. https://virtualizationreview.com/articles/2019/03/18/vmware-horizon-7.8-and-cart-5.0.aspx
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On March 14, 2019, VMware announced the availability of Horizon 7.8 and CART 5.0. CART is the client software that's used to connect to a Horizon desktop. Although no major changes were included in this release, it did include support for new OSes for the Horizon infrastructure and extended some existing features in Horizon. In this article I discuss these features and show you some of these changes. As I've mentioned in previous articles, VMware is moving away from its Flash-based Horizon Administrator and toward an HTML5-based Horizon Console for the management of Horizon environments. This has been a gradual process and Horizon 7.8 continues to incrementally add functionality to Horizon Console and it's slowly gaining feature parity with Horizon Administrator. A few of the new features included in Horizon Console are increased Cloud Pod, linked-clone and configuration features. An example of this is that Horizon Console in 7.7 didn't have the ability to use Horizon Console to create automated linked-clone farms, but in 7.8 it does. You can read more about Horizon Console here. The Horizon Console is not yet feature-complete and is still lacking features, such as the ability to license the product, so it should not yet be considered a replacement for Horizon Administrator. Windows Server 2019 is now supported for the Connection Server. TOM FENTON READ MORE