QCT Collaborates with DZS to Create Blueprints for the Deployment of 5G Network Services

QCT | July 23, 2021

Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), a global provider of data center solutions, and DZS Inc., a global leader in optical and packet-based mobile transport, broadband connectivity, and software-defined networking solutions for service providers and enterprises, announced today a strategic partnership to accelerate virtualization and containerized Open RAN-based infrastructures for telcos.

This collaboration between DZS and QCT uses DZS's expertise in mobile transport, telco edge, and converged network, QCT's server, and NFV infrastructure integration capabilities to meet carrier and operator business opportunities in 5G, edge cloud, and network virtualization.

This collaboration will create solution blueprints with validated configurations of QCT systems, DZS Cloud software, and other hardware and software components to expedite the automated deployment and orchestration of 5G networks. The collaborative Converged Edge Cloud Blueprints are designed for 5G and FlexRAN-based network edge deployments, with 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors and support for complementary network accelerators and offload functionalities.

A combined DZS and QCT solution demonstration may be viewed at the Big 5G Event in Denver, CO, where both DZS and QCT will have booths and speak during the conference.

About Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT)
Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) is a global data center solution provider that solves next-generation data center design and operational challenges by combining the efficiency of hyperscale hardware with infrastructure software from various industry leaders. QCT works with cloud service providers, telecommunications companies, and businesses that use public, hybrid, and private clouds.

Hyperconverged and software-defined data center solutions and servers, storage, switches, and integrated racks are available through an ecosystem of hardware and software partners. QCT designs, manufacture, integrate and services its products via its global network. Quanta Computer, Inc., a Fortune Global 500 company, is QCT's parent company.

About DZS
DZS Inc. is a global leader in optical and packet-based mobile transport solutions, broadband access, and software-defined networking. DZS is assisting many of the world's most advanced and innovative service providers and enterprises in taking advantage of 5G, 10gig fixed broadband, and software-defined networks to deliver cutting-edge services and lead in their markets, with over 20 million products in service and customers and alliance partners spanning more than 100 countries.


Quality Bicycle Products is the largest distributor of bicycle parts and accessories in North America. Already committed to modernizing its development stack in the cloud, Quality Bicycle Products faced the impending closure of its on-premises data center by accelerating its move to the cloud, completing the migration to VMware Cloud on AWS in just three months.


Quality Bicycle Products is the largest distributor of bicycle parts and accessories in North America. Already committed to modernizing its development stack in the cloud, Quality Bicycle Products faced the impending closure of its on-premises data center by accelerating its move to the cloud, completing the migration to VMware Cloud on AWS in just three months.

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Liquidware's ProfileUnity v6.8.5 Enables Centralized Windows Management

Liquidware | February 22, 2023

On February 21, 2023, Liquidware has released ProfileUnity v6.8.5. It has features for managing Windows apps and user environments from one place. With this version, you can use its management console to deploy and assign a lot of new Windows apps. The traditional FlexApp from Liquidware, MSIX, MSIX App Attach, Microsoft App-V, and VMware ThinApp are all among these apps. Administrators can also hide certain apps from certain users and make them available only to certain users based on filters that know about the user's context. ProfileUnity v6.8.5 also gives users a secure access framework that works with single sign-on (SSO), federation, and smart cards. Steve Greenberg, President and Principal Architect of Thin Client Computing, a leading Liquidware partner, said, "This latest release of ProfileUnity brings with it significant benefits for our customers that work with Thin Client Computing for their digital workspaces." He also said, "Further centralization of user management and apps within the ProfileUnity console frees up admins' time to be proactive rather than reactive." He says with confidence, "When combined with Liquidware's FlexApp and Stratusphere UX solutions, they give Windows enterprises a complete digital workspace management suite." (Source - PR Newswire) The release also comes with two new feature modules for managing "MSIX" and "Microsoft App-V." Also, administrators can use ProfileUnity's Universal Folder Redirection and Universal Registry Redirection features to move users' customized settings back into their profiles so that they can follow them wherever they go. About Liquidware Liquidware is the market leader in Windows Digital Workspace Management solutions. The company's products cover all aspects of management to ensure the best user experience possible across all workspaces, whether physical, virtual, DaaS, or cloud. Enterprises all over the world use Liquidware solutions to dramatically reduce the time spent managing workspaces while increasing security, flexibility, and scalability. Microsoft physical, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), and Cloud PC desktops, Citrix, VMware, Amazon WorkSpaces, and Nutanix Frame are among the platforms supported.

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Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway Earns FedRAMP authorization

Skyhigh Security | February 15, 2023

On February 14, 2023, Skyhigh Security, a leading cloud-native security solutions provider, announced that Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway (SWG) for cloud has been granted Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Moderate Authorization. Cloud technologies are increasingly being adopted by government contractors and federal government agencies in order to support agility, increase efficiency, and cut costs. The FedRAMP authorization enables these companies to deploy Skyhigh SWG, a component of the Skyhigh Security Service Edge (SSE) portfolio, to offer continuous, secure access for users anywhere, safeguard vital government information, and defend against sophisticated contemporary threats. FedRAMP is a United States government program that analyses cloud security suppliers using a standardized security framework for cloud products and services, with an emphasis on protecting sensitive federal data in the cloud. The FedRAMP process affirms that the Skyhigh SWG solution has been examined and approved by C-level security officials from the General Services Administration, the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Homeland Security. Skyhigh SWG allows users authorized by the government to securely access the web and cloud from any location and on any device. It keeps threats from infiltrating and sensitive data from exfiltrating an environment by monitoring inline traffic and acting as a gateway between websites, users, apps, and data. Skyhigh SWG protects federal agencies against potentially hazardous or unauthorized websites and cloud apps by utilizing several integrated technologies such as Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP). From a single cloud-native enforcement point, the Skyhigh SSE portfolio secures data and prevents threats in the cloud across all Infrastructure-as-a-Service environments, Software-as-a-Service applications, and Shadow IT. As a cloud service, it equips enterprises with visibility and control over their data in the cloud, regardless of where it resides. It delivers a single DLP engine with a single simple-to-use centralized administration and reporting dashboard, a single policy framework across all data exfiltration channels, and multi-layered security technologies to cover all conceivable use cases in the federal government environment. About Skyhigh Security Skyhigh Security, Headquartered in San Jose, CA, safeguards enterprises with cloud-native security solutions that are both data-aware and easy to use. Its market-leading Security Service Edge (SSE) Portfolio extends beyond data access and focuses on data usage, thus enabling enterprises to collaborate from any device and from any location without compromising security. It allows organizations to have full visibility and control, as well as seamlessly monitor and mitigate security threats, resulting in lower related costs, increased efficiency and keeping up with the speed of innovation.

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EnGenius Launches Cloud SD-WAN for Efficient Remote Business Networks

EnGenius | March 10, 2023

On March 9, 2023, EnGenius, a leading networking and cloud solutions provider, released its line of SD-WAN Gateway products to meet the growing demand for cloud-based services that prioritize security and efficiency while connecting enterprises with their branch offices. The EnGenius SD-WAN series offers a secure and dependable solution that seamlessly integrates with EnGenius cloud-managed access points and switches to provide a unified view and enhanced security. Software-defined vast area network (SD-WAN) technology is becoming essential for the security and reliability of networks. This is because cloud-based and private enterprise networks are becoming increasingly data-driven. EnGenius SD-WAN Gateways give businesses a network solution that is highly scalable and reliable. With features like EnGenius Auto-VPN and NAT Traversal, the SD-WAN Gateway series provides a secure and efficient network solution. The EnGenius Cloud-Managed SD-WAN Gateway offers several features, such as: NAT traversal and Auto-VPN Topology of the network and VPN status Dual-Wan load balance and failover Firewall policies and stateful firewalls Unified with EnGenius devices and cloud management Automatic updates and touchless system maintenance Cloud To-Go: Management on the go Passthrough and routing options for multiple modes. EnGenius Cloud-managed SD-WAN Gateways: ESG320(new) - 4-Port Gigabit PoE+ ESG510 - 4-Port Multi-Gigabit PoE+ ESG610(new) - 4-Port Multi-Gigabit PoE+ ESG620(new) - 8-Port Multi-Gigabit PoE+ with 2 SFP+ Slots Antony Lai, Vice President at EnGenius, stated, "We are very excited to be launching this new line of SD-WAN products that provide greater stability and security for enterprises and the branches. "He added, "We have worked hard to provide a high-level solution that is easy to deploy and manage while providing seamless integration with EnGenius Cloud-managed products with a secure, reliable, and effective system that is scalable to their needs for managing their networks." (Source – CISION PR Newswire) About EnGenius Founded in 1999, EnGenius Technologies is a global leader in business networking, with its headquarters in Costa Mesa (California). With over 20 years of experience, the company offers a diverse range of feature-rich network solutions that enhance productivity and help businesses achieve their growth objectives.

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