DTEK Enhances Efficiency and Safety of 3D Field Modelling with New Virtual Server

DTEK | May 26, 2020

  • DTEK Oil&Gas, an energy holding company, has created a virtual server which significantly increases the efficiency and safety of the 3D field modelling process.

  • The virtual server will significantly increase the level of interaction while modelling deposits.

  • VDI technology is of particular importance for ensuring business continuity, as it allows to securely access data and continue to work remotely.

The virtual server has been created for specialists in geology and field development, who create 3D models of gas condensate fields in the Petrel software package and work with over 100 gigabytes of data

The virtual server will significantly increase the level of interaction while modelling deposits. Specialists located in different offices of the company and external experts will now be able to work on one 3D project successively. Employees can instantly obtain data from any computer, at any time, from any office, and quickly exchange this information with colleagues.

The new solution also provides centralised data backup, which increases information security and minimises the risk of data loss. The third advantage is the increased speed of calculations, modelling of deposits, and enhanced efficiency.

The project was implemented jointly by DTEK IT specialists and the DTEK Oil&Gas team. They used equipment from Hewlett Packard, and technology from VDI VmWare Horizon.

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Denis Garkavy, the head of DTEK’s IT infrastructure department, also noted that when creating a virtual server, they changed an approach to working with data. Previously data was processed at users’ workstations, and now it is done at the centralised virtual server. “VDI technology is of particular importance for ensuring business continuity, as it allows to securely access data and continue to work remotely. This technology is the future of remote work.”


Using a virtual server, we not only managed to fully realise the full cycle of remote work with data and the use of specialised software, but also achieved significant flexibility in the workflow, accelerated interaction between teams and increased productivity of work. As a result, even under lockdown conditions, there are no restrictions for fulfilling the tasks of 3D modelling and analysis of results,

Ivan Gafich, DTEK Oil&Gas exploration, and prospective development director.

Furthermore, the virtual server project will be expanded for other divisions of DTEK Oil&Gas as part of the MODUS digital transformation programme and its Digital Field project.


Digital transformation is a necessary step for the efficiency and competitiveness of an enterprise in the global digital economy,

Dmitry Osyka, head of information and digital technologies at DTEK.

"Since 2018, we have been working on a comprehensive transformation of all areas of DTEK's business. As part of the Digital Field, we plan to introduce the best technologies to improve the quality of the field development strategy, maintain an optimal well operation regime, and system reliability.”

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About DTEK

DTEK is a strategic holding company developing four business streams in the energy sector. The Company invests in the Ukrainian energy sector and economy in general by building new capacities, implementing advanced technologies, and creating new businesses.


10 most essential performance metrics that businesses should consider when managing their virtual machines.


10 most essential performance metrics that businesses should consider when managing their virtual machines.

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