InfoSec Global Collaborates with KAON Broadband and Sentinel Holding AG to Provide Telecom Operators with a Secure VPN Solution

InfoSec Global | April 16, 2021

InfoSec Global, the pioneer and industry leader in Cryptographic Agility Management solutions, has partnered with leading telecom equipment and service providers to make its AgileSec VPN capabilities accessible to customers and the global market through telecom operators.

Infosec Global, KAON Broadband, and Sentinel Holding AG have agile cryptographic VPN services on the telecom-grade QUANTUM Universal Platform, which is built on Open Source and industry standards. Sentinel Holding AG provides value-added facilities management software in the Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE) space, while KAON Broadband provides network technologies and services globally.

The joint offering provides trusted connectivity to users at work, at home, and on the go, regardless of the device, they are using. It enables telecom operators to use existing hardware to have a one-of-a-kind network encryption VPN solution on their CPE gateways, saving customers from having to purchase a separate protected VPN product.

Integrating the AgileSec VPN into the QUANTUM network allows for reliable communication and content sharing in only a few steps. The AgileSec VPN framework, which is part of InfoSec Global's Cryptographic Agility Management solution offering, resolves identified issues.

About KAON Broadband Co. Ltd

KAON Broadband is a global provider of broadband network technologies and services. Kaon's offerings include stand-alone managed Wi-Fi Access Point Routers, Wi-Fi Mesh Extenders, and Gateway devices that integrate Mesh-compatible Wi-Fi with DOCSIS, PON, and DSL access network technology and the QUANTUM solution. Kaon believes that enabling an onboard APP ecosystem is an important component of the changing business climate for Home Connectivity.

About Sentinel Holding AG

Sentinel Holding AG is dedicated to the development and promotion of Open Source platform standardization and value-added services ecosystem management solutions in the CPE space. They can scale these technologies for Tier 1 Telecom gateways, routers, and set-top box systems because of their close relationships with innovative security and embedded services companies.


Imagine you run a moving and storage business. Your moving business booms every spring and summer. How can you strike the right balance with IT—allocate resources to seasonal applications—and still reduce costs while supporting these applications? Convenient and scalable, but subject to performance issues, service disruptions, and unknown security practices. On-premises virtualization lets you allocate resources to applications as needed, so you can run multiple applications on a single server. Evolving to a hybrid cloud model gives you the flexibility to expand into the cloud for more capacity and business continuity.


Imagine you run a moving and storage business. Your moving business booms every spring and summer. How can you strike the right balance with IT—allocate resources to seasonal applications—and still reduce costs while supporting these applications? Convenient and scalable, but subject to performance issues, service disruptions, and unknown security practices. On-premises virtualization lets you allocate resources to applications as needed, so you can run multiple applications on a single server. Evolving to a hybrid cloud model gives you the flexibility to expand into the cloud for more capacity and business continuity.

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Nerdio Launches Revamped MSP Partner Program

Nerdio | July 08, 2022

Nerdio, the premier solution for organizations of all sizes looking to deploy virtual desktops in Microsoft Azure, today announced significant changes, including new tier structures and benefits, to its Partnerd partner program to best support managed service providers (MSPs) and other IT organizations serving the SMB channel. “We are investing heavily to make transitioning to Microsoft Azure the obvious choice for MSPs and their clients, With the advancements Microsoft is making around cloud technologies and programs, it is an invigorating time to be part of the Microsoft ecosystem. We believe the new Partnerd program provides unparalleled benefits that are not available anywhere else in the channel. It will propel a whole new class of MSPs to grow alongside Azure and Microsoft and achieve success as a cloud partner.” Joseph Landes, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder, Nerdio Partnerd program tiers are calculated based on a partner’s level of investment with Nerdio, with the benefits, product discounts, marketing development funds (MDF), and event experiences offered increasing as partners move up in tier. Tiers available include Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum and partners sign up for a specific tier. As part of the new Partnerd program, enrolled MSP partners will receive: Discounts on Nerdio Manager for MSP licenses associated with each tier, ranging from 25%-75%. Dedicated Partner Success Managers to coordinate Azure Business Reviews, suggest Azure cost-optimization methods, and assist with quoting and sales. Go-Live Engineer support for Nerdio deployments and world-class support. New Partnerd Advantage advanced engineering support service at an extra monthly cost. Exclusive access to calls with Microsoft executives. Sales kickstart and accelerator packages which include travel vouchers for Nerdio events, and exclusive early access to event registration. Event marketing development funds (MDF). Expanded NerdioCon access with exclusive discounts for all Partnerds and VIP packages for Gold and Platinum tiers. “We have been providing innovative virtual desktop cloud solutions for nearly 20 years and believe Nerdio is unrivaled when it comes to providing MSPs the resources necessary to create and manage compelling and competitive Azure offerings,” said Paul O’Brien, CTO and Founder, Lucidity, a New Zealand-based MSP. “The changes to the Partnerd program reflect not only Nerdio's continued strong commitment to the partner community they’ve carefully cultivated, but also their savvy grasp of what partners must do to set themselves up for success with Microsoft’s partner program.” Partners can buy into a tier above their qualified tier by meeting the required spend limit to increase the amount of internal use licenses, license discounts, Go-Live Engineer deployments, and certifications. This allows partners to boost their investment with Nerdio to achieve greater ROI, sooner, while they are building and scaling their Azure practice. About Nerdio Nerdio empowers Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and enterprises to build successful cloud practices in Microsoft Azure with Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365. Nerdio Manager for Enterprise is a packaged Azure application that runs in users’ own tenant without compromising security and compliance by allowing third-party vendors access into the IT environment. Nerdio Manager for MSP empowers MSPs to deploy, manage, and optimize virtual desktop environments in Microsoft Azure through easy multi-tenant management.

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GoodAccess Partners with phoenixNAP, a Global IT Services Provider

GoodAccess | July 27, 2022

GoodAccess, the company reinventing secure cloud access for small and medium businesses, today announced its partnership with phoenixNAP®, a global IT services provider offering security-focused cloud infrastructure, dedicated servers, colocation, and specialized Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technology solutions. Built to provide an encrypted connection between users and business systems, GoodAccess Cloud VPN improves network security and helps address increased cyber risks in work-from-home environments. By securing employees' access to a company's network, GoodAccess Cloud VPN helps protect business data and applications from intrusion or breach. The solution makes it impossible for malicious actors to detect business systems, helping organizations enable zero-trust network access and ensure advanced protection of their networks. As a phoenixNAP recommended Cloud VPN option, GoodAccess can be easily deployed on top of Bare Metal Cloud and other phoenixNAP's infrastructure solutions. Providing robust network protection through an intuitive interface, GoodAccess adds a critical security layer to a corporate infrastructure. "Enabling secure network access for employees is vital to maintaining a safe and healthy IT environment, In an effort to provide businesses with advanced security tools and solutions, we collaborated with GoodAccess to offer organizations an easy way to deploy Cloud VPN for network protection. This is particularly important for organizations with remote work policies as it enables their employees to securely access corporate data and systems regardless of where they are located. We are excited to work with GoodAccess and offer its advanced solutions to organizations leveraging phoenixNAP's infrastructure." Ron Cadwell, CEO of phoenixNAP "Our collaboration with phoenixNAP enables businesses to easily deploy advanced infrastructure and network security technologies to address emerging security concerns," said Artur Kane, VP of product, GoodAccess. "GoodAccess Cloud VPN helps organizations protect both their assets and their employees by ensuring zero-trust remote access to corporate data. In our effort to deliver secure and compliance-ready solutions at a flexible and affordable model, we are aligned with phoenixNAP and we are looking forward to helping businesses take their security to a new level." Through its diverse infrastructure-as-a-service portfolio, phoenixNAP enables organizations to build stable and secure IT environments at an opex-based model. They can leverage a wide variety of security and availability solutions to ensure advanced data protection, business continuity, and compliance-readiness. phoenixNAP's solutions are available from strategic locations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific, providing global reach and consistent connectivity worldwide. As one of phoenixNAP's most agile infrastructure solutions, Bare Metal Cloud enables organizations to automatically deploy dedicated servers and manage them easily through API or IaC tools. Its flexible hourly and monthly billing models make it possible for organizations to optimize their budget and easily scale resources as their demands grow. GoodAccess Cloud VPN can be easily added to Bare Metal Cloud as a network protection option to ensure advanced environment security. About GoodAccess GoodAccess is the global company dedicated to simplifying "anytime, anywhere" secure connectivity and access for small and medium businesses around the world, beginning with its free GoodAccess Starter product for unlimited usage for up to 100 employees. For companies with the need for static IP addresses, Zero Trust access and other requirements, GoodAccess provides a competitively priced platform that maintains simplicity and ease of use. GoodAccess products are designed for set-up within 10 minutes and the flexibility to meet varying conditions. About phoenixNAP phoenixNAP® is a global IT services provider with a focus on cyber security and compliance-readiness, whose progressive Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions are delivered from strategic edge locations worldwide. Its cloud, dedicated servers, hardware leasing, and colocation options are built to meet always evolving IT business requirements. Providing comprehensive disaster recovery solutions, a DDoS-protected global network, and hybrid IT deployments with software and hardware-based security, phoenixNAP fully supports its clients' business continuity planning.

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VMware Enhances Its Unique Lateral Security for Multi-Cloud

VMware | June 03, 2022

VMware Inc. announced today substantial updates to its unique lateral security capabilities to assist clients in achieving robust security for both contemporary and old applications across multi-cloud environments. Contexa, VMware's full-fidelity threat intelligence tool that watches the entirety of VMware's network, endpoint, and client technologies, was launched ahead of the RSA Conference 2022. VMware is enhancing its security and management offering by combining standard security analytics with augmented threat information via Contexa. “Threat actors are increasingly deploying sophisticated infiltration tactics, including the use of stolen credentials in order to exploit vulnerabilities and hide in the noise of normalcy. In a world where the stakes in security continue to rise, lateral security has become the new battleground. Combining VMware Contexa with our architectural advantage, VMware exclusively sees every process running in an endpoint, every packet crossing the network, every access point, and the inner workings of both traditional and modern apps to identify and stop threats others can’t.” Tom Gillis, senior vice president and general manager, Networking and Advanced Security Business Group, VMware Attackers have nowhere to hide thanks to VMware Contexa. VMware Contexa is a threat intelligence cloud that detects what other solutions don't and prevents what other solutions can't. Contexa sees and understands the internal workings of both contemporary and classic applications every step of the way—from user to device, to network, to run time, to data—due to its privileged position in the infrastructure. Every day, VMware Contexa captures and analyzes approximately 1.5 trillion endpoint eventsi and 10 billion network flowsii, as well as carefully selected threat intelligence data obtained via technology partnerships. This rich information is evaluated further utilizing machine learning and the expertise of over 500 researchers from VMware's Threat Analysis Unit and incident response partners. Contexa now detects over 2.2 billion suspicious behaviors each dayiii, providing zero touch detection and automatic, graded reaction for more than 80% of these occurrences. Contexa, which is included into every VMware security solution, will be free to all new and current clients. The business that pioneered virtualization is now protecting virtual machines like no other—and innovating in contemporary application security.

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