Arrcus and VMware to Build Telco Cloud for 5G Services

Arrcus | February 23, 2023 | Read time : 01:25 min


On February 22, 2023, Arrcus, a hyperscale networking software firm recognized for its expertise in core, edge, and multi-cloud network infrastructure, is featuring its work with VMware at Mobile World Congress 2023. The partners provide a truly modernized telco cloud by allowing communication service providers (CSPs) to rapidly develop next-generation 5G services.

The combination of the Arrcus Connected Edge (ACE) platform with VMware Telco Cloud Platform architecture offers CSPs end-to-end slicing for 5G, spanning from radio access network (RAN), multi-access edge computing (MEC) to core networks. By utilizing Arrcus' advanced traffic engineering technology, this capability allows CSPs to divide their networks into smaller, more manageable segments that can be effortlessly monitored and controlled.

As a result, CSPs can now establish distinct policies and service level agreements (SLAs) for individual customers and applications across various network slices, significantly enhancing their ability to introduce new and innovative services. Additionally, both CSPs and their customers can expect faster service delivery and enhanced network scalability.

The joint solution also provides CSPs with the advantage of network automation. CSPs can generate instances throughout their radio access network (RAN), 5G core, (MEC)/edge, and transport networks. Furthermore, the Arrcus-VMware solution delivers a service assurance platform that offers a transport network, 5G core, and RAN telemetry. This ensures that CSPs receive metadata on crucial network parameters.

Arrcus CEO and Chairman Shekar Ayyar commented, "CSPs need truly modern infrastructure to gain the greatest value from their 5G investments." He added, "Arrcus' ACE platform and our partnership with VMware provide CSPs with an agile network overlay to automate network operations, expedite the delivery of new services on and monetize their 5G infrastructure."

(Source – Business Wire)

About Arrcus, Inc.

Arrcus is a hyperscale networking software firm recognized for its expertise in core, edge, and multi-cloud network infrastructure. Its primary goal is to improve business efficiency by providing superior network connectivity. Its flagship product, the Arrcus Connected Edge (ACE) platform, is known for its best-in-class networking capabilities and flexible consumption model that minimizes the total cost of ownership. The company's team comprises top-tier technologists with a proven track record in delivering industry-leading networking products and is complemented by operating executives, industry thought leaders, strategic partners, and top-tier venture capitalists.


10 most essential performance metrics that businesses should consider when managing their virtual machines.


10 most essential performance metrics that businesses should consider when managing their virtual machines.

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On March 8, 2023, Island, the pioneer and leader in the Enterprise Browser industry, offered support for legacy applications that depend on Internet Explorer (IE), with Microsoft continuing to carry out its planned End of Life for the IE browser. With the Island Enterprise Browser, you can use modern controls like device posture assessment, multi-factor authentication, and comprehensive last-mile protections to keep your sensitive data safe while still using legacy applications that rely on IE. Mike Fey, Island CEO and Co-Founder remarked, “As much as we’d like to think all applications are cloud-based SaaS at this point, the reality is that there are thousands of applications written years ago that remain business-critical and require Internet Explorer to operate. Our customers have asked us to help them migrate with as little disruption as possible, and we are more than happy to do so and provide additional value in the process.” He added, “Island’s Enterprise Browser can provide effortless compatibility for legacy applications, giving customers the runway they need to migrate to modern web applications. And on top of essential compatibility, customers also gain the unique visibility, control and business productivity that are hallmarks of the Island Enterprise Browser.” (Source –BusinessWire) With the Island Enterprise Browser, the traditional idea of a web browser being a passive display layer is replaced with an active control plane, giving security and IT departments more control, visibility, and efficiency than ever before. Business continuity is ensured by introducing the Island Enterprise Browser to make the switch from Internet Explorer easier and by adding a lot of new and cutting-edge features. Some of new capabilities are: Compatibility with the rendering modes of Internet Explorer 5–11 Maintaining the integrity of the underlying legacy technologies like ActiveX, Silverlight, Flash, and Java Complete visibility into and auditing of every mission-critical application activity without the requirement for third-party add-ons The use of robotic process automation to modify existing web applications so that they conform to the specific requirements of a company's workflows for using legacy and other application types A user-controlled launcher that can be used to ease people into using new software. Advanced network routing for on-premise, private cloud, and SaaS applications Enterprise-branded in-app messages for user guidance. End-user productivity aspects for ideal employee experience The Island Enterprise Browser: The future desktop, the Island Enterprise Browser, protects users and data as they engage with SaaS and internal web apps. The Island Enterprise Browser lets security teams govern the final mile, from copy, paste, download, upload, and snapshot capture to data redaction, watermarking, and multi-factor authentication. Reducing complexity and user experience friction helps IT teams gain control, operational simplicity, and end-user productivity. About Island Island, headquartered in Dallas, is the pioneer of the Enterprise Browser, the perfect enterprise workplace where work flows freely and securely. Island gives enterprises complete control, visibility, and governance over the last mile while providing users with a pleasant Chromium-based browser experience. As a result, island is transforming the future of work for some of the world's largest, most renowned organizations, led by enterprise security and browser technology experts and funded by top venture funds Insight Partners, Sequoia Capital, Cyberstarts, and Stripes.

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