ePlus Achieves VMware Master Services Competency in Cloud Management and Automation

ePlus inc. | November 24, 2021

ePlus inc. announced that it has successfully achieved Cloud Management and Automation VMware Master Services Competency. This competency demonstrates that ePlus is committed to helping organizations accelerate their digital transformations by leveraging their validated services delivery capabilities around advanced VMware technologies.

ePlus is proud to add Cloud Management and Automation to our other VMware Master Service Competencies, including VMware Cloud on AWS, Data Center Virtualization, and Network Virtualization. As our customers extend their data center capabilities to the cloud, automation and simplified management are key to a successful journey.  This latest competency demonstrates the expertise that our team has developed in these critical areas and our dedication to our customers' success in a hybrid cloud world."

Justin Mescher, Vice President of Cloud and Data Center Solutions at ePlus

"VMware is pleased to recognize ePlus for achieving Cloud Management and Automation Master Services Competency.  This achievement shows customers that partners like ePlus are dedicated, invested, and have validated expertise in advanced VMware technologies," said Sandy Hogan, SCP of Worldwide Commercial and Partner Sales, VMware.  "We value ePlus as a VMware partner, and appreciate their efforts in achieving this VMware distinction as they work to increase their service delivery capabilities."

VMware Master Services Competencies are designed to help partners demonstrate customer-centric solutions and technical proficiency, with proven success and expertise in a specialized area of business.  VMware partners can achieve Master Services Competencies in seven core business areas.  A Master Services Competency in Cloud Management and Automation designates expertise in delivery of VMware Cloud Management and Automation solutions and services with deep understanding and execution of cloud management design principles and methodologies. 

VMware Partner Connect empowers partners with flexibility to meet customers' needs, making VMware technologies and services opportunities more accessible.  Partners now have an enhanced experience that delivers simplicity, choice and innovation, and recognizes and rewards partners based on the value they bring to customers.

About ePlus inc.
ePlus is a leading consultative technology solutions provider that helps customers imagine, implement, and achieve more from their technology.  With the highest certifications from top technology partners and lifecycle services expertise across key areas including security, cloud, data center, collaboration, networking and emerging technologies, ePlus transforms IT from a cost center to a business enabler.  Founded in 1990, ePlus has more than 1,500 associates serving a diverse set of customers in the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pac.  The Company is headquartered at 13595 Dulles Technology Drive, Herndon, VA, 20171.


Find out how KVM and container virtualization differs and how each can be used to create a flexible virtualization solution for any business environment.


Find out how KVM and container virtualization differs and how each can be used to create a flexible virtualization solution for any business environment.

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DXC Technology Adds Stratodesk Product Suite to DXC Modern Workplace Solutions

Businesswire | May 08, 2023

Stratodesk, the pioneer of secure managed endpoints for modern workspaces, today announced that its NoTouch software suite will be incorporated into DXC Technology's Modern Workplace Virtual Desktop Solution. DXC, a leading Fortune 500 global technology services company, provides managed digital workspaces for hundreds of companies around the world through its Modern Workplace offering. DXC’s Virtual Desktop customers will now benefit from Stratodesk’s NoTouch software, which operates with one universal experience across any physical devices employees may use, while leveraging DXC’s expert management capabilities and control over these devices. This will include NoTouch OS, a lean, read-only, zero-trust operating system and NoTouch Center, a powerful, scalable deployment and management solution. “Our customers want to focus on delivering value to their customers, while giving their employees an excellent user experience,” said Mike McDaniel, President, DXC Modern Workplace. “Teaming with Stratodesk not only helps us to deliver a premium friction-free user experience for our customers, but it also supports DXC‘s leadership in the digital workplace services market.” Stratodesk’s flexible approach to workforce productivity and digital employee experience transforms any new or existing laptops, thin clients, desktop computers, and hybrid devices into secure, powerful, enterprise Virtual Desktop. End-user employees gain a consumer-like experience to choose the device, data and applications they need to do their job at any location. “DXC’s Modern Workplace solution empowers employees to connect, collaborate and work seamlessly and securely on any device from anywhere, which is essential for today's hybrid work environments,” said Emanuel Pirker, founder, and CEO of Stratodesk. “DXC Technology can centralize workplace services through the Stratodesk endpoint suite to help customers deploy and repurpose standardized endpoints using their preferred hardware while giving end-users all the tools they need to communicate and collaborate.” About Stratodesk Stratodesk drives the adoption of secure managed endpoints for accessing the corporate workspace. Stratodesk NoTouch gives customers endpoint security and full manageability while allowing them the flexibility to choose endpoint hardware, workspace solution, cloud or on-premises deployment, and the cost consumption model that fits their business. Stratodesk is growing a community of channel partners and technology providers committed to modernizing workspaces.

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Virtual RAN Hits the Mainstream…Now Waiting for the Green Light

prnewswire | April 05, 2023

Mobile Experts Inc. released a detailed market study today, highlighting the growth of Virtual RAN. In particular, this report estimates the pricing and adoption of vDU and vCU software from 2022 through 2032, showing how vRAN will grow through 5G deployments and accelerate with 5.5G or 6G deployments. Mobile Experts has collected data from dozens of software and hardware suppliers, as well as 20 different mobile operators, in order to pinpoint the specific opportunities served by virtualization in upcoming mobile networks. Major distinctions between public and private networks are illustrated, along with the impact of COTS semiconductors in the radio and the impact of virtualization in 2G through 4G networks. This new report complements the recent Mobile Experts report on Open RAN, which highlights the performance, cost, and flexibility implications of Open RAN standards in the market. Together, these two reports provide a complete picture of the changing architecture in mobile networks. Joe Madden, lead analyst at Mobile Experts, commented that "We consistently predicted in 2013 through 2020 that vRAN would take a long time to reach global acceptance. This report shows the specific outlook over a 10-year timeline, as we can now see a path toward widespread adoption. We expect the biggest growth when new spectrum arrives in the 2028 timeframe. By 2032, vRAN software will be used in more than 30% of new deployments." Subscribers to Mobile Experts research will receive: Full access to the 55-page Virtual RAN 2023 report; 49 comprehensive charts and figures; Cost analysis over the life cycle of a mobile network; Access to the analysts behind the reports. About Mobile Experts Inc.: Mobile Experts provides insightful market analysis for the mobile infrastructure and mobile handset markets. Recent publications focus on ORAN, Macro and Massive MIMO Base Stations, Industrial Private 5G, and more.

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StorMagic SvSAN Delivers 100 Percent Uptime, Maximum Operational Efficiency to Manufacturers

Prweb | May 18, 2023

StorMagic®, solving the world’s edge data problems, today announced continued momentum with manufacturing end users with the addition of two new Germany-based customers. StorMagic SvSAN is a simple, two-node virtual SAN that manages data and its associated applications, to ensure customers’ main objective – productivity. “Manufacturers require IT systems that deliver built-in redundancy and high availability to ensure continuous operations and, ultimately, productivity to keep their businesses running,” said Bruce Kornfeld, chief marketing and product officer, StorMagic. “SvSAN eliminates single points of failure and downtime to keep factories and plants operational and efficient.” StorMagic ensures production uptime through high availability, reliability and performance, at a low cost, and is helping two German manufacturers in this endeavor. WST previously used DataCore SANsymphony to store application data from various databases, file services, and telecommunication systems. Mounting costs and inadequate performance as the volume of data increased led them to review all-flash disk systems at two of their production facilities. SvSAN was selected due to its ability to support all the applications required at these sites with ease of use, minimal hardware requirements and high uptime. “WST was able to significantly reduce costs and add 100 percent uptime between our two datacenters by moving to StorMagic SvSAN,” said Alexandra Körner, head of IT, WST Präzisionstechnik GmbH. “We’ve also been able to eliminate vendor lock-in thanks to SvSAN’s compatibility with all storage types, hardware and hypervisors. Our future costs have been significantly reduced without sacrificing performance, and budgets are now much more predictable, and easier to plan.” Witholz GmbH previously used a physical SAN for data processing and management in its two datacenters. The company urgently needed a solution that provided high availability to store application data from its entire IT environment. Witholz found that StorMagic SvSAN was the ideal solution as it was very easy to install and use, and offered the highest performance for the price. “StorMagic SvSAN is a ‘set and forget’ solution that delivers the best price for performance point in today’s market, and is an ideal fit for every small to medium-sized enterprise," said Matthias Böhler, CEO, Witholz GmbH. “SvSAN allowed us to maximize our budget and achieve 100 percent uptime, which lets us sleep more soundly at night.” About StorMagic StorMagic is solving the world’s edge data problems. We help organizations store, protect, and use their data at and from the edge. StorMagic’s Forever Data solutions ensure data is always protected and available, no matter the type or location, to provide value anytime, anywhere. StorMagic’s storage, surveillance and security products are flexible, robust, easy to use and cost-effective, without sacrificing enterprise-class features, for organizations with one to thousands of sites. Visit http://www.stormagic.com. About WST Präzisionstechnik GmbH WST Präzisionstechnik GmbH is a leading manufacturer of milled and turned parts and supplies in the German market. It specializes in the production of synchronous machining tools, producing 25 million parts in 1,500 custom designs annually. Visit https://wst-willmann.de. About Witholz Witholz is a modern production and service company, specializing in timber construction, and the production of wooden beams. The manufacturer delivers everything from one-off bespoke orders to mass produced wood, and a variety of related joinery components, all from a single source. Visit ​​https://www.witholz.de/home.html.

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