Announcing the general availability Of VyOS Network Platform 1.3.0

Sentrium | October 12, 2021

Sentrium the company that provides VyOS Network Platform on public clouds and support services, today announced the availability of 1.3 release. VyOS Network Platform 1.3.0 release (codenamed Equuleus) has been in development since 2019 and offers multiple long-awaited and frequently requested features including initial MPLS implementation, VRF, IS-IS routing protocol, SSTP VPN server, and more. Performance of PPPoE, L2TP, and PPTP protocols is greatly improved due to the new implementation based on the accel-ppp project that is trusted by many Internet service providers. Additionally, this release includes extensive rewrites of the legacy code that improve robustness and stability and open up a way for architecture improvements in the future.

"We are proud to present a new stable release after over two years of focused effort to make VyOS more functional, stable, and performant and help customers around the world get access to an advanced, open, and customizable networking platform for a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions."

Yuriy Andamasov, Sentrium CEO

About VyOS
VyOS is an open-source network operating system. Its slogan is "a universal router" because it supports multiple deployment scenarios and roles: bare-metal hardware from small boards to large servers, all popular virtualization platforms including VMware, KVM, and Microsoft Hyper-V, and multiple clouds including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud.

VyOS supports multiple dynamic routing protocols via FRRouting, various VPN protocols, and other network routing and security features, available through a unified stateful CLI and an HTTP API for management automation.

About Sentrium
Sentrium S.L. is a company started by VyOS maintainers to provide commercial services for VyOS and ensure its sustainable development. Since 2015, it has grown from a small consultancy with three employees to a self-funded company with a 1.1m revenue in 2020.


IT leaders are looking ahead at 2023 and calibrating their strategies for the new year. Graham Johnson, Sr. Manager of Global Customer and Market Insights at VMware, takes a deep dive on what these leaders are prioritizing for their businesses.


IT leaders are looking ahead at 2023 and calibrating their strategies for the new year. Graham Johnson, Sr. Manager of Global Customer and Market Insights at VMware, takes a deep dive on what these leaders are prioritizing for their businesses.

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ZEDEDA Delivers Edge Solution for Better Uptime in Smart Buildings

ZEDEDA | January 03, 2023

ZEDEDA, a company that provides edge orchestration solutions, has announced that it has delivered a scalable edge solution for Switch Automation, a global technology company that provides digital building solutions. Based on the Zededa Edge Orchestration Platform, the scalable edge solution lets Switch Automation manage distributed devices securely on a global scale. Switch's smart building platform integrates with traditional building systems and internet of things (IoT) technologies to analyze, automate, and control assets in real time. However, during early deployments, Switch encountered scalability issues with hundreds of appliances. To address this problem, Switch turned to Zededa's edge orchestration platform. "Improving operational management and deployment consistency were the top priorities for us. We had a few hundred IoT appliances connected when we started working with ZEDEDA, but it was challenging for us to envision scalability for the future. Now with ZEDEDA’s edge management and orchestration solution, we don’t need to worry about limitations." - Peter Rake, chief product officer at Switch Automation ZEDEDA provided solutions and technical expertise for managing Switch's edge devices, including the operating system, edge applications, and network, and delivered a stable network device to allow Switch to achieve high uptime and a more robust support infrastructure. As a result, Switch was able to successfully scale up their operations to thousands of appliances and improve overall network performance. By using ZEDEDA's edge orchestration platform, Switch was able to solve problems with scalability and get a better infrastructure, which helped them grow their business. As a result of using ZEDEDA's solution, Switch has been able to reduce its maintenance hours and lower its operational costs. ZEDEDA ensures extensibility and flexibility by leveraging an open partner ecosystem with a robust app marketplace and a Linux Foundation open architecture. ZEDEDA is in charge of thousands of nodes and has teams in the United States, Germany, and India. Some of the best investors in the world have backed it. About ZEDEDA ZEDEDA simplifies, opens up, and secures edge computing, bringing the cloud experience to the edge. The ZEDEDA platform lowers the cost of managing and orchestrating distributed edge infrastructure and applications while increasing visibility, security, and control. ZEDEDA provides a distributed, cloud-native edge management and orchestration solution that simplifies the security and remote management of large-scale edge infrastructure and applications.

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RapidScale Enhances its DaaS Offering with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

RapidScale | March 01, 2023

RapidScale, a leading managed cloud services provider, recently announced that it has successfully launched Microsoft's Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) as part of its Desktop as a Service (DaaS) lineup. The company aims to address the growing market demand for simpler and faster-virtualized desktop deployments that cater to today's hybrid workforce. RapidScale AVD can help organizations overcome the challenges of traditional desktop deployments by enabling them to manage costs better and deliver critical applications to a distributed workforce. The managed solution enables employees to remain productive and secure with virtualized experiences on any mobile device, with 24/7 access to essential workloads and apps. In addition, RapidScale AVD is optimized to support any application that Windows 10 natively supports. In addition to the security and performance benefits of DaaS, RapidScale AVD also provides advanced automation capabilities that expedite the solution's deployment to customers, reducing the process to just a few hours. This solution offers a seamless Windows 10/11 multi-session user experience, built-in Azure Active Directory integration and improved support for high-performance desktops, including Macs, and enhanced GPU support. Furthermore, businesses can easily integrate their Microsoft 365 and Windows licenses and leverage native hyperscaler elasticity without geographical limitations, thanks to Azure's global footprint. RapidScale's senior director of product development, Duncan MacDonald, commented, "We're excited to deliver a unique and differentiated solution to our customers." He further emphasized, "We aim to deliver more value with the solution by layering on industry-leading support, flexible configuration and management options, and comprehensive onboarding that includes migration, testing, and enablement." (Source – PR Web) About RapidScale RapidScale, a subsidiary of Cox Business, is a leading provider of managed cloud services that offer IT and business leaders a simple, secure, and scalable solution for their IT needs. It integrates top-of-the-line cloud technologies under a single management portal, providing customers with a streamlined experience and exceptional end-user satisfaction. RapidScale's technology experts deliver secure and easy access to company data and applications from any device, anytime and anywhere, setting itself apart from other cloud providers. Additionally, the company offers flexible co-management options and a user-friendly management portal backed by award-winning customer support.

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Vultr Includes NVIDIA A16 to Its GPU Lineup for VDI Access

Vultr | February 10, 2023

On February 9, 2023, Vultr, a leading privately held cloud computing firm, announced the Cloud GPU availability of the NVIDIA A16, the industry's leading graphics processing unit (GPU) for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). The NVIDIA A16 is explicitly designed for high-density, graphics-rich VDI, providing remote employees with a user experience that is practically indistinguishable from a native PC. The NVIDIA A16 joins the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU and the NVIDIA A40 in the Vultr lineup, further democratizing worldwide access to accelerated computing. Vultr is the only independent cloud computing platform offering the entire suite of Cloud GPU, Cloud Compute, Cloud Storage, Managed Databases, Bare Metal, Kubernetes, and other cloud-native services globally. In addition, Vultr became the first cloud provider to offer fractions of the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU, which drastically speeds deep learning, HPC, and data analytics, as well as the NVIDIA A40 GPU, that delivers outstanding graphical prowess for visual computing. Instead of acquiring and installing GPUs oneself or renting complete clusters from other cloud providers, Vultr's solutions allow users to just pay for the resources they require. Cloud GPU instances supported by the NVIDIA A16 are perfect for running popular Linux and Windows desktop apps such as developer IDEs, including Android Studio and Visual Studio, or productivity apps such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Cloud GPU instances with the NVIDIA A40 may be a better match for graphics-intensive tasks such as rendering, visual effects (VFX), and computer-aided design (CAD). By connecting to them using clients like Microsoft Remote Desktop, Parsec, and VNC, cloud GPU instances may be utilized as remote desktops. Pricing begins at $0.032 per hour or $21.50 per month, making these cloud-based virtual desktops a cost-effective alternative to IT-managed actual personal PCs. While the NVIDIA A16 is primarily designed for VDI, it is also a flexible GPU that can be used for streaming, transcoding, and machine learning inference. Vultr now offers many interconnected NVIDIA A16, A100, and A40 GPUs as Bare Metal servers to support these compute-intensive use cases better. About Vultr Vultr is a leading privately held cloud computing firm headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida. With its diverse range of cloud, bare metal, and storage offerings, it has mastered the art and science of cloud infrastructure, building one of the largest independent cloud computing providers in the process. It handles complex hosting scenarios and provides industry-leading performance and reliability while expanding one of the largest and most accessible global networks. The company has provided scalable, flexible, Cloud GPU, global Cloud Compute, Bare Metal, and Cloud Storage [A1] solutions to over 1.5 million clients in 185 countries.

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