Cisco expects 5G windfalls in the future

Retailnews | June 10, 2019

Cisco is primarily known for its switches and routers for service providers and enterprises. It has not been a big competitor in the radio access networking space against vendors such as Ericsson and Nokia. But on its fiscal third quarter 2019 earnings call this week, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins mentioned “wired and wireless” networking a few times. We are moving into an era of truly immersive and pervasive wireless connectivity, which generates demand for high density, low latency performance, for real-time experiences over both wired and wireless networks, said Robbins, according to a Seeking Alpha transcript. “Our guys like to say behind every great wireless network is a great wired network.

Spotlight - Needing to update 65 critical customer-facing applications in a single day, T-Mobile relies on HPE Application Virtualization to keep agile, cutting new service delivery time from one week to five hours.

Spotlight - Needing to update 65 critical customer-facing applications in a single day, T-Mobile relies on HPE Application Virtualization to keep agile, cutting new service delivery time from one week to five hours.

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vSMP MemoryONE Version 10 Providing Hardware Choice with Support for a Broad Range of NVMe SSDs

ScaleMP | August 26, 2020

ScaleMP™, a leading provider of virtualization solutions for high-end computing, today announced it is expanding its memory expansion product portfolio to offer vSMP MemoryONE software for a broad range of NVMe SSDs, available from ScaleMP and its authorized resellers. With this new offering, available with vSMP MemoryONE version 10, customers would be able to easily expand server memory based on a variety of high-end NVMe devices from a wide selection of SSD vendors.

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IGEL Announces Saskatchewan Polytechnic in Canada adopts VDI along with IGEL OS

IGEL | September 03, 2020

IGEL, provider of the next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces, announces that Saskatchewan Polytechnic in Canada has adopted virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) along with IGEL OS to streamline how it delivers, manages and secures its entire end user computing (EUC) environment for over 16,000 students. This comprises 3,200 endpoints in 200 computer laboratories split across four geographically dispersed campuses.

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RevBits Zero Trust Network Strengthens Network Security and Protects Digital Assets

RevBits | October 05, 2021

RevBits, a software provider for a complete 360-degree cyber defense, today announced availability of RevBits Zero Trust Network (ZTN). RevBits ZTN is a thin-client application providing authenticated access for remote users and devices to applications, services and data, with comprehensive network security. The remote workforce and third-party access are elevating the security risk for business. Moving network protection to endpoints, RevBits ZTN isolates and protects internal assets, without implementing complicated network segmentation. Supporting a default no-trust security posture, RevBits ZTN provides in-transit data security through encryption, secure access to applications and services, and network security through user and device authentication. "As enterprise threat levels rise, rethinking cybersecurity and perimeter control is paramount. It is no longer a matter of ensuring data encryption for remote users through a VPN as a complement for network security; organizations must adopt a default no-trust posture." said David Schiffer, CEO at RevBits. Building upon its technological innovation in the access management marketplace, through the award-winning RevBits Privileged Access Management (PAM), RevBits ZTN expands access management and control to the individual user level, with unified visibility and analytics, from a single vendor. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have been the main security tool for remote access. However, VPN protection stops at the network perimeter, leaving the internal network vulnerable. VPN provides a level of protection by encrypting data in transit and a layer of obfuscation. However, it doesn't authenticate users or their devices, leaving the network open to attackers if VPN credentials are stolen. RevBits ZTN provides data security with encryption and granular access control to digital assets, by authenticating all users and devices. "Based on our unique architecture and patent-pending technologies, RevBits ZTN provides best in class protection," said Mucteba Celik, CTO at RevBits. "By combining the principles from our PAM solution, RevBits ZTN delivers data encryption, comprehensive obfuscation, granular user and machine access control, and monitoring to protect digital infrastructure." RevBits ZTN feature highlights Proxy servers located in 24 globally distributed cloud regions for fast, secure connections and automatic scaling. Multiple options for user authentication, including fingerprint, facial recognition, YubiKey, SAML, MFA and others. Control every aspect of a remote session, including monitoring, reviewing, recording and killing sessions with one click. About RevBits RevBits delivers new levels of security IQ through context-rich behavioral analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning. RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform (CIP) is a unified security platform that integrates a best-in-class suite of Detection and Response, Privileged Access Management, Email Security, Deception Technology, and Zero Trust Network solutions. RevBits empower security operations with a complete cyber defense; encrypting, authenticating, authorizing, and intelligently analyzing layered context-rich security data across the security stack. RevBits dashboard unifies cross-functional security presenting an intuitive 360-degree view. Taking cybersecurity to the next level, RevBits is innovating new capabilities, with multiple patented technologies to ensure enterprises have a security advantage.

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