Flexential Announces New Capabilities to Hosted Private Cloud - Advanced Access

Flexential | August 16, 2022 | Read time : 04:50 min

Flexential, a leading provider of data center, colocation, cloud and connectivity, today further extended its FlexAnywhere™ hybrid IT solutions portfolio that address key CIO pain points by improving application performance, providing business agility and the ability to scale IT infrastructure, and delivering superior interconnection capabilities.

The new enhancements to Flexential's Hosted Private Cloud (HPC) – Advanced Access solutions provide full control of enterprise private cloud environments with new capabilities for rapidly migrating applications, workloads and data as business requirements change. The company also today added support for advanced metrics and reporting tools backed by Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Long-term adoption of hybrid work environments has reduced reliance on traditional infrastructure. Gartner® forecasts that "worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services will reach nearly $600 billion in 2023, up from $494.7 billion in 2022".* It's essential that businesses have the operational control and flexibility to adjust, plan and scale workload placements accordingly.

Flexential's HPC Advanced Access solution is a high-performance hosted private cloud offering that allows customers to have full administrative control over the provider-owned VMware vCenter server. Originally launched in 2021, the solution has seen rapid adoption, with the number of hosted private cloud customer deployments more than doubling across the national FlexAnywhere™ platform of 40 data centers in the last year.

HPC Advanced Access continues to provide unique levels of customer control and resource management with performance that was previously unachievable. The solution will now support more flexible workload movement and placement, self-driving application operations and performance optimization.

Core enhancements include:
Application Mobility: Enabling customers to reliably move workloads without downtime or performance degradation.

ML and AI-driven Performance Management: Providing continuous performance optimization, capacity and cost management, intelligence remediation and integrated compliance across customer operations.

Advanced Metrics and Reporting Tools: Offering self-service capabilities across applications and infrastructure, allowing businesses to optimize, plan and scale their VMware Cloud.
"Flexibility has never been more essential to the modern-day enterprise," Mike Fuhrman, chief operating officer of Cloud and Managed Services, Flexential. "With the latest enhancements to our HPC Advanced Access solution, our team is providing customers with the tools and insights they need to be more agile in their workload placements, application operations and overall performance. As business needs shift, we continue to meet customers with the solutions that will drive efficiency no matter their operational location."

"Hybrid IT solutions continue to grow in popularity as enterprises increasingly turn to professionally managed data centers to deploy key elements of their infrastructure. By providing direct access to vCenter coupled with advanced analytics, Flexential's customers can now benefit from the best of both worlds. These advanced capabilities enable new levels of AI-powered visibility in a solution that already delivers maximum configuration flexibility to enterprises for managing their own applications, while providing peace of mind as their data is hosted and replicated securely in Flexential's hosted private cloud," 

Geoff Thompson, VP, VMware Cloud Provider Sales

BRIDGE Healthcare Partners is a managed service provider (MSP) that focuses on servicing the IT needs of clients in the highly regulated healthcare space and other non-profits throughout the US. As a result it needs a dependable, secure environment to ensure the availability and safety of its clients' applications and data—including electronic health records (EHR) and billing information. The company utilizes Flexential Private Cloud and Hosted Private Cloud - Advanced Access to protect its clients' Electronic Healthcare Records and enable seamless operations.

"Flexential is in complete alignment with our strategic plan—from its people and service to its growth perspectives," said Tracey Campbell, CEO of BRIDGE Healthcare Partners. "Our clients rely on us to deliver high-performing, reliable IT environments so their healthcare data and applications are secure and always available. Flexential is key in helping us deliver this essential service."

"Our clients look to us to simplify their IT infrastructure and provide the flexibility and agility to grow the business into the future. Flexential's Hosted Private Cloud – Advanced Access solution provides them with the control and visibility they need to be confident in deploying their most critical data in a hybrid environment," said John Simonton, VP and COO of PEAK Resources, Inc.

About Flexential
Flexential empowers the IT journey of the nation's most complex businesses by offering flexible and tailored hybrid IT solutions comprised of colocation, cloud, connectivity, data protection, managed, and professional services. The company builds on a platform of three million square feet of data center space in 19 highly connected markets, and on its 100GB private backbone to meet the most stringent challenges in security, compliance, and resiliency.


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Quest NetVault Plus 13.1 Accelerates Recovery Time, Reduces Data Loss and Enables Backup to Object Storage

Quest | October 07, 2022

Quest Software, a global systems management, data protection and security software provider, today announced enhancements to NetVault® Plus – a cloud-ready enterprise data protection solution that enables protection and recovery of all systems, applications and data across a complex IT environment. NetVault Plus 13.1 users can now gain instant restore of systems, applications and data, reduce the risk of data loss through continuous data protection and significantly lower backup storage costs using deduplicated storage, both on-premises and in the cloud. The shift from the traditional office to a more hybrid workplace has upped the ante when it comes to data protection and backup and recovery efforts. A recent trends report found that 67% of organizations now use cloud services as part of their data protection strategies, and 42% of IT leaders consider hybrid‑cloud workload protection the most important aspect of enterprise backup. In the same report, 20% of IT implementers say improving recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) will drive changing their backup solution in 2022. NetVault Plus 13.1 provides a new continuous data protection workflow. Featuring incremental forever backups and synthetic full creation at the storage layer. Users can also leverage the new workflow with VMware virtual machines and their Microsoft 365 data including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Teams, OneDrive and Azure Active Directory. This enhancement allows users to run backups more frequently to reduce the risk of data loss and damage and address demanding RPOs. This innovative protection technology also enables NetVault Plus 13.1 to offer instant restoration for VMware virtual environments. It allows users to either instantly recover a virtual machine back to production or simply boot for testing, from any incremental point directly from immutable deduplicated storage. This reduces costs by decreasing time to recovery and removing the need for special hardware appliances, non-deduplicated landing zones or staging areas. “As market demands and challenges grow, Quest’s award-winning NetVault Plus data protection solution continues to advance to help organizations meet demanding RTO and RPO parameters and attain their business continuity and disaster recovery goals, With its broad system, application, virtualization and cloud support, NetVault Plus 13.1 delivers a powerful yet easy to use data protection solution that is used globally to protect data centers, remote office and cloud resources.” Heath Thompson, President and GM, ISM at Quest NetVault Plus 13.1 adds: Continuous data protection and instant of VMware virtual machines. Continuous data protection for Microsoft Office 365 data to deduplicated immutable storage. Instant restore of VMware virtual machines direct from deduplicated, immutable storage. Backup direct to object storage provides simplified SaaS application protection leveraging native cloud storage. Immutable backup storage helps organizations protect business-critical systems, applications and data, reducing risks of successful ransomware or cyber-attack. Enterprise class data protection for hybrid, cloud environments ensuring business resilience through disaster recovery readiness. NetVault Plus 13.1 also provides the ability to backup directly to S3 compatible object storage in public cloud, private cloud and on-premises object storage arrays, allowing adoption of cloud workflows and simple storage mechanisms. About Quest Software Quest creates software solutions that make the benefits of new technology real in an increasingly complex IT landscape. Quest helps customers solve their next IT challenge, from maximizing the value of their data to Active Directory and Office 365 management, and cybersecurity resilience. Around the globe, more than 130,000 companies and 95% of the Fortune 500 count on Quest to become data empowered, deliver proactive management and monitoring for the next enterprise initiative, find the next solution for complex Microsoft challenges, and stay ahead of the next threat. Quest Software. Where next meets now.

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Castle Shield Holdings, LLC Updates the Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) Algorithms for Its Data-in-Motion Aeolus VPN Solution

Castle Shield Holdings, | October 14, 2022

Castle Shield Holdings, LLC., a leader in Zero Trust and cybersecurity solutions, today announced that its Aeolus VPN solution now supports additional post-quantum cryptography (PQC) algorithms selected by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Last year, prior to the conclusion of the third round of the NIST PQC Standardization, we announced the successful integration of the Saber algorithm into Aeolus VPN. Reference our October 11, 2021, press release. NIST has now selected two primary PQC algorithms for most use cases: CRYSTALS-KYBER and CRYSTALS-Dilithium. In addition, the signature schemes FALCON and SPHINCS+ were standardized as well. Kyber and Dilithium were both selected for their strong security and excellent performance, and NIST expects them to work well in most applications. Therefore, we have integrated Kyber (i.e., Kyber1024) and Dilithium (i.e., Dilithium5) algorithms into Aeolus VPN as well. Aeolus VPN protects data between two or more network points. It offers a streamlined approach to privacy which results in more stability and lower latency that is a perfect addition to enterprise data-in-motion security for both classic and post-quantum computing environments. Aeolus VPN offers point-to-point asymmetric PQC and symmetric encryption for UDP and TCP on Windows, Linux and macOS platforms. “At Castle Shield, we are encryption agnostic. As NIST selects new PQC standards, we will add them to our suite of solutions that further demonstrates the cryptographic agility of our products. Our primary focus is to seamlessly integrate the best encryption algorithms available with our solutions to protect our customer’s data for today and tomorrow,” Dr. Milton Mattox, Chief Technology Officer at Castle Shield, Holdings, LLC Aeolus VPN with PQC continues to be available today for testing, proofs of concept, and production installations. About Castle Shield Holdings, LLC Founded in 2019, Castle Shield offers a complete range of enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions that protects enterprises and consumers against all internal and external cyber threats. Our quantum-resistant solutions (Fides) stand strong as the last line of defense for enterprise and consumer data in the emerging quantum computing threat landscape. Legion, our Security Information Event Management or (SIEM) product portfolio and Fides work together to strengthen your overall data security. We monitor and address threat vectors through our scalable, multi-tenant SIEM platform, protecting enterprise systems and data in an efficient, cost-effective manner. In addition, we utilize an advanced compliance platform (Senate) and expert analysis with an in-depth understanding of dynamic compliance standards and industry best practices to highlight cyber risk factors. Our Senate system provides comprehensive ratings for third party vendors based on technical risk scores, compliance, and financial impact in the event of a breach. Our 360° proactive security solutions are what sets Castle Shield apart independent of your IT backbone whether cloud, hybrid or premise based.

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ExpressVPN launches industry's first hardware product, Aircove a Wi-Fi 6 router with built-in VPN protection

ExpressVPN | September 23, 2022

Leading consumer privacy and security company ExpressVPN today announces its first foray into hardware products with the launch of ExpressVPN Aircove. Aircove is the first and only Wi-Fi 6 router that comes with built-in VPN by default and a user interface tailored for those seeking to protect their families with a VPN. With Aircove, users can enjoy holistic home security easily, with VPN protection straight out of the box. "The average US home now has 25 devices connected to the home Wi-Fi network.[1] From laptops to smart TVs, things add up quickly and it becomes more difficult to keep track and know that every device is protected. That's why we built Aircove, to provide users with simple, flexible VPN-protected internet connection across every room, on every device, for every household member," Harold Li, vice president, ExpressVPN According to a recent study, 98% of all IoT device traffic is unencrypted, potentially allowing attackers to easily extract personal and confidential data.[2] With its easy setup, Aircove lets users protect and encrypt every device in their home within minutes. This includes smart TVs, voice assistants, and other IoT devices that aren't usually compatible with VPN software. Aircove was designed with user privacy and security as a top priority. For example, users can share their home Wi-Fi network with their visitors simply by scanning a QR code—no password sharing required. Aircove also has an auto update feature so that users always have the latest features and security enhancements to keep their network safe and secure. ExpressVPN also invited cybersecurity firm Cure53 to conduct a penetration test and source code audit of Aircove prior to the launch. The test was conducted in June and July 2022. Aircove uses Wi-Fi 6 for faster and more reliable wireless connectivity, which permits speeds up to 1,200 Mbps (600 Mbps for 2.4GHz and 1,200 Mbps for 5GHz). It covers homes up to 1,600 square feet and is available for sale in the U.S.A. on Amazon from today, at a special launch price of $169 (usual price $189). ExpressVPN has over a decade of experience protecting users all over the world, and five years of experience in making market-leading router firmware. Aircove allows ExpressVPN to deliver the following to its users: Better performance: ExpressVPN now has more control over the software-hardware compatibility and optimization, enabling them to deliver faster app updates for better speed, more reliable connections, and faster new feature rollouts. Better experience: ExpressVPN's unique router app is already the best in the market, and now it's even better. With Aircove, the VPN router experience is further simplified for users. This means no more router flashing—VPN protection comes straight out of the box. Better price: 1 in 3 of ExpressVPN's router app users spend at least US$250 on a VPN-compatible router. Aircove delivers an even better product and experience at a more accessible price point. "We are reinventing digital home protection with Aircove's plug-and-play simplicity. It delivers our award-winning software in an easy-to-use router device, and we're excited to provide users with another way to leverage the best of ExpressVPN for their entire home," Li said. Aircove is available now on Amazon at the special launch price of $169 for a limited time, while stock lasts (UP: $189.90).

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