Edgecore Networks Launches the Work-from-Anywhere Solution to Facilitate the New Normal of Working Life

Edgecore Networks | December 22, 2021

Edgecore Networks, a leading provider of traditional and open network solutions for enterprises, data centers, and telecommunication service providers, announced the launch of the Work-from-Anywhere (WFA) solution to provide organizations a plug-and-play, secure, agile, reliable mechanism to deliver enterprise-grade services to their remote workers.

The trend of making offices a place for collaboration has been going on for years, but the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the dial. Social distancing requirements across the world have prompted thousands of companies and millions of employees to discover the benefits of a flexible work environment. This shift to remote work and hybrid workspace forces organizations to take a more systematic and strategic approach to connecting remote workers to applications and data. Traditional WAN connections over MPLS tend to be rigid, costly, and provide deployment connections that cannot easily adapt to today's dynamic networking needs. Edgecore's WFA solution includes feature-rich SD-WAN devices, the SDW-series, addressing those networking issues and provides robust, secure, adaptive network services on demand.

WFA Solution Key Features

  • Central Management
Multiple options for central management:\

  1. VM in x86 appliance based
  2. VM in cloud platform
  3. Edgecore ecCLOUD

Administrator can monitor and auto-adjust remote networks with real-time feedback from premises and deploy pre-configured network paths to remote sites.

  • Zero Touch Deployment

Automated provisioning from central management with pre-configured network setup to edge devices without user intervention can improve reliability and minimize bring-up costs, while maintaining efficiency and flexibility on deployment.

  • Adaptive WAN Selection
The SDW-series provides parallel connections for load-balancing, failover, and traffic steering to ensure the high-quality and reliability of network connections.

  • Container Management
Containerized software that pushes container images to remote sites for consistent application performance and availability while reducing the connectivity cost.

  • Remote VPN
The remote worker can access the data center by PC VPN login with 4 simple steps, greatly reducing the remote office roll-out time.

The future of work is work-from-anywhere. With Edgecore’s WFA solution, delivering an in-office experience to workers, wherever they are, isn’t a pipe dream. The flexibility and openness of the solution proactively prepares organizations for an ever-changing future.”

TT Hsu, Vice President of Edgecore Networks

About Edgecore Networks
Edgecore Networks Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Accton Technology Corporation, the leading networking ODM. Edgecore Networks delivers wired and wireless networking products and solutions through channel partners and system integrators worldwide for data center, service provider, enterprise, and SMB customers. Edgecore Networks is the leader in open networking, providing a full line of open 1G-400G Ethernet OCP Accepted™ switches, core routers, cell site gateways, virtual PON OLTs, optical packet transponders, and Wi-Fi access points that offer choice of commercial and open source NOS and SDN software.


Learn about enabling the digital workspace any app on any device. Find more launch resources including upcoming trainings on Partner Central:


Learn about enabling the digital workspace any app on any device. Find more launch resources including upcoming trainings on Partner Central:

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ADVA and Lanner deliver turnkey offering for Intel Select Solutions for uCPE

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ADVA and Lanner Electronics today announced that the Lanner NCA-4025 is now verified with Intel Select Solution for uCPE with ADVA Ensemble Connector, giving communication service providers (CSPs) and enterprises a simple and cost-efficient route to virtualization at the network edge. In addition, ADVA’s Ensemble Connector is available preinstalled on a variety of Lanner’s leading network appliances, so customers can select from a range of workload-optimized solutions that deliver the full benefits of network functions virtualization (NFV). Lanner’s NCA-4025 and ADVA’s Ensemble Connector will power uCPE deployments with advanced encryption performance, secure SD-WAN services and robust network protection for operators rolling out uCPE at scale We’re excited that Lanner’s NCA-4025 is now a certified Intel Select Solution for uCPE preinstalled with Ensemble Connector. The new plug-and-play offering delivers the highest levels of performance while running multiple virtual network functions. It reduces the effort and complexity of testing and validation and accelerates time-to-market for new services,” said Mike Heffner, GM, Edge Cloud, ADVA. “The carrier-class capabilities of our Ensemble Connector combined with Lanner’s high-performance network appliances provide customers with a choice of highly scalable and secure hardware-software solutions that are pre-integrated and ready to deploy.” The partnership between ADVA and Lanner gives businesses and CSPs an open and flexible solution guaranteed to meet the performance needs of the most demanding uCPE applications. It delivers improved networking through the Ensemble Connector operating system and virtual network function hosting environment. This features advanced applications at Layer 2 and 3, including LTE access and Carrier Ethernet 2.0 functionality, as well as zero-touch provisioning for ultimate simplicity and scale. The uCPE offering also enables access to the Ensemble Harmony Ecosystem, the industry’s largest set of onboarded virtualized applications and supported servers. “Together with ADVA and Intel, we’re setting a new benchmark for performance, scale and security. Our platform powered by the Intel® Xeon® D2100 multi-core processor and running ADVA’s carrier-grade software gives network operators a highly versatile uCPE solution that supports agile service provisioning straight out of the box,” commented Sven Freudenfeld, CTO, Telecom Application, Lanner. “Not only does our NCA-4025 remove the headache of hardware and software integration, but it also accelerates time-to-market for SD-WAN, SD-Security and other NFV applications. Now our customers can be free to innovate and respond in an instant to new business opportunities.” About ADVA ADVA is a company founded on innovation and focused on helping our customers succeed. Our technology forms the building blocks of a shared digital future and empowers networks across the globe. We’re continually developing breakthrough hardware and software that leads the networking industry and creates new business opportunities. It’s these open connectivity solutions that enable our customers to deliver the cloud and mobile services that are vital to today’s society and for imagining new tomorrows. Together, we’re building a truly connected and sustainable future.

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AirHop Launches the Industry's First Comprehensive Portfolio of Field-proven xApps and rApps to Accelerate 4G and 5G Open RAN Deployments

AirHop | February 24, 2022

AirHop Communications, a leader in 4G and 5G real-time (RT) Radio Access Network (RAN) Intelligence software solutions, announced they are delivering their AuptimTM family of 4G/5G xApp and rApp RAN automation and optimization solutions. Auptim is a portfolio of field-proven xApp and rApp software applications compliant with the O-RAN Alliance reference architecture and are deployed on 3rd party RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) platforms. Airhop will demonstrate Auptim xApps and rApps with several ecosystem partners including VMware, Juniper Networks and the Open Networking Foundation at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We have delivered commercially hardened near RT automation and optimization use cases with our cloud-native eSON software platform and AI/ML use cases with eSON360 at Reliance Jio and Rakuten Mobile. This experience has enabled us to rapidly develop important use cases as xApps and rApps supporting the O-RAN architecture. The Open RAN ecosystem is working to enable accelerated delivery of best-in-class disaggregated components. This has been our experience through the integration of Auptim xApps and rApps with RIC platforms from leading RIC vendors and deployments in trials with leading MNOs." Yan Hui, AirHop Co-Founder and CEO "AirHop's near real-time RAN automation and optimization applications have provided a key component in Rakuten's journey to drive operations automation and consistent performance across its network," stated Madhukiran Medithe, Head of Network Intelligence & Analytics Department at Rakuten Mobile Inc. "As Rakuten leads the way in making O-RAN RIC (RAN Intelligent Control) a practical reality, we are excited to be working with AirHop and see them bring their capabilities to Rakuten’s O-RAN architecture with the Auptim family of xApps and rApps." With the growing complexity of 4G & 5G networks and the disaggregation of the RAN stack with Open RAN, the enablement of intelligent automation and optimization solutions has become mandatory for both greenfield and brownfield Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). The industry has recognized the need for both near RT RAN management and AI/ML approaches for intelligent RAN optimization. The O-RAN Alliance is driving a standard architecture and open interfaces to lead this enablement with the Near RT RIC and Non-RT RIC platforms. The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) OpenRAN RAN Intelligence and Automation (RIA) subgroup is enabling an ecosystem of MNOs and vendors to develop of AI/ML based use cases. Auptim near RT xApps and AI/ML based non RT rApps are critical pieces of the puzzle for MNOs to leverage these platforms to realize lower operating costs, improved user experience and provide greater flexibility for service delivery. "One key objective for Open RAN is the establishment of a rich ecosystem of disaggregated components to drive faster innovation across the layers of the RAN," noted Stéphane Téral, Chief Analyst of Lightcounting Market Research. "The O-RAN RIC platforms in conjunction with xApps and rApps provide promise for greater innovation in performance optimization, improved spectral efficiency, enhanced user experience and lower operation costs. It is intriguing to see AirHop leverage its experience delivering near RT automation and optimization solutions for the Rakuten Mobile Open RAN deployment into xApps and rApps for deployment on RIC platforms across the ecosystem." Auptim consists of a portfolio of automation and optimization software applications, including solutions available now in addition to a roadmap of solutions available later this year. The Auptim portfolio provides use cases spanning RAN configuration optimization, RAN mobility optimization, RAN coverage and capacity optimization, automated energy savings and RAN operations automation. The following xApps and rApps are available today for RIC integrations and commercial deployments: Physical Cell Identity (PCI) Optimization for automated detection and resolution of PCI conflict and confusion, available as an xApp or rApp Random Access CHannel (RACH) Optimization for RACH parameter optimization, available as an xApp or rApp Mobility Robustness Optimization (MRO) to optimize handover performance, available as an rApp Mobility Load Balancing (MLB) for dynamic balancing of user load among neighbor cells, available as an xApp or rApp Multi-Cell Interference Management (MCIM) to dynamically detect and manage interference - increasing spectral efficiency, available as an xApp Anomaly Detector (AD) for implementation of machine learning based Cell Outage Detection and Smart Diagnostics of network operational anomalies, available as an rApp Auptim provides MNOs with a leading portfolio of xApps and rApp for use on 3rd party RIC platforms. AirHop is collaborating with a broad ecosystem of Near RT RIC and Non RT RIC platforms, RAN vendors as well as TIP and O-RAN Alliance to accelerate the availability of O-RAN compliant commercial class near RT and non RT RAN automation and optimization solutions. Some Auptim xApps have also been deployed as part of the disaggregated multi-vendor Open RAN field trial conducted by Deutsche Telekom. “Enabling vendors such as AirHop to participate in an ecosystem where MNO needs are defined and prioritized and vendor solutions are tested and validated is a foundational goal of the TIP OpenRAN RIA subgroup”, stated David Hutton, Chief Engineer at Telecom Infra Project. “We welcome AirHop’s participation, through TIP RIA to align their Auptim family of use cases with RIC platform and OpenRAN network element vendors to ensure the success of OpenRAN.” "Our collaboration with AirHop is an excellent example of the Open RAN ecosystem, enabling innovation across the RAN stack to deliver disruptive solutions for MNOs without impacting their current business operations. We share a common objective in delivering new levels of programmability and automation for the RAN through VMware's Centralized RIC and Distributed RIC platforms in conjunction with AirHop Auptim xApps and rApps" said Lakshmi Mandyam, VP Product Management and Partner Ecosystems, Service Provider and Edge BU at VMware. "We are excited to be showcasing some fruits of our collaboration at MWC Barcelona this month with a demonstration of the Auptim PCI rApp integrated with our Centralized RIC platform." AirHop and Juniper Networks will demonstrate a Random Access Channel (RACH) parameter optimization use case using the Juniper Near RT RIC and the AirHop RACH optimization xApp at MWC Barcelona. The demonstration highlights the RACH xApp being deployed on the Juniper O-RAN based Near RT RIC and automatically detecting and resolving RACH parameter conflicts in various RAN scenarios. About AirHop Communications AirHop Communications is a leading provider of cloud-native Open RAN automation and real-time optimization software solutions that deliver significant gains in spectral efficiency, lower operating costs and improved end-user quality of experience for 4G and 5G mobile networks. AirHop's Auptim family of O-RAN compliant near RT xApps and AI/ML-based rApps provide O-RAN compliant intelligent RAN automation and optimization solutions. AirHop’s eSON and eSON360 solutions provide commercially hardened and massively scalable near RT and AI/ML based RAN automation and optimization for pre-O-RAN architecture deployments. AirHop’s solutions are backed by a comprehensive portfolio of patents and are deployed across more than a million macro and small cells in commercial MNO networks. AirHop is headquartered in San Diego, California.

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