route tables as well as network gateways. READ MORE