Identity Orchestration Company, Strata Identity Joins Cloud Security Alliance

Strata Identity | January 04, 2023 | Read time : 01:59 min

Strata Identity, a company that provides identity orchestration services, has joined the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), a global organization focused on promoting best practices for secure cloud computing. Strata Identity will work with CSA members on projects related to the open source IDQL Standard and identity orchestration. The open source IDQL Standard and identity orchestration are two ways that Strata Identity is working to make cloud computing safer.

Strata Identity's platform allows incompatible cloud identity systems to work together, allowing customers to unify access policies and governance. The company is also a founding member of Hexa, an open source identity federation software, and the IDQL Standard for policy orchestration. Strata Identity wants to make cloud computing safe for its customers by helping them bring their access policies and governance together.

"Lack of interoperability between individual cloud identity platforms and their legacy on-premises brethren is holding back app modernization and cloud migration projects. We look forward to collaborating with the CSA’s extensive community of vendors, enterprises, and industry influencers to advance open standards for cloud identity orchestration."

Eric Olden, CEO of Strata Identity

Eric Olden, CEO of Strata Identity, said the company is looking forward to collaborating with the CSA to advance open standards for cloud identity orchestration. The CEO of the CSA, Jim Reavis, said that Strata Identity's expertise in multi-cloud identity orchestration will help CSA members deal with problems related to app modernization. Strata Identity is going to work with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) to help advance open standards for cloud identity orchestration.

About Strata Identity

Strata Identity has made a name for itself as the leader in identity orchestration for hybrid and multi-cloud environments with its innovative Maverics platform. This recipe-driven solution enables organizations to integrate and manage even the most incompatible identity systems while preserving a consistent user experience. By separating applications from identity, Maverics makes it possible to use modern authentication methods like password-less login and enforce consistent access policies without having to spend a lot of money refactoring source code.


As they deploy 5G, telecoms operators around the world are experimenting with cloud¬native core networks, which offer greater flexibility, scalability and automation than conventional telecoms networks. This paper explores how telecoms operators could go about implementing a cloud¬native 5G core network. Most early movers are taking one of two approaches to deploy a cloud¬native 5G core:


As they deploy 5G, telecoms operators around the world are experimenting with cloud¬native core networks, which offer greater flexibility, scalability and automation than conventional telecoms networks. This paper explores how telecoms operators could go about implementing a cloud¬native 5G core network. Most early movers are taking one of two approaches to deploy a cloud¬native 5G core:

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VIAVI Introduces Real-time Network Ecosystem Discovery on ServiceNow

VIAVI Solutions | February 28, 2023

On February 27, 2023, VIAVI Solutions Inc., a leading network monitoring, test and assurance solutions provider, announced the launch of NITRO Discovery, a solution designed for providing real-time discovery of virtual or physical network assets, on the ServiceNow Store. This high-scale, low-latency solution integration is a Certified Service Graph Connector into the ServiceNOW Telecommunications Network Inventory (TNI) Platform. The solution is based on VIAVI's acquisition of CanGo Networks in June 2022, which helps network operators maintain and develop accurate network inventory and topology. NITRO Discovery offers a way for network operators to manage and optimize network operations effectively, especially with the increasing challenge of maintaining visibility to all connected equipment as network elements become disaggregated. Accurate inventory and topology are essential in network intelligence as they serve as foundational elements so that AI/ML algorithms can work reliably and deliver dependable automated solutions. NITRO Discovery integrates an auto-discovery and reconciliation framework with ServiceNow CMDB Telco CI Classes to update network inventory in near real-time. It is based on a multi-domain, multi-vendor and multi-technology inventory management system, which includes information on logical, physical and network resources. The solution provides real-time data collection and reporting at scale. NITRO Discovery will be showcased at ServiceNow Stand #GG4 during MWC Barcelona from February 27 to March 2. About VIAVI Solutions VIAVI is a leading supplier of monitoring, network testing and assurance solutions to communications service providers, equipment manufacturers, hyperscalers, enterprises, avionics and government agencies. It is at the forefront of light management technologies for a variety of applications, including 3D sensing, consumer electronics, anti-counterfeiting, government, industrial, automotive and aerospace. The company's technologies are utilized by a broad range of clients, ranging from the world's largest mobile operators and governmental entities to enterprise network and application providers to contractors responsible for laying fiber and constructing towers to keep the world connected.

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Sycomp, Fueled by IBM, Offers Storage on Google Cloud Marketplace

Sycomp | March 14, 2023

On March 13, 2023, Sycomp, an innovative IT solutions provider, announced its latest product offering, enabling simultaneous data access in collaboration with Google Marketplace. The new offering, Sycomp Storage, powered by IBM Spectrum Scale, is a cutting-edge software solution that provides fast and easy access to information stored on multiple virtual machines simultaneously. Dean Hildebrand, Technical Director, Office of the CTO at Google, remarked, "HPC and AI customers demand the best price and performance out of Google Cloud. The new Sycomp storage offering in our Marketplace provides a differentiated and fully supported high-performance storage offering." He further added, "Sycomp Storage Fueled by IBM Spectrum Scale provides a performant parallel file system that can dynamically access data in Google Cloud Storage and then deliver up to 320 GB/s of low latency read capability." (Source – CISION PR Newswire) It is a high-performance parallel file system that enables data to be shared across multiple servers, enabling fast and efficient data access, management, and analysis. With Sycomp Storage, users can take advantage of accessing data stored on multiple virtual machines simultaneously, providing a significant boost to productivity and efficiency. Sycomp Storage is poised to become a leading solution for businesses looking to optimize their data storage and management capabilities. Powered by IBM Spectrum Scale, Sycomp Storage offers the following features and benefits: Auto-Tiering Technology: Delivers speed and reliability by automatically managing storage tiers to maximize performance and save costs Deploy in Minutes: Sycomp Storage Powered by IBM Spectrum Scale can be deployed in a matter of minutes through the Google Marketplace, and once it's up and running, direct access to your data through file sharing protocols, including NFS and SMB, as well as the native IBM Spectrum Scale client is achieved Maximize Performance: Depending on the VM and disc SKU combination, up to 320 GB/S (NFS) is feasible. Optimized cost and performance by fine-tuning to the desired disc SKUs and virtual machine About Sycomp Sycomp, founded in 1994, is a Google Cloud Partner that offers and delivers enterprise information technology solutions to businesses worldwide. Data centers, high-performance computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, networking, cloud, and security are some of the products and services it provides. Sycomp can deliver, architect, support, and integrate reliable IT systems globally. It has simplified the challenging global commerce paradigm, making it easier for organizations to engage in international business opportunities, satisfy their growing IT requirements, and succeed abroad.

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Aryaka's Expanded SD-WAN and SASE Offerings Bring Simplicity and Affordability to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

prnewswire | March 24, 2023

Aryaka®, the leader in Unified SASE solutions, today announced enhanced SD-WAN and SASE offerings specifically designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With entry pricing of under $150/site, Aryaka delivers a more comprehensive set of managed service capabilities compared to alternatives including application optimization, network security, multi-cloud connectivity, and cloud-based observability and control, all supported by lifecycle services management. Aryaka's world-class managed service experience - trusted by large enterprises and Fortune 100 companies worldwide for over a decade – is now tailored to SMEs, so they no longer must choose between affordability, performance, and ease of use when adopting SD-WAN and SASE solutions. SMEs face several challenges when it comes to networking and security, including limited budgets, a lack of skilled IT resources, and a need for operational simplicity. Based on its global private backbone, Aryaka's solutions offer an industry-unique approach to networking and security that is cost-effective, resilient, and easy to manage, helping SMEs as they increasingly adopt managed services. Aryaka combines its in-house technology with a global managed service, eliminating the vendor-provider finger-pointing that can negatively impact business outcomes. "As a customer-centric business, Aryaka both understands the specific networking and security challenges that enterprises of all sizes face and actively takes steps to deliver products and services that address those challenges," said Dennis Monner, Chief Commercial Officer of Aryaka. "No matter if 10 or 10,000 users depend on Microsoft 365, Salesforce, or access workloads in a cloud to be productive and protected from security threats, one bad experience is one too many, and SMEs deserve a first-class service experience equal to large enterprises and multi-national companies while meeting their budgetary needs. Our revamped offerings bring our highly regarded agile deployment at an affordable price point to SMEs." As a channel-led company, Aryaka empowers its partner community with its award-winning Aryaka Accelerate Partner Program. "Our tailored offerings provide a great revenue opportunity for our valued partners to expand into more markets and verticals", according to Craig Patterson, Aryaka SVP of Global Channel Sales. "We value the true revenue partnership we have and look forward to helping our partners to win the trust and business of SMEs globally with our revamped SD-WAN and SASE solutions. We strongly believe this is a win-win-win for SMEs, channel partners, and us." The announcement comes on the heels of Aryaka's recent investment in its Hyperscale Point-of-Presence (PoP) footprint, the deployment of its innovative AppAssure solution across all current and new PoPs, and the enhancement of its Last Mile Services offering by supporting cellular connectivity worldwide. About Aryaka Aryaka is the leader in fully managed SD-WAN and Unified SASE solutions and the first to deliver a Zero Trust WAN based on a Unified SASE architecture. A Gartner "Voice of the Customer" leader, Aryaka meets customers where they are to help them overcome their network and security challenges with ease and an excellent customer experience. Aryaka's flexible architecture and all-in-one service are designed to modernize enterprises of any size, enabling them to defy convention and future-proof their businesses. The company's customer base is comprised of hundreds of global enterprises, including several in the Fortune 100.

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