A10 Networks, Dell Technologies Release a Set of Solutions for Single-service or Multi-tenant Virtual Platforms

A10 Networks | June 11, 2020

  • A10 Thunder® Application Delivery Controller and A10 Thunder Multi-tenant Virtual Platform are turnkey software and hardware solutions that provide flexibility and rapid deployment for multi-cloud infrastructures.

  • The solutions offer single-service or multi-tenant virtual platforms to optimize IT organizations’ CAPEX and OPEX.

  • The A10 Thunder® Application Delivery Controller on Dell Technologies and A10 Thunder Multi-tenant Virtual Platform on Dell Technologies is expected to be available in Q3 2020 initially for the Americas market.

A10 Networks today announced a set of solutions that deliver application security and availability for customers who are increasingly facing the operational and security complexities of hybrid-cloud infrastructures. Working with Dell Technologies OEM | Embedded & Edge Solutions, the new set of solutions combine A10’s hybrid-cloud-ready software with purpose-built Dell Technologies hardware for encrypted application delivery, advanced load balancing, and SSL visibility. This provides customers with a single-source vendor to ease lifecycle management. The solutions offer single-service or multi-tenant virtual platforms to optimize IT organizations’ CAPEX and OPEX.

Hybrid-cloud Reliance Drives Requirements

Digital transformation initiatives are driving rapid adoption of hybrid and multi-cloud environments to serve customers and facilitate workforce transformation, particularly with the recent spikes in work-from-home requirements. At the same time, companies are facing the expanding challenges of realigning and automating security and IT operations to encompass this complex hybrid-cloud world. Operational efficiency, management, visibility and security remain top concerns for organizations. According to a recent survey by the BPI Network, while 84 percent expect to increase their reliance on public or private clouds over the next 24 months, improving hybrid and multi-cloud security is seen as their most critical challenge, followed by a lack of hybrid/multi-cloud talent and expertise, the need for centralized visibility, and the capacity to more effectively manage application and infrastructure complexity.1 In addition, Google has reported2 that 97 percent of Chrome page loads are encrypted, highlighting the need to encrypt server traffic to customers, while also decrypting internal user traffic for security devices to block user attacks.

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Enterprises are seeking to boost the proficiency of their IT operations across hybrid and multi-cloud environments while deriving full value from existing investments in technology infrastructure and personnel. This effort necessarily extends to application-delivery infrastructure. The relationship between A10 Networks and Dell Technologies, which combines A10’s robust and scalable load-balancing and security software with Dell Technologies’ widely deployed hardware platforms, helps enterprises achieve greater operational efficiencies through the utilization of familiar technologies that don’t involve a compromise in application availability or security,

Brad Casemore, vice president of research for datacenter networks, IDC.

Flexible Application Security and Availability

A10 Thunder® Application Delivery Controller (ADC), and A10 Thunder Multi-tenant Virtual Platform (MVP) are turnkey software and hardware solutions that provide flexibility and rapid deployment for multi-cloud infrastructures.

The new A10 Thunder ADC, designed on Dell EMC PowerEdge R640XL and R740XL servers, as well as Dell EMC Virtual Edge Platform 4600, is a single-service platform that enables:

• Application availability to maintain uptime for web applications and data center and cloud infrastructure

• Application acceleration to deliver a better user experience, maintain SLAs and optimize server utilization

• Application security to enhance the existing security infrastructure and protect against the latest threats, while providing SSL/TLS offload for encrypted server traffic

The A10 Thunder MVP, designed on Dell EMC PowerEdge R640XL and R740XL servers, enables multiple services, including Thunder ADC and Thunder SSL Insight (SSLi). The Thunder MVP:

• Improves operational agility and flexibility by running multiple independent instances on a single optimized and accelerated hardware platform. Each can run a different version and can be restarted separately

• Delivers Thunder ADC instances, providing increased uptime, faster user experience and attack prevention for highly available, accelerated and secure applications

• Integrates Thunder SSLi instances, providing security devices with decrypted SSL/TLS traffic visibility to stop data leaks and end-user attacks, for a foundation for Zero-Trust. A10 URL filtering and threat intelligence options can be added for enhanced user security

All the solutions can be augmented by the A10 Harmony® Controller to ease SecOps and DevOps deployments, simplify application lifecycle management, integrate into CI/CD workflows and enable fast troubleshooting with advanced drill-down analytics and central management, providing IT operations a consistent on-premises and multi-cloud operational experience.


As a leader in the enterprise market, it was a natural decision for A10 to work with Dell Technologies OEM | Embedded & Edge Solutions to bring our application delivery and security solutions to our customers. Our turnkey solutions will help customers tackle the current and emerging business challenges of providing secure and available applications and ensuring networks are protected against attacks in this multi-cloud world,

Dhrupad Trivedi, president and CEO of A10 Networks.

“Working with A10, we’ve designed a solution to bring together A10’s leading application delivery and SSL visibility with our Dell Technologies solutions to deliver the performance customers expect and need,” said Ron Pugh, vice president and general manager, OEM, Embedded & Edge Solutions, Dell Technologies. “A10’s new ADC and MVP solutions will enable rapid deployments and ease customers’ acquisition process.”

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About A10 Networks

A10 Networks provides secure application services for on-premises, multi-cloud and edge-cloud environments at hyperscale. Our mission is to enable service providers and enterprises to deliver business-critical applications that are secure, available and efficient for multi-cloud transformation and 5G readiness. We deliver better business outcomes that support investment protection, new business models and help future-proof infrastructures, empowering our customers to provide the most secure and available digital experience. Founded in 2004, A10 Networks is based in San Jose, Calif. and serves customers globally.


The purpose of this document is to help technically-oriented professionals understand the security-related value BeyondTrust can bring to your organization. BeyondTrust can help your organization stay secure and compliant, while improving the efficiency and success of your organization with a better user experience.


The purpose of this document is to help technically-oriented professionals understand the security-related value BeyondTrust can bring to your organization. BeyondTrust can help your organization stay secure and compliant, while improving the efficiency and success of your organization with a better user experience.

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