ControlUp Expands VMware Solution Portfolio to Monitor End User Connectivity

ControlUp | May 13, 2021

ControlUp, a recognized leader in digital experience monitoring and enhancement, unveiled today an extended portfolio to deliver on the promise of a work-from-anywhere digital experience on VMware Horizon virtual desktop environments. New visibility into end-user connectivity provides device managers with the critical data they need to increase user satisfaction and efficiency wherever they operate.

"Remote work is no longer the "new normal"; it is simply the norm. This transition in workstyle has presented IT with new obstacles since they must now oversee not only a few offices or divisions, but a plethora of remote work locations "ControlUp's COO and Co-Founder, Yoni Avital, said "Previously, system administrators were unable to detect system failures by taking into consideration local performance concerns. We will now have the details they were missing to optimize the employee digital experience." ControlUp has expanded the VMware Horizon solution portfolio with the following capabilities:

ControlUp Remote DX – provides end-to-end insight into the digital experience of employees, regardless of location, by measuring local network performance, including Wi-Fi intensity and speed, as well as user device ISP connectivity measurements.

ControlUp Scoutbees – continuous synthetic transaction testing that proactively warns IT of problems with the application, desktop, and network resource availability and efficiency. The solution enables The Operations teams to easily locate the origin of any issues and resolve them before user efficiency suffers.

ControlUp SOLVE - visualizes the overall health of the end-user computing (EUC) environment end-to-end in real-time on a single dashboard, with the option to drill down to see accurate measurements for a particular segment of the infrastructure, all the way down to the users' session process level.

The ControlUp digital experience monitoring and optimization platform provide Them with flexibility and control by allowing them to track Horizon's virtual desktops and applications, as well as the Horizon infrastructure, whether on-premises or in the cloud. The solution includes pre-built automation and remediation workflows that minimize the time, effort, and expense associated with identifying, troubleshooting, and resolving VDI problems. ControlUp integrates data from the VMware Horizon API to provide deep insight into the entire virtualization stack, including hosts, storage, servers, and user sessions.

"Troubleshooting and quick remediation of VDI problems are difficult due to the large number of components involved, from the data center to the cloud to the endpoint," said Bharath Rangarajan, Vice President of Product Management for VMware's End-User Computing business. "VMware and ControlUp are working to solve these issues and regularly provide a great user experience to VMware Horizon customers."

About ControlUp

ControlUp's Digital Employee Experience management platform provides IT with greater insight and control over employees' digital experiences, regardless of where they work (in the workplace, at home, or on the road) or the type of workspace they use (virtual, physical, or cloud). ControlUp analytics uses anonymized operational metadata from thousands of companies to assist IT and support desk teams in making informed, data-driven decisions. ControlUp is funded by JVP and K1 Investment Management and is headquartered in Silicon Valley with R&D in Israel.


Check out what makes #NetEngine AR6700V distributed virtual router, the industry's first cloud-native hyper-converged gateway, a pivotal role in the transformation from conventional enterprise WANs to SD-WAN networks.


Check out what makes #NetEngine AR6700V distributed virtual router, the industry's first cloud-native hyper-converged gateway, a pivotal role in the transformation from conventional enterprise WANs to SD-WAN networks.

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Arrcus and VMware to Build Telco Cloud for 5G Services

Arrcus | February 23, 2023

On February 22, 2023, Arrcus, a hyperscale networking software firm recognized for its expertise in core, edge, and multi-cloud network infrastructure, is featuring its work with VMware at Mobile World Congress 2023. The partners provide a truly modernized telco cloud by allowing communication service providers (CSPs) to rapidly develop next-generation 5G services. The combination of the Arrcus Connected Edge (ACE) platform with VMware Telco Cloud Platform architecture offers CSPs end-to-end slicing for 5G, spanning from radio access network (RAN), multi-access edge computing (MEC) to core networks. By utilizing Arrcus' advanced traffic engineering technology, this capability allows CSPs to divide their networks into smaller, more manageable segments that can be effortlessly monitored and controlled. As a result, CSPs can now establish distinct policies and service level agreements (SLAs) for individual customers and applications across various network slices, significantly enhancing their ability to introduce new and innovative services. Additionally, both CSPs and their customers can expect faster service delivery and enhanced network scalability. The joint solution also provides CSPs with the advantage of network automation. CSPs can generate instances throughout their radio access network (RAN), 5G core, (MEC)/edge, and transport networks. Furthermore, the Arrcus-VMware solution delivers a service assurance platform that offers a transport network, 5G core, and RAN telemetry. This ensures that CSPs receive metadata on crucial network parameters. Arrcus CEO and Chairman Shekar Ayyar commented, "CSPs need truly modern infrastructure to gain the greatest value from their 5G investments." He added, "Arrcus' ACE platform and our partnership with VMware provide CSPs with an agile network overlay to automate network operations, expedite the delivery of new services on and monetize their 5G infrastructure." (Source – Business Wire) About Arrcus, Inc. Arrcus is a hyperscale networking software firm recognized for its expertise in core, edge, and multi-cloud network infrastructure. Its primary goal is to improve business efficiency by providing superior network connectivity. Its flagship product, the Arrcus Connected Edge (ACE) platform, is known for its best-in-class networking capabilities and flexible consumption model that minimizes the total cost of ownership. The company's team comprises top-tier technologists with a proven track record in delivering industry-leading networking products and is complemented by operating executives, industry thought leaders, strategic partners, and top-tier venture capitalists.

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Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway Earns FedRAMP authorization

Skyhigh Security | February 15, 2023

On February 14, 2023, Skyhigh Security, a leading cloud-native security solutions provider, announced that Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway (SWG) for cloud has been granted Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Moderate Authorization. Cloud technologies are increasingly being adopted by government contractors and federal government agencies in order to support agility, increase efficiency, and cut costs. The FedRAMP authorization enables these companies to deploy Skyhigh SWG, a component of the Skyhigh Security Service Edge (SSE) portfolio, to offer continuous, secure access for users anywhere, safeguard vital government information, and defend against sophisticated contemporary threats. FedRAMP is a United States government program that analyses cloud security suppliers using a standardized security framework for cloud products and services, with an emphasis on protecting sensitive federal data in the cloud. The FedRAMP process affirms that the Skyhigh SWG solution has been examined and approved by C-level security officials from the General Services Administration, the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Homeland Security. Skyhigh SWG allows users authorized by the government to securely access the web and cloud from any location and on any device. It keeps threats from infiltrating and sensitive data from exfiltrating an environment by monitoring inline traffic and acting as a gateway between websites, users, apps, and data. Skyhigh SWG protects federal agencies against potentially hazardous or unauthorized websites and cloud apps by utilizing several integrated technologies such as Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP). From a single cloud-native enforcement point, the Skyhigh SSE portfolio secures data and prevents threats in the cloud across all Infrastructure-as-a-Service environments, Software-as-a-Service applications, and Shadow IT. As a cloud service, it equips enterprises with visibility and control over their data in the cloud, regardless of where it resides. It delivers a single DLP engine with a single simple-to-use centralized administration and reporting dashboard, a single policy framework across all data exfiltration channels, and multi-layered security technologies to cover all conceivable use cases in the federal government environment. About Skyhigh Security Skyhigh Security, Headquartered in San Jose, CA, safeguards enterprises with cloud-native security solutions that are both data-aware and easy to use. Its market-leading Security Service Edge (SSE) Portfolio extends beyond data access and focuses on data usage, thus enabling enterprises to collaborate from any device and from any location without compromising security. It allows organizations to have full visibility and control, as well as seamlessly monitor and mitigate security threats, resulting in lower related costs, increased efficiency and keeping up with the speed of innovation.

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Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual Sensors Launches on T and X Series ThinkPad Laptops

Elliptic Labs | February 27, 2023

Today, Elliptic Labs, the industry leader in AI Virtual Smart Sensors, announced the launch of 100% software-only AI Virtual Human Presence Sensor on numerous Lenovo ThinkPad X and T Series laptops. This launch includes the Lenovo ThinkPad T14s, T14, T16 Gen 4, X13 Yoga Gen 4 and X13 Gen 4,. The X13 Yoga Gen 4 will run Intel exclusively, while the other laptops will use the latest Intel and AMD chipsets (both AMD and Intel are Elliptic Labs’ partners). Laila Danielsen, CEO of Elliptic Labs, said, “We are excited that Lenovo is using our 100% software-based AI Virtual Human Presence Sensors broadly across so many of their laptop models. This significant launch is further proof of the scalability, power, and value of our AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform. She added, “Our extensive deployment of the AI software platform is advancing us towards our vision of making all devices to become smarter, more user-friendly, and environmentally sustainable.” (Source – Businesswire) Elliptic Labs' AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform uses small footprint machine learning networks, ultrasound, and sensor fusion to create AI Virtual Smart Sensors providing high-performing, frictionless user experiences at scale. Its launch shows that the largest PC manufacturers are validating and choosing the AI Virtual Human Presence Sensors. Elliptic Labs' AI Virtual Human Presence Sensor recognizes a PC/laptop user in front of it. This enables the gadget sleep, in absence of a user, saving power, and thus preventing unauthorized access. Human presence detection is becoming a core component in the PC/laptop market; however only high-end systems have dedicated hardware presence sensors due to risk, cost, and design limits. Elliptic Labs' software-only AI Virtual Human Presence Sensor provides robust human-presence detection that OEMs can simply and economically integrate into a wide range of devices. About Elliptic Labs Elliptic Labs, founded in 2006, creates AI Virtual Smart Sensors that identify people and their surroundings. It targets smartphones, computers, IoT, and automobiles worldwide. The company's unique ultrasonic, AI, and sensor fusion software provides intuitive 3D proximity, gesture, breathing, presence, and heartbeat detection. Their scalable AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform develops sustainable, human-friendly software-only sensors for hundreds of millions of products. Only Elliptic Labs has scaled detection capabilities employing ultrasound, AI software and sensor fusion. Norway-based Elliptic Laboratories operates in the US, China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. AI Virtual Smart Sensor, AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform and AI Virtual Human Presence Sensor, are trademarks of Elliptic Labs.

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