MetTel and VMware to Deliver Cloud-Based Security, Networking and Compute Services at the Edge

VMware | March 02, 2022

MetTel, a digital transformation and communications leader, and VMware, a leading innovator in enterprise software, announced MetTel will offer customers a managed secure access service edge (SASE) solution powered by VMware SASE. The solution will enable IT organizations to efficiently deliver cloud-based security, networking and edge compute services to applications running at the edge.

Supporting modern enterprise applications requires a new way of thinking about how they are delivered and secured. What worked for apps running on a private or public cloud won’t work out at the edge. Pairing VMware SASE’s capabilities with MetTel’s extensive expertise in fully managed network services will give organizations a solution built for the future, with security, speed, simplicity and savings in mind.”

Craig Connors, vice president and general manager of VMware’s SASE business

“MetTel is excited to expand our relationship with VMware to bring the next evolution of networking and security as a service to our client base,” said MetTel CTO Ed Fox. “Together, we have been successful in delivering the next generation of WAN services to our customers over the past several years. Now we are working together to extend those services to the expanding edge and to individual users wherever they work, providing our largest clients the ability to transform the way they work and engage with their customers.”

IT technicians are increasingly seeking to implement operationally efficient solutions that provide workers in the branch, home and remote locations with more secure, reliable, consistent access to applications and services. The solution MetTel will now offer, VMware Secure Access Service Edge, provides an integrated architecture, simplifying the process of managing security, networking and edge compute services.

VMware’s comprehensive cloud-delivered SASE solution brings together:

  • Network performance, reliability, and operational benefits of SD-WAN
  • Integrated security services delivered from the cloud that better protect the evolving enterprise perimeter
  • The ability to support modern distributed applications, all of which will benefit from artificial intelligence for IT operations, or AIOps, for faster problem resolution
  • These capabilities are delivered as a service from a global network of over 150 points of presence (PoPs) deployed by VMware and its SASE service provider partners.

Adding VMware SASE to MetTel’s portfolio of managed network services will enable:

  • A cloud native, single integrated architecture for security, networking and edge compute services
  • Defined and managed business policies via a single interface
  • Full visibility and advanced analytics and intelligence on application performance from the client to the cloud destination
  • Industry leading, fully managed SASE solution and world-class customer experience

As a SASE leader, VMware deploys and supports a large global footprint of PoPs that deliver effortlessly scalable cloud-based networking and security services. MetTel, a long-standing VMware partner, has been named a two-time Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for Managed Network Services and brings a large portfolio of industry-leading managed services for advanced networking and voice capabilities that connect and scale enterprise business applications.

MetTel fully manages VMware partner-managed web gateways and operates its own global network with data center resources in: Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Mexico City, London, Madrid, Mumbai, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney, with further expansion expected in 2022. This build out is in addition to MetTel's network of physical and virtual data centers around the US including Ashburn, VA; Atlanta, GA; Denver, CO; Dallas, TX; Santa Clara and San Jose, CA; Seattle, WA; New York City and Chicago, IL.

VMware and MetTel will work to harness their respective IT resources and Gartner Magic Quadrant leading capabilities to amplify the power and reach of both companies’ networks and technologies worldwide.

About MetTel
MetTel is a leader in communications and digital transformation (DX) solutions for enterprise and government customers. By converging all communications over a proprietary network, MetTel gives enterprises one, unified view and control point for all their communications and advanced network services. MetTel’s comprehensive portfolio of customer solutions can boost enterprise productivity, reduce costs, and simplify operations. Combining customized and managed communication solutions with a powerful platform of cloud-based software, the company’s MetTel Portal enables customers to manage their inventory, usage, spend and repairs from one simple, user-friendly interface.

About VMware
VMware is a leading provider of multi-cloud services for all apps, enabling digital innovation with enterprise control. As a trusted foundation to accelerate innovation, VMware software gives businesses the flexibility and choice they need to build the future. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, VMware is committed to building a better future through the company’s 2030 Agenda.


Introduction to Virtualisation with VMware. We take a quick introduction to the modules in this training series.


Introduction to Virtualisation with VMware. We take a quick introduction to the modules in this training series.

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Napatech accelerates infrastructure services processing for data center applications

Napatech | July 06, 2022

Napatech™ the leading provider of programmable Smart Network Interface Cards (SmartNICs) used for Data Processing Unit (DPU) and Infrastructure Processing Unit (IPU) services in telecom, cloud, enterprise, cybersecurity and financial applications worldwide, today announced a set of new SmartNIC capabilities that enable standard, unmodified applications in edge and core data centers to benefit from offloaded and accelerated compute and networking functions. As enterprises, communications service providers and cloud data center operators deploy virtualized applications and services in edge and core data centers, they increasingly leverage workload-specific coprocessors to offload functions such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), storage, networking and infrastructure services from general-purpose server CPUs. This architectural approach not only maximizes the availability of server compute resources for running applications and services but also improves system-level performance and energy efficiency by running the offloaded workloads on devices optimized for those specific tasks such as programmable SmartNICs, also known as Data Processing Units (DPUs) or Infrastructure Processing Units (IPUs). Thanks to this offload trend as well as an acceleration in global data center deployments, programmable SmartNICs represent the fastest-growing segment of the NIC market, with a Total Available Market (TAM) forecasted to reach $3.8B/year by 2026 according to Omdia. To maximize the portability of their software and to accelerate their time-to-market, developers of cloud applications and services incorporate industry-standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and drivers within their software. Data center operators therefore need to be able to select offload solutions that are compatible with the relevant standards, to avoid having to create custom, vendor-specific versions of their software. The latest upgrade to Napatech's Link-Virtualization™ software, release 4.4, addresses this challenge by incorporating networking and virtual switching features that implement full support for the relevant open standards, while delivering best-in-class performance and functionality. Specifically, Link-Virtualization now supports a fully hardware-offloaded implementation of the Virtio 1.1 Input/Output (I/O) virtualization framework for Linux, including the standard kernel NIC interface, which means that guest Virtual Machines (VMs) do not require a custom or proprietary driver. Link-Virtualization also supports the open-standard Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) fast-path running in guest VMs to maximize the performance of functions such as Open Virtual Switch (OVS). Link-Virtualization is also fully compatible with OpenStack, allowing a seamless integration into cloud data center environments worldwide. Other new features incorporated in Link-Virtualization include IPv6 VxLAN tunneling, RPM-based setup for OpenStack Packstack, configurable Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU), live migration on packed ring, port-based Quality of Service (QoS) egress policing and more. The software is available on Napatech's portfolio of SmartNICs, powered by AMD (Xilinx) and Intel FPGAs, that span 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps, 25 Gbps, 40 Gbps, 50 Gbps and 100 Gbps port speeds. As one example of the industry-leading performance delivered by Link-Virtualization, the complete offload of the OVS data path onto the SmartNIC means that only a single host CPU core is required to run the OVS control plane while delivering industry-leading throughput of 55 million packets per second for Port-to-VM-to-Port (PVP) traffic and 130 million packets per second for Port-to-Port (PTP) traffic. Reclaiming host CPU cores previously required to run OVS and making them available to run applications and services leads to a significant reduction in the number of servers required to support a given workload or user base. This in turn drives significant reductions in overall data center CAPEX and OPEX. It also results in lower system-level power consumption and improved energy efficiency for the edge or cloud data center. To aid in the estimation of cost and energy savings for specific use cases, Napatech provides an online ROI calculator, which data center operators can use to analyze their projected savings. "Napatech's Link-Virtualization software enables data center operators to optimize the performance of their networking infrastructure in a completely standards-compatible environment, which maximizes their flexibility in selecting applications, Besides full support for standard APIs, the solution also incorporates critical operational features such as Receive Side Scaling (RSS) for efficiently distributing network traffic to multiple VMs and Virtual Data Path Acceleration (vDPA), which enables the live migration of running workloads to and from any host, whether or not a SmartNIC is present." Napatech CMO Jarrod J.S. Siket About Napatech Napatech is the leading supplier of programmable FPGA-based SmartNIC solutions used in telecom, cloud, enterprise, cybersecurity and financial applications worldwide. Through commercial-grade software suites integrated with robust, high-performance hardware, Napatech accelerates telecom, networking and security workloads to deliver best-in-class system-level performance while maximizing the availability of server compute resources for running applications and services.

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McAfee and Telstra Partner to Bring Privacy, Identity and Security Solutions to Customers Across Australia

McAfee | July 12, 2022

McAfee Corp., a global leader in online protection, announced a multi-year partnership with Telstra, Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company, to deliver comprehensive protection to safeguard the privacy and identity of consumers across activities, devices, and locations. The partnership will grant new and existing Telstra customers easy access to McAfee’s leading security solutions to deliver holistic security and privacy protection through its integrated suite of services including Antivirus, Parental Controls, Identity Protection, Secure VPN and more, to protect and secure multiple devices including mobiles, PCs and laptops. “A recent McAfee study found 27% of Australians surveyed reported attempted account theft and 23% had experienced financial account information leaks,” said Pedro Gutierrez, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Operations at McAfee. “As the proliferation of life online accelerates, we are thrilled to be partnering with Telstra who are showing through this collaboration, a commitment to innovation and to their customers by investing in new infrastructure and technologies that safeguard their mobile and broadband subscribers.” McAfee’s integrated consumer security platform offers a wide array of mobile security solutions to protect customers’ privacy and identity while blocking viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware attacks. This partnership allows Telstra’s customers to take advantage of these capabilities and protect themselves from additional threats including potential hacks, identity theft and broader gaps in online and mobile security so they can live life confidently online. “In today’s increasingly connected world the risk of cyber threats continues to grow. To counter the risk, Telstra is committed to providing our customers with the safety and security features needed to protect them online,” said Matthew O’Brien, Cyber Security Executive and Group Owner at Telstra. “This partnership with McAfee helps drive our mission to build a safe and secure connected future where everyone can thrive, and further complements Telstra’s T25 ambition to extend our network leadership position by delivering greater value to our customers.” To activate Device Security, Telstra customers can simply go in-store, online or to their MyTelstra app. The full suite of McAfee features supported include Antivirus/System Scan, Safe Browsing, Protection Center, Identity Protection, Password Manager, Parental Controls, Protection Score and Secure VPN. All eligible Telstra customers can try Device Security for three months on Telstra, then auto-roll onto $10/month after. About McAfee McAfee Corp. is a global leader in online protection. Focused on protecting people, not just devices, McAfee’s solutions adapt to users’ needs in an always online world, empowering them to live securely through integrated, intuitive solutions that protect their families and communities with the right security at the right moment.

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Datarewind, Enhances Hybrid Office Productivity with HPE Cloud-Native Storage and Enhanced Compute Capabilities

Hewlett Packard Enterprise | June 20, 2022

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced that Datarewind, a Swedish IT service provider, has selected HPE Alletra cloud-native data infrastructure and high-performing, versatile HPE ProLiant servers to host virtual machines on behalf of its clients. The new compute, and data services solution enables Datarewind to provide its clients with improved performance and faster access to the work environment, addressing the hybrid office demands of today and creating a solid platform for readily adapting to future needs. Datarewind provides its services to clients in Sweden, enabling users to use VDI systems during business hours and automate backups at night. Demand for VDI solutions rose as a result of the pandemic. HPE Alletra was chosen to address this demand because of its performance and scalability, as well as HPE's track record as a provider to Datarewind. With Datarewind safeguarding client data via backups, speed and adaptability were of the highest significance when selecting a solution. With storage performance high enough to be restricted by network bandwidth rather than storage throughput, the expansion of the storage pool was considered when the contract was signed. HPE Sweden is likewise excited to help Datarewind better serve its customers. The new HPE Alletra platform will enable Datarewind to satisfy customer SLAs and host a record number of concurrent users. It also alleviates VDI performance concerns and reduces downtime. HPE Alletra is the edge-to-cloud data infrastructure that is native to the cloud. It includes a portfolio of workload-optimized systems that provide the architectural freedom to execute any application without restriction. "The HPE Alletra solution has enabled Datarewind to develop its new cloud offering and position itself better on the service provider market, with superior performance, high availability and scalability. The HPE Alletra 6000 cloud native storage technology allows them to create a strong and attractive as-a-service offering for their clients." Toni Drk, Channel and Service Provider Sales Manager, HPE Sweden

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