BroadForward and 1NCE cooperate to meet future demands of 5G and beyond

BroadForward | February 08, 2022

BroadForward, provider of intelligent signaling software, announced it has successfully deployed multiple core network routing functions at 1NCE, the first provider of connectivity and software for IoT at a global flat rate. 1NCE is utilizing the BroadForward solution, enabling it to deliver cost-effective and flexible routing services for their worldwide cellular IoT network, and making its network ready for future demands of 5G and beyond.

According to analysts GSMA Intelligence, the global Internet of Things (IoT) market will be worth $900 billion in revenue by 2025. 1NCE is a market leader with over 7,000 customers and 10 million managed connections. They are a market disruptor, not only providing direct access to its networks and roaming partners via 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, NB-IoT and LTE-M in over 100 countries worldwide, but also by offering a highly competitive flat rate IoT data plan.

The routing functions that run on BroadForward's converged signaling solution, support on-the-fly management of signaling scenarios across all SS7, Diameter and HTTP/2 IoT traffic. The solution supports combining these network functions on the same platform with other BroadForward network products, such as the SS7 and Diameter Firewall as well as the 5G SCP and SEPP. BroadForward has seen a major increase in demand for their solution. Operators cite various reasons for replacement of their legacy equipment, such as products declared End of Life (EOL), network rationalization and cost reduction, as well as High Risk Vendor (HRV) programs enforced by governments and regulators.

Although 5G is growing fast, most of our cellular IoT business is still on 3G and 4G. However, BroadForward helps us to meet future demands by allowing us to easily shift the traffic where it is needed. The cooperation is giving us more flexibility and enables us to rationalize and modernize at the same time – providing us with a converged solution that is future proof towards 5G and beyond."

Younes Allaki, Chief Technology Officer at 1NCE

BroadForward CEO, Taco Schoute added: "1NCE runs a completely virtualized core network and prides itself on being able to support customers swiftly on all supported network technologies. Whereas the life cycle of legacy products that are designed for specific technologies and use cases are by nature limited, the development of the BroadForward converged signaling solution is open-ended and continuous. Next to support for 2G, 3G and 4G containerized network functions, our solution already supports 5G and will continue to evolve to meet subsequent technology requirements. This approach also won us the 2021 GSMA Award for Best Mobile & Network Software Breakthrough."

About BroadForward
BroadForward is leader in intelligent signaling software for 2G/3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, IMS, Fixed, Wi-Fi, IPX and M2M/IoT networks. Winner of the GSMA Global Mobile Award (GLOMO) for Best Mobile & Network Software Breakthrough and six-time Best Mobile Technology nominee BroadForward delivers core network products for routing, interworking, security and number portability, designed for convergence across legacy and next generation networks. Our active 5G roadmap supports service providers with their network transition to 5G NG Core, with the Service Communication Proxy (SCP), Binding Support Function (BSF), Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP), 5G EIR, 4G-5G interworking and multi-protocol signaling orchestration. All BroadForward products are hardware-agnostic and support network virtualization, OpenStack and cloud deployment. BroadForward's software development is entirely done in The Netherlands.

About 1NCE
1NCE is the first provider of connectivity and software for IoT at a global flat rate – offering fast, secure, and reliable cellular connectivity and software services in more than 100 countries worldwide. 1NCE cooperates with Deutsche Telekom AG and its roaming partners to support all common mobile communication standards such as 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, NB-IoT and LTE-M. The 1NCE IoT Flat Rate is designed to last over the entire lifetime of an IoT device with a one-off payment. This makes IoT applications affordable and scalable for use cases like smart metering, asset tracking or vehicle telematics. The company – founded in 2017 by our CEO Alexander P. Sator together with Deutsche Telekom AG – is headquartered in Cologne, Germany and has 200 staff in Cologne, Hamburg, Amsterdam, London, Miami, Rome, Paris, Warsaw, Hong Kong, and Riga.


This video provides an overview of the powerful enterprise-class virtualization capabilities built right into the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform. With Nutanix AHV, you are able to deploy and run a wide range of enterprise applications on the Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure out of the box. There is no additional virtualization software or management tool to buy and install.


This video provides an overview of the powerful enterprise-class virtualization capabilities built right into the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform. With Nutanix AHV, you are able to deploy and run a wide range of enterprise applications on the Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure out of the box. There is no additional virtualization software or management tool to buy and install.

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Corel Acquires Awingu to Accelerate Its Secure Remote Workspace

Corel | June 14, 2022

Corel, a global leader in professional creative and productivity software, announced today the acquisition of Awingu, a supplier of secure remote access technology, for an unspecified amount. Parallels will include Awingu into its brand portfolio. The integration of Awingu and the Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) platform will provide end users with the additional flexibility and freedom they need to safely work from anywhere, at any time, on any device or operating system. Parallels, a subsidiary of Corel, is an all-in-one application delivery and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution that enables remote access to virtual applications and desktops provided through on-premises, hybrid, or cloud-based settings. Awingu's simple and secure unified workspace is ideal for both mid-market and big companies, providing a safe means for businesses to allow bring your own device (BYOD) or work from anywhere policies. With this technology acquisition, Parallels RAS will become a one-stop solution for clients to effortlessly access legacy and cloud-native apps and files, while relieving IT teams of concerns about data security and infrastructure complexity. Prashant Ketkar, Chief Technology and Product Officer, Corel said that “The future of work is now; we are living it. The pandemic further accelerated the need for organizations to determine and shift their remote and hybrid work infrastructures. Now, organizations are figuring out how they can cater to the flexibility that employees want with their workplaces while also ensuring secure and efficient access. We’re committed to helping organizations navigate this shift in the workplace, and with the addition of Awingu we’re one step closer to improving the experience for every stakeholder that interacts with our products.” Awingu will continue working alongside Parallels' solutions to provide secure remote workplaces to clients in the healthcare, banking, manufacturing, government, and telecom industries. Awingu will also broaden its interaction with Parallels in order to speed innovation and offer a uniform capability for safe remote access to both legacy and cloud-native apps. Customers will be able to choose from a variety of solutions that use on-premises assets, hybrid architectures, and any cloud. “I’m excited to join the Corel organization with the Awingu team. Both companies have a customer-first mindset and share the mission to ensure a seamless, secure, and effective workspace no matter where an employee is located. Together with Parallels RAS, we’ll bring a broader, richer set of solutions across the secure remote desktop and app streaming industry to our customers.” Walter van Uytven, CEO, Awingu

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City of Corona Modernizes IT with Citrix to Support Remote Work

Citrix | August 02, 2022

Organizations around the world continue to struggle with whether and how to enable remote work, but the City of Corona isn’t among them. The municipality embraced the concept long before the pandemic forced it to, and has built a powerful digital workspace that provides access to everything its employees need to engage and be productive, wherever they happen to be. On August 4, the City will discuss its journey to remote work and how it is using solutions from Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTXS) and its partner NVIDIA to accelerate it during an exclusive Fireside Chat. The journey began five years ago when the City of Corona, which sits in the heart of California earthquake and wildfire territory, implemented Citrix digital workspace solutions to “disaster proof” its operations. “In the event of an emergency, we need to be agile, We need access to our systems and our data and we’d like our employees to be able to work from anywhere." Kyle Edgeworth, Deputy CIO, City of Corona Citrix enables both. And following a successful pilot, Edgeworth and his team moved to modernize its IT infrastructure and cloud-first strategy to support a wider implementation. It started by dissociating traditional hardware from the computing equation and replacing it with Citrix’s cloud-delivered digital workspace solutions, Microsoft Azure NVv6 series powered by NVIDIA GPUs, NVIDIA virtual GPU technology and Azure Virtual Desktop. “We made the decision to ultimately transition everything to the cloud,” Edgeworth said. “Citrix was the logical choice to pair with Microsoft, as it enhances the value of Azure Virtual Desktop, providing enterprise tools that improve user density and performance, allow us to provision workloads on-demand, and simplify how our team manages images and applications.” There are benefits to using Citrix alongside NVIDIA as well. As a Citrix Ready™ Partner, NVIDIA virtual GPU technology is verified to work with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops™ to power virtual workstations, desktops, and apps with an immersive user experience that keeps employees productive and engaged. Edgeworth will share additional insights on the City of Corona’s decision to go all-in on the cloud and how the municipality is leveraging virtual technologies to build a future-proof infrastructure to support remote work during the August 4 event. He will be joined by: Chris McMasters, Chief Information Officer, City of Corona Calvin Hsu, VP, Product Management, Citrix Vishal Ganeriwala, Senior Director, Product Management, NVIDIA About Citrix Citrix builds the secure, unified digital workspace technology that helps organizations unlock human potential and deliver a consistent workspace experience wherever work needs to get done. With Citrix, users get a seamless work experience and IT has a unified platform to secure, manage, and monitor diverse technologies in complex cloud environments.

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ZEDEDA Closes $26M Series B Funding Round as Distributed Edge Market Soars

ZEDEDA | July 25, 2022

ZEDEDA, the leader in edge orchestration, announced today that it has closed $26 million in Series B funding, capping a period of exponential growth. The broad range of new and existing investors — including Coast Range Capital, Lux Capital, Energize Ventures, Almaz Capital, Porsche Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, Juniper Networks, Rockwell Automation, Samsung Next and EDF North America Ventures — signals the importance of edge computing to companies across all industries and verticals. All existing investors participated in this latest round of financing, which has doubled the previous investment in the company. ZEDEDA has now raised more than $55 million since its inception. “All aspects of our business — from a growing base of Global 500 customers to major strategic partnerships and growth in deployed edge nodes — are on a terrific path,” said Said Ouissal, founder and CEO of ZEDEDA. “This latest round of investment validates that our open framework and ecosystem approach to the distributed edge is the ideal choice for the future of connected operations.” A recent Worldwide Edge Spending Guide from IDC forecasted double-digit growth for investments in edge computing. This year’s total is expected to be $176 billion, an increase of 14.8% over 2021, with a 2025 target of nearly $274 billion. “The market for edge computing solutions is poised for tremendous expansion, and we believe ZEDEDA will be a major contributor,” said Tom Gallo, Managing Partner at Coast Range Capital. “They combine innovation and expertise like no one else in the industry, and we are excited to join them on their journey in this round of funding.” “Businesses worldwide are looking to take advantage of the benefits of edge computing as they look for ways to support remote work and improve efficiency,” said Bilal Zuberi, Partner at Lux Capital, who has participated in every fundraising round for ZEDEDA. “As a long-time investor, we’re excited to double down with ZEDEDA as they continue to grow rapidly.” ZEDEDA to Accelerate Momentum After a Year of Dramatic Growth The past 12 months have seen a sharp increase in ZEDEDA’s growth as a company. Revenue is up 7x year-over-year, while at the same time, its number of nodes under management has risen by 4x. ZEDEDA’s strong growth is fueled by existing customers now applying the company’s solution across different edge deployments in addition to new customers beginning their edge deployments. ZEDEDA will use the latest round of funding to support its expanding customer base, accelerate research and development and expand its marketing and sales operations. The budding ecosystem around the industry’s first open orchestration solution has attracted strategic partnerships and integrations with Google, Microsoft, PTC, and SUSE. ZEDEDA’s expanding customer base includes OEM activities with Global 500 companies, including a leading global virtualization software provider and a leading industrial automation company. Strategic Investor Perspectives on $26M Series B Funding Round The wide adoption of cloud computing by distributed organizations is accelerating the growth of edge computing, as organizations across all verticals are implementing business-transforming use cases. Industries from manufacturing to energy to automotive are turning to edge computing to manage and process vast amounts of data from new sources within their distributed operations and organizations. “Hardware diversity on the edge is a challenge for many global companies. ZEDEDA’s technology has the potential to unify an entire ecosystem of hardware and apps. The technology is designed to enable remote device management and application orchestration that could improve data visibility, control and security,” said Jim Gable, Vice President, Innovation and President of Technology Ventures at Chevron. “This is the latest investment from our Core Energy Fund 7, which focuses on operational enhancement, digitalization and lower carbon technologies.” “The explosion of data generated from the ever-growing number of devices, machines and sensors at the edge of the network is driving a fundamental shift and the need to build next-generation AI-driven networks with intelligent edge computing and processing capabilities,” said Sujai Hajela, EVP, AI-Driven Enterprise at Juniper Networks. “ZEDEDA provides a unified orchestration experience across hardware, software, networks and clouds, and this, along with impressive execution and ability to meet the ambiguous and evolving demands of today’s enterprise edge market, has made them a trusted partner for organizations looking to transform their operations.” “Managing data at the edge is increasingly mission-critical for enterprises that need to optimize real-time decision-making, maximize operational efficiency, and drive new business outcomes,” said Raymond Liao, Managing Director at Samsung Next. “We are confident that the ZEDEDA team is in a strong position to deliver scalable infrastructure solutions to a rapidly growing pipeline of IIoT customers." “As part of Porsche’s commitment to innovation, the company is always looking for technology that supports our ability to generate unique and sustainable solutions, This extended partnership with ZEDEDA creates exciting possibilities for the automotive industry to take advantage of increased network speed and computing capacity.” Mattias Ulbrich, CEO of Porsche Digital and CIO of Porsche About ZEDEDA ZEDEDA makes edge computing effortless, open, and intrinsically secure - extending the cloud experience to the edge. ZEDEDA reduces the cost of managing and orchestrating distributed edge infrastructure and applications, while increasing visibility, security and control. ZEDEDA delivers a distributed, cloud-native edge management and orchestration solution, simplifying the security and remote management of edge infrastructure and applications at scale. ZEDEDA ensures extensibility and flexibility by utilizing an open partner ecosystem with a robust app marketplace and leveraging an open architecture built on EVE-OS, from the Linux Foundation. EVE-OS is a lightweight, open-source Linux-based engine. ZEDEDA delivers instant time to value, has thousands of nodes under management and is backed by world-class investors with teams in the United States, Germany and India

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