First Annual Teradici Cybersecurity Survey Finds Companies Rapidly Adopting Zero Trust Instead of VPN to Secure Hybrid Workplaces

Teradic | November 17, 2021

Teradici, the creator of industry-leading PCoIP technology and Emmy Award-winning Cloud Access Software (CAS), announced results from its first-annual Corporate Cybersecurity Report – Securing the Hybrid Workplace in 2022 and Beyond. The survey, which polled more than 8,000 respondents across a range of industries, found that hybrid workplaces are the new norm, with 99% of respondents’ reporting their workforces will split time between the office and remote settings post-pandemic. The survey also found that concerns about endpoint security and data integrity are skyrocketing as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) makes a comeback and employees commute with their devices.

“The pandemic has caused a fundamental shift in how people work, and the ‘office’ will never be the same. As a result of the enormous security concerns associated with unmanaged devices, as well as BYOD, organizations are changing how they think about securing their corporate assets. Expect to see companies move away from traditional VPNs to Zero Trust architectures to shore up their endpoints and protect their data.”

Ziad Lammam, Global Head of Teradici Product Management, HP

Key Findings

According to the survey:

  • Hybrid work is here for the long term: Virtually all respondents (99%) reported their companies will have a hybrid workforce, and nearly 40% expect half of their workforce to operate remotely at least twice a week post-pandemic. This will precipitate a number of changes to network environments and architecture due to significant security concerns. Device authentication and authorization must be taken seriously.
  • Even with fewer commuting days, workers’ treks are a security concern: The survey showed that 53% of respondents plan to enable employees to commute with endpoint devices, and this is a hot button of concern for IT. Nearly all respondents (98%) are concerned about security and/or data integrity as a result of employees commuting with endpoint devices.
  • BYOD is back: Of survey respondents, 90% say their companies are using a mix of employee- and corporate-owned devices; only 10% are predominantly using corporate-owned devices. The mix of devices will likely continue to escalate, with 74% of respondents reporting they expect more use of BYOD, and nearly 25% seeing increased need for device authorization to protect against data breaches.
  • To combat security concerns, organizations will move to remote access and Zero Trust architectures. Companies have largely relied on VPNs for employees to connect remotely, as many organizations have not yet completed their migration to the cloud. As hybrid work becomes the norm over the long term, remote desktop technologies with Zero Trust architectures will replace VPNs in an effort to better protect corporate networks. On top of this, IT will need to enhance the security awareness of employees to prevent human leaks and breaches.

About Teradici
Teradici, an HP company, is the creator of the PCoIP remote display protocol, which delivers desktops and workstations from the data center or public cloud to end users with the highest levels of security, responsiveness, and fidelity. Teradici CAS, which won an Engineering Emmy from the Television Academy in 2020, powers the most secure remote solutions with unparalleled performance for even the most graphics-intensive applications. Teradici technology is trusted by leading media companies, design houses, financial firms and government agencies and is deployed to more than 15 million users worldwide.


10 most essential performance metrics that businesses should consider when managing their virtual machines.


10 most essential performance metrics that businesses should consider when managing their virtual machines.

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NordVPN's current product update features Meshnet file-sharing, easy file-sharing functionality, and an open-source Linux application which provides free meshnet to everyone. Meshnet's benefits no longer require a NordVPN subscription. Computers and mobile devices are now connected via a peer-to-peer VPN tunnel. Users can bypass restrictions by routing their internet traffic through any NordVPN-enabled remote device. Windows, mac, and linux devices can be personal VPN servers. This implies consumers can now enjoy perks at home regardless of their location. Meshnet allows instant unlimited file sharing and sharing unlimited-size photos and videos without quality loss. In addition, it is a safe approach to share files through an end-to-end encrypted peer-to-peer VPN tunnel. Users can share and receive files from their own devices and from NordVPN-installed relatives, friends, and co-workers. Two-way permission ensures privacy with the new functionality. Meshnet lets users avoid internet restrictions by routing their traffic through any remote NordVPN-installed device. Windows, Mac, and Linux devices can serve as personal VPN servers. This means consumers can enjoy all advantages at home regardless of their location. NordVPN has rolled out three of its products under an open-source license: The entire NordVPN Linux application, Libtelio, which is a networking library used throughout NordVPN apps, and Libdrop, a Meshnet file-sharing library. Developers can now audit, review, and contribute to these products' source code, which is publicly available. NordVPN, an opensource shows transparency, community engagement, and product trust by making these products open source. Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and Android TV support Meshnet. NordVPN updated its Meshnet documentation page on its website, which states: Internet traffic routing: With Meshnet, travelers can use a laptop left at home to browse the internet with their own IP address. Meshnet lets you establish your own VPN server through your own or your friends' devices, no matter their whereabouts. Secure Remote Device Access: To view shared folders remotely, Meshnet doesn't require public sharing. It secures your home network using a peer-to-peer VPN tunnel, so you're the only one connecting to your home network. Gaming: Meshnet acts as a virtual local area network (LAN), allowing users to play multiplayer games with others without LAN wires. In short, users can connect to the same server from different places. NordVPN Product Strategist, Vykintas Maknickas, remarked, "We are continuously expanding the capabilities of NordVPN. This release marks a significant change in openness by both making part of the service free as well as open-sourcing a substantial part of our client software.” (Source – iTWire) About NordVPN NordVPN, founded in 2012, is a company that protects against ISPs, advertising, and other third-party snoopers. It makes connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots easy and secure. Meshnet, a recent product, allows instant unlimited file sharing and sharing unlimited-size photos and videos without quality loss. It allows usage of personal VPN using windows, mac, and linux devices. It provides 5600+ servers in 60 countries to browse freely.

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