Algoblu Introduces its Network Element Virtualization Platform

Algoblu | March 09, 2021

Algoblu reported today its Network Element Virtualization (NEV) platform that virtualizes and orchestrates fundamental network assets to help transporters offer more application-arranged redid administrations to both business and private clients. Because of the new FPGA-based innovation, the expense per digit diminishes by multiple occasions and activity proficiency builds multiple times.

Advantages incorporate improved data transmission effectiveness and network security, multi-cloud access, worked on network provisioning and investigating. Directed clients are in cloud gaming, 4k/8K web based, video conferencing, modern IoT and different ventures that require ensured network SLAs.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Algoblu to develop a Network Element Virtualization chip built on leading-edge FPGA technology. The chip is key to Algoblu's NEV architecture with an FPGA-based SMartNIC, all developed in an elegant way,” says Dr. Endric Schubert, CTO at Missing Link Electronics.

“Algoblu’s Network Element Virtualization technology allows carriers to provide services across complex networks and, more than this, offer different classes of network services in a simple way, customized for our customers’ needs and their applications' requirements,” said Jordan Deng, founder and CEO of CIK Telecom, the third largest independent service provider in Canada.

“Most vendors focus on managing existing network resources. We virtualize and orchestrate underlying network resources, which is a different approach that benefits telecom companies directly,” said Lawrence Lee, founder and CEO of Algoblu. “We know how challenging it is for telcos to provide services across multi-vendor networks. With NEV, they can virtualize existing network infrastructures to be one, providing personalized multi-tier services with different encryption, bandwidth and latency, as well as guaranteed SLAs.”

About Algoblu

Since its inception in 2012, Algoblu’s mission was to build a flexible, programmable network that focuses on virtualizing network resources to achieve increased flexibility and scalability for telecom companies and enterprise customers. Algoblu's existing corporate users span financial, insurance, retail, telecom operators, gaming, smart transportation, e-commerce, education, sports, manufacturing and many other industries, including a number of the world's top 500 companies.


Quality Bicycle Products is the largest distributor of bicycle parts and accessories in North America. Already committed to modernizing its development stack in the cloud, Quality Bicycle Products faced the impending closure of its on-premises data center by accelerating its move to the cloud, completing the migration to VMware Cloud on AWS in just three months.


Quality Bicycle Products is the largest distributor of bicycle parts and accessories in North America. Already committed to modernizing its development stack in the cloud, Quality Bicycle Products faced the impending closure of its on-premises data center by accelerating its move to the cloud, completing the migration to VMware Cloud on AWS in just three months.

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Presidio Expands VMware Practice to Accelerate Cloud Benefits for Customers

Presidio | March 21, 2023

Presidio, a leading global digital services and solution provider, today announced expanded advanced VMware services increasing scale and deployment expertise for multi-cloud and automation to help customers fully leverage the benefits of the cloud. In addition, Presidio is now designated as a Pinnacle Partner, the new top tier in the VMware Partner Connect Program. The Pinnacle level is focused on VMware’s most strategic and transformational partners. “Customers want a single partner to develop and deliver on a comprehensive strategy from the network, data center, and multi-cloud so they can focus on transforming their businesses and accelerate their journey to the cloud,” said Dave Hart, president and chief operating officer at Presidio. “To help them, we’ve added even deeper VMware expertise to our team that is uniquely adept at both advising and building out secure on-premises and multi-cloud solutions.” Now with broader skill sets and an expanded team of VMware experts, Presidio has comprehensive expertise to help customers leverage the benefits of integrating their public cloud to work seamlessly with on-premises infrastructure while taking advantage of existing teams, skillsets, tools and processes. Presidio combines its technology consulting framework and lifecycle services with VMware’s innovative software and services to design, implement and manage agile, more secure, multi-cloud solutions optimized for each customer's unique requirements. Presidio’s engineers hold seven VMware Master Services competencies. “VMware and Presidio have a long-standing partnership with close alignment that delivers maximum value for our shared customers. We’re pleased to see them become a new Pinnacle Partner, the highest level in our evolved Partner Connect program,” said Tracy-Ann Palmer, vice president, global channel sales programs and compliance at VMware. “Pinnacle Partners are technology leaders in their industries and regions, with multiple program validations and demonstrated sales and services success at scale. Presidio continues to stand out as an innovative company that is helping customers become cloud smart on their digital transformation journeys.” About Presidio Presidio is a global digital services and solutions provider accelerating business transformation through secured technology modernization. Highly skilled teams of engineers and solutions architects with deep expertise across cloud, security, networking, and modern data center infrastructure help customers acquire, deploy, and operate technology that delivers impactful business outcomes. Presidio is a trusted strategic advisor with a flexible full life cycle model of professional, managed, and support and staffing services to help execute, secure, operationalize and maintain technology solutions.

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Hughes Network Systems Debuts First-of-its-Kind Smart Power Distribution Unit at Retail's Big Show 2023

Hughes | January 17, 2023

Hughes Network Systems, an EchoStar company, has announced that it will debut the Hughes Active Power Edge, a power distribution unit designed for managed services, and showcase its suite of managed services at Retail's Big Show 2023. The Hughes Active Power Edge promises to lower the costs of running a data center and make it use less energy. The Active Power Edge (model number HS54) is designed to make networks more reliable, smarter, and better performing for enterprise customers by correlating data points such as network performance, power usage, and power conditioning . Hughes Network Systems, EchoStar, and a team of experts who are committed to making new managed services solutions came together to make the Hughes Active Power Edge (model number HS54). Dan Rasmussen, senior vice president, enterprise division, Hughes, commented, “By correlating data points like power usage, power conditioning and network performance, the Hughes Active Power Edge enables us to be even more proactive in ensuring reliable business operations for our customers.” Source: PRNewswire It can reset outlets and power cycle connected devices as needed, thus maintaining network uptime seamlessly, saving customers time and costly downtime. It is seamlessly integrated into the HughesON suite of managed network services. The Active Power Edge (model number HS54) is a powerful tool for enterprise customers that makes networks smarter, more reliable, and higher performing. About Hughes Hughes Network Systems, LLC, a subsidiary of EchoStar (Nasdaq: SATS), provides broadband equipment and services, managed services based on smart, software-defined networking, and end-to-end network operation to millions of consumers, businesses, governments, and communities around the world. HughesNet®, the company's flagship internet service, connects millions across the Americas, and the Hughes JupiterTM System provides internet access to tens of millions more worldwide. Hughes works with more than half of the world's satellite operators, in-flight service providers, mobile network operators, and military customers. Hughes, a managed network services provider, supports 500,000 enterprise sites with its HughesONTM portfolio of wired and wireless solutions.

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OpenSynergy Announces Next Generation of Zonal EE Architectures

OpenSynergy | March 06, 2023

OpenSynergy has announced that the ‘COQOS Hypervisor Software Development Kit’ (SDK) has been successfully ported to the STMicroelectronics Stellar family of Integrated MCUs. The software firm, based in Berlin, has collaborated with STMicroelectronics to prove that the automotive virtual platform, 'COQOS Hypervisor SDK for real-time processors', uses hardware virtualization and extends it. Virtualization allows automakers to safely and successfully run numerous processes and applications on a shared piece of hardware without interfering with one another. Future generations of the domain and zonal designs will be built on the foundation created by this method technically. To fully utilize the vast potential of the new class of automotive MCUs, function separation by hardware virtualization is not enough. To further facilitate the integration of several applications and operating systems working simultaneously, various functions are placed side-by-side on virtualization technology such as COQOS Hypervisor SDK. OpenSynergy's COQOS Hypervisor SDK includes a hypervisor and virtual devices, enabling the systems to connect without additional hardware. Thus, ‘VIRTIO-CAN’ is used instead of traditional CAN buses (a CAN implementation in shared memory, instead of wires). Since 2018, OpenSynergy has been an active member of the OASIS Open consortium, specifying the essential devices per the open VIRTIO standard for developing these virtual devices. Using the COQOS hypervisor in conjunction with STMicroelectronics' Stellar virtualization technology, it is possible to entirely isolate the software from the hardware, allowing the operating systems and the applications executing on them to function in isolation from one another. They can be modularly updated also. Philippe Prats, Vice President of Automotive Marketing and Applications, EMEA Region, STMicroelectronics said, "We developed Stellar Integration MCUs for Software Defined Vehicles specifically to deliver hardware virtualization able to integrate many real-time and multi-ASIL vECUs". (Source – CISION PR Web) Hardware virtualization enables domain functions (such as power distribution, body control, and GW functions) to function concurrently on a single Stellar MCU. Stellar's high-performance, multi-core design expands integrated functions necessary for a zonal or domain-based strategy. Spatial aggregation of functions, such as zonal computers, will be favored by future architectures as it reduces the cabling required for the entire vehicle. In addition, reduced vehicle weight and simplified integration are possible due to the cost savings made possible by harnessing via zonalization and virtual ECUs. About OpenSynergy OpenSynergy, founded in 2007 and headquartered in Berlin, provides embedded software products for the next generation of vehicles. Hypervisor and communication products enable integrated driving. It's communications platforms include the automotive-leading Bluetooth stack Blue SDK. Many OEMs use it as their Bluetooth reference. OpenSynergy offers complementary Automotive-Grade software components for the Android Open Source Project to enhance Android's automotive adoption. In addition, it offers engineering services for product customization.

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