Peeka VR partners with T-Mobile to offer over 10K employee families access to educational virtual reality experiences

Peeka VR | March 04, 2022

Peeka, the mobile platform where children's books come to life in virtual reality, is partnering with T-Mobile to provide over 10,000 T-Mobile families with access to Peeka's library of immersive VR storybooks, as part of an employee engagement program called Magenta Kids.

Every family in T-Mobile's Magenta Kids program can claim a Peeka x T-Mobile kit for each child in their home, including a special Peeka x T-Mobile cardboard VR headset and a code redeemable for 150 tokens to spend on the Peeka mobile app, used to rent or buy access to Peeka's immersive story experiences.

Additionally, Peeka is excited for the possibilities to create new educational VR content with T-Mobile, tailored to inspire curiosity.

Why are we doing this?
This partnership comes at a time when student learning and technology has never been more intertwined. In a recent Project Tomorrow research survey, 75% of parents and 71% of teachers expressed that effective use of technology is crucial for the future success of students in a post-pandemic world.

The innovative work Peeka is doing is game changing for young learners, and we're excited to support this work with T-Mobile's supercharged 5G network.

What are people saying?

We're excited to share Peeka with T-Mobile's Magenta Kids families, who will be able to immerse the whole family in virtual reality storybooks, and in the process, help engage and motivate young readers with more imagination, immersion, and interactivity."

Michael Wong, Peeka CEO

"T-Mobile is excited to bring Peeka's innovative technology to our Magenta Kids families through this partnership," said Amanda Todd, Sr. Director, Advanced and Emerging Technologies at T-Mobile."When I discovered Peeka and what they are doing to motivate children's love of reading, I knew it would be a great fit for Magenta Kids."

About Peeka
Peeka's mission is to help kids explore new ways to love learning and reading using virtual reality. Founded in 2016 in Seattle, WA, Peeka is a partner to many Seattle-area institutions and a collaborator with Idaho Commission for Libraries and educators across South Carolina. A majority of their content deals with important topics including diversity, empathy, mindfulness, gender, and more.


The move to virtualization is changing the way companies architect their data protection infrastructure .traditional backup solutions cause resource contention on the virtual infrastructure ,such as network, memory, disk etc and do not scale.


The move to virtualization is changing the way companies architect their data protection infrastructure .traditional backup solutions cause resource contention on the virtual infrastructure ,such as network, memory, disk etc and do not scale.

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