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One of the biggest issues with cloud security arguably has very little to do with technology. Most breaches involving the cloud are generally the result of one misconfiguration or another, or lack of processes for implementing and maintaining the best cloud security processes.In theory, that shouldn’t be a big deal if the files being stolen are encrypted. Confidential data, from credit card numbers to health records to military secrets, should be able to move from one network to another without being compromised by data breaches, denial of services (DoS) attacks and other threats.But new research from US company Vera Security confirms what most cybersecurity professionals already know all too well – installed encryption protects only 4 percent of breached files. It appears most end users can’t seem to be bothered with encryption.Despite all warnings to the contrary, unencrypted data is strewn across the extended enterprise. In fact, only 35 percent of survey respondents have encryption built into security processes and procedures across the company. In addition, only 26 percent employ digital rights management, which could be employed to revoke access rights to a file. READ MORE