Alkira and Check Point Software Technologies Collaborate to Bring Enterprise-Class Security to Cloud Workloads

Alkira, Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd. | September 30, 2021

Check Point CloudGuard can be rapidly provisioned into one or multiple globally distributed Alkira Cloud Exchange Points (CXP) to provide security policy enforcement for application traffic between any set of endpoints connected to the Alkira global cloud backbone

Cloud networking pioneer Alkira® and Check Point Software Technologies, a leading provider of cyber security solutions globally, today announced a technology alliance to provide Check Point Software’s CloudGuard firewalls in Alkira’s Cloud Network infrastructure as-a-Service (CNaaS). This comes as organizations deploying application workloads to the cloud are struggling with the complexity of implementing consistent enterprise-wide security controls spanning cloud, multi-cloud and on-premises environments.

The Check Point CloudGuard platform provides cloud native security with advanced threat prevention for all assets and workloads enabling customers to deploy the same robust security in the cloud that they are used to with on-premises systems. Alkira brings a high-performance cloud network-as-a-service with global virtual infrastructure, advanced routing, intelligent service insertion and dynamic auto-scale, simplifying set-up and day 2 operations for enterprise cloud networking and security deployments.

“Alkira and Check Point simplify security deployments and make it easier for enterprise customers to apply a single security posture across the entire enterprise network spanning cloud, multi-cloud and existing data center or colocation facilities. Delivering the Alkira virtual network infrastructure and Check Point security management tools as a service allows enterprises to avoid the costs and complexity of DIY solutions, and provides guaranteed performance and scalability.”

said Atif Khan, CTO and Founder of Alkira

Alkira Cloud Services Exchange® (CSX) fully automates the provisioning, licensing, service insertion, scaling and health monitoring of CloudGuard network security gateways. Alkira seamlessly inserts the CloudGuard gateways at any point in the Alkira global cloud backbone, providing stateful security controls for any on-premises, cloud, and Internet application traffic. Alkira allows customers to decouple CloudGuard from the specific cloud providers, thus providing a more efficient multi-cloud security architecture.

Cloud environments offer global presence and vast compute resources but lack the necessary routing, policy and operational controls enterprises require for a streamlined cloud firewall deployment. Even in a single cloud environment, do-it-yourself solutions result in a complex sprawl of virtual machine instances and traffic management scenarios. They also tend to make inefficient use of resources. All these problems are made worse in multi-cloud environments.

“The combination of Check Point CloudGuard and Alkira simplifies the process of provisioning and ongoing management in the cloud networking environment which is a big win for enterprise customers. The Check Point CloudGuard platform provides cloud native security with advanced threat prevention for all assets and workloads, across public, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, enabling customers to benefit from a single unified security platform.”

added TJ Gonen, Head of Cloud Security at Check Point

Check Point CloudGuard can be rapidly provisioned into one or multiple globally distributed Alkira Cloud Exchange Points (CXP) to provide security policy enforcement for application traffic between any set of endpoints connected to the Alkira global cloud backbone.

Once CloudGuard has been provisioned within an Alkira CXP it can provide:
  • Security policy to and between public clouds
  • Cloud hosted, stateful firewall services for branches and data centers
  • Regionalized Internet breakouts for secure SaaS application access
  • Cloud DMZ environment for Internet facing applications
  • Shared cloud application services for partners and M&As

Alkira’s visual policy manager simplifies policy configuration, scoping and inspection, and streamlines auditing for assurance and compliance purposes. Alkira’s intent-based approach selectively routes traffic to firewalls according to need, improving efficiency of firewall utilization and optimizing network performance. Customers have a choice of bring-your-own license (BYOL) or pay-as-you-go (PAYG) licensing models.

Check Point offers a multilevel security architecture that defends enterprises’ cloud, network and mobile device-held information, and a comprehensive and intuitive one-point-of-control security management system.

CloudGuard is available in the Alkira network services marketplace.

About Alkira
Alkira delivers Cloud Networking as-a-Service (CNaaS) and developed the first Network Cloud which enables enterprises to build and deploy a secure global unified multi-cloud network infrastructure as-a-service that delivers network connectivity, advanced network and security services, and end-to-end visibility and governance. Alkira Cloud Services Exchange® (CSX) seamlessly and securely connects branches, data centers, remote users and clouds. Alkira CSX is available on the AWS and Azure Marketplaces. Alkira was founded by CEO Amir Khan, founder and former CEO of Viptela, and Atif Khan, CTO, former VP and founding team member at Viptela. Alkira has raised $76M from Sequoia Capital, Kleiner Perkins, Koch Disruptive Technologies, LLC, and GV Capital (formerly Google Ventures)


U.S. chipmaker Broadcom is set to receive an EU antitrust warning about the possible anti-competitive effects of its proposed $61 billion bid for cloud computing company VMware in the coming weeks, people familiar with the matter said


U.S. chipmaker Broadcom is set to receive an EU antitrust warning about the possible anti-competitive effects of its proposed $61 billion bid for cloud computing company VMware in the coming weeks, people familiar with the matter said

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Presidio, a leading global digital services and solution provider, today announced expanded advanced VMware services increasing scale and deployment expertise for multi-cloud and automation to help customers fully leverage the benefits of the cloud. In addition, Presidio is now designated as a Pinnacle Partner, the new top tier in the VMware Partner Connect Program. The Pinnacle level is focused on VMware’s most strategic and transformational partners. “Customers want a single partner to develop and deliver on a comprehensive strategy from the network, data center, and multi-cloud so they can focus on transforming their businesses and accelerate their journey to the cloud,” said Dave Hart, president and chief operating officer at Presidio. “To help them, we’ve added even deeper VMware expertise to our team that is uniquely adept at both advising and building out secure on-premises and multi-cloud solutions.” Now with broader skill sets and an expanded team of VMware experts, Presidio has comprehensive expertise to help customers leverage the benefits of integrating their public cloud to work seamlessly with on-premises infrastructure while taking advantage of existing teams, skillsets, tools and processes. Presidio combines its technology consulting framework and lifecycle services with VMware’s innovative software and services to design, implement and manage agile, more secure, multi-cloud solutions optimized for each customer's unique requirements. Presidio’s engineers hold seven VMware Master Services competencies. “VMware and Presidio have a long-standing partnership with close alignment that delivers maximum value for our shared customers. We’re pleased to see them become a new Pinnacle Partner, the highest level in our evolved Partner Connect program,” said Tracy-Ann Palmer, vice president, global channel sales programs and compliance at VMware. “Pinnacle Partners are technology leaders in their industries and regions, with multiple program validations and demonstrated sales and services success at scale. Presidio continues to stand out as an innovative company that is helping customers become cloud smart on their digital transformation journeys.” About Presidio Presidio is a global digital services and solutions provider accelerating business transformation through secured technology modernization. Highly skilled teams of engineers and solutions architects with deep expertise across cloud, security, networking, and modern data center infrastructure help customers acquire, deploy, and operate technology that delivers impactful business outcomes. Presidio is a trusted strategic advisor with a flexible full life cycle model of professional, managed, and support and staffing services to help execute, secure, operationalize and maintain technology solutions.

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Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual Sensors Launches on T and X Series ThinkPad Laptops

Elliptic Labs | February 27, 2023

Today, Elliptic Labs, the industry leader in AI Virtual Smart Sensors, announced the launch of 100% software-only AI Virtual Human Presence Sensor on numerous Lenovo ThinkPad X and T Series laptops. This launch includes the Lenovo ThinkPad T14s, T14, T16 Gen 4, X13 Yoga Gen 4 and X13 Gen 4,. The X13 Yoga Gen 4 will run Intel exclusively, while the other laptops will use the latest Intel and AMD chipsets (both AMD and Intel are Elliptic Labs’ partners). Laila Danielsen, CEO of Elliptic Labs, said, “We are excited that Lenovo is using our 100% software-based AI Virtual Human Presence Sensors broadly across so many of their laptop models. This significant launch is further proof of the scalability, power, and value of our AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform. She added, “Our extensive deployment of the AI software platform is advancing us towards our vision of making all devices to become smarter, more user-friendly, and environmentally sustainable.” (Source – Businesswire) Elliptic Labs' AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform uses small footprint machine learning networks, ultrasound, and sensor fusion to create AI Virtual Smart Sensors providing high-performing, frictionless user experiences at scale. Its launch shows that the largest PC manufacturers are validating and choosing the AI Virtual Human Presence Sensors. Elliptic Labs' AI Virtual Human Presence Sensor recognizes a PC/laptop user in front of it. This enables the gadget sleep, in absence of a user, saving power, and thus preventing unauthorized access. Human presence detection is becoming a core component in the PC/laptop market; however only high-end systems have dedicated hardware presence sensors due to risk, cost, and design limits. Elliptic Labs' software-only AI Virtual Human Presence Sensor provides robust human-presence detection that OEMs can simply and economically integrate into a wide range of devices. About Elliptic Labs Elliptic Labs, founded in 2006, creates AI Virtual Smart Sensors that identify people and their surroundings. It targets smartphones, computers, IoT, and automobiles worldwide. The company's unique ultrasonic, AI, and sensor fusion software provides intuitive 3D proximity, gesture, breathing, presence, and heartbeat detection. Their scalable AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform develops sustainable, human-friendly software-only sensors for hundreds of millions of products. Only Elliptic Labs has scaled detection capabilities employing ultrasound, AI software and sensor fusion. Norway-based Elliptic Laboratories operates in the US, China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. AI Virtual Smart Sensor, AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform and AI Virtual Human Presence Sensor, are trademarks of Elliptic Labs.

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Wind River | January 10, 2023

Wind River, a company that delivers software for intelligent systems, has announced that its Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform now supports the Intel Xeon D-1700 and D-2700 processors, as well as 11th Gen Intel Core processors. Helix Platform is a safety-certifiable multi-core, multi-tenant platform that supports multiple independent levels of criticality and is designed for broad industry use cases, including avionics, industrial, medical, and automotive settings. The combination of the Wind River Helix Platform with the Intel Xeon D-1700 and D-2700 processors, as well as 11th Gen Intel Core processors, delivers an advanced, safe, and secure platform for edge-to-cloud software solutions. “Increasingly, with the growth of the intelligent edge, industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive, and industrial bring unique sets of requirements and challenges. With Helix Platform support for Intel Xeon D and 11th Gen Intel Core™, Wind River is expanding architecture support to address the demanding needs of highly compute-heavy mission-critical applications,” said Avijit Sinha, chief product officer, Wind River. (Source: Businesswire) It offers a true Type 1 hypervisor, 64-bit multi-core, single and multi-core guests, support for ARINC 653 Application Executive, FACETM 3.1 conformance, and multiple device models. The update furthers Wind River's commitment to address the demanding needs of highly compute-heavy mission-critical applications and Intel's commitment to enable end-user innovation and mission success. The Wind River Helix Platform also provides advanced security features such as secure boot, whitelisting, secure enclaves, and encryption, allowing for the most reliable safety-certified platform. About Wind River In terms of providing software for intelligent systems, Wind River is a world leader. Since 1981, the company's technology, which is used in billions of products, has been powering the safest, most secure devices in the world. With a wide range of partners and world-class professional services and support, Wind River provides a robust portfolio. Mission-critical intelligent systems will increasingly require greater compute and AI capabilities while requiring the highest levels of security, safety, and reliability. Wind River software and expertise are accelerating the digital transformation of these systems.

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