Companies Rethink Strategies for Enabling Hybrid Work

Citrix | August 05, 2022 | Read time : 02:36 min

Forced by the pandemic to provide employees with access to the systems and information they needed to work from home, IT organizations around the world turned to traditional technologies like Virtual Private Networks (VPN). And they worked. But as the world moves to hybrid work, 96 percent of IT leaders who participated in a recent global survey conducted by Gartner Peer Insights on behalf of Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CTXS), say they no longer cut it. And they’re rethinking their approach.

A Seismic Change
Hybrid models have radically changed where and how work gets done – and even who does it. Of the organizations who participated in the Citrix poll:

96 percent have a hybrid work policy or allow both fully remote and hybrid work
85 percent say their workforce is more geographically dispersed than it was two years ago
75 percent have seen an increase in the number of seasonal, contract, or freelance workers
A Major Miss

When it comes to supporting these changes, respondents say the solutions they put in place to enable remote work fall short in the following areas:
  • Fail to protect against additional security risks posed by employees working from anywhere (96 percent)
  • Create a digital divide between in-office and remote employees (63 percent)
  • Don’t provide a consistent user experience (46 percent)
  • Hinder efficient collaboration among distributed employees (46 percent)
  • Don’t support bring-your-own-device initiatives (33 percent)
  • Difficult to scale and manage (25 percent)

A Strategic Shift

And they are increasing their investments in technologies that allow them to provide a simpler, more consistent and secure experience for employees regardless of where they work, including:
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) (69 percent)
  • Virtual apps and desktops (56 percent)
  • Desktops as a Service (DaaS) (42 percent)
  • Zero trust network access (34 percent)
  • A Layered Approach

VPN remains the most popular solution to support remote work. But as the Citrix research reveals, it’s not enough to enable safe and productive hybrid work on its own. According to the poll, 87 percent of respondents using VPN have implemented at least one other solution to close the gaps, including:
  • VDI (69 percent)
  • Virtual Apps and Desktops (49 percent)
  • DaaS (39 percent)
  • Desired Results

And in doing so, they’re achieving their goal. When asked to identify the top three benefits their hybrid work solutions provide, participants in the Citrix poll said they:
  • Provide layered protection for all devices on the network, including unmanaged and BYOD
  • Create an equitable work experience by providing employees with consistent and reliable access to applications and data regardless of where they are working
  • Provide layered protection and consistent security management for all applications

“Hybrid work is the future of work, Innovative organizations recognize this and are reimagining the solutions used to support it so they can deliver it today.”

Tim Minahan, Executive Vice President of Strategy, Citrix

Citrix provides a complete digital workspace platform that companies of all sizes can use to enable secure work. With Citrix, employees can work where and how they prefer, and IT can be confident their information and devices remain safe. Click here to learn more about Citrix solutions and the value they can provide.

About Citrix
Citrix builds the secure, unified digital workspace technology that helps organizations unlock human potential and deliver a consistent workspace experience wherever work needs to get done. With Citrix, users get a seamless work experience and IT has a unified platform to secure, manage, and monitor diverse technologies in complex cloud environments.


With VMware Verify, organizations can apply two-factor authentication to all corporate applications or to speci c applications containing sensitive corporate information. By combining an extra layer of trust to your applications with an easy to implement solution, Verify enables enterprises to enhance security of sensitive corporate information and protect employee data.


With VMware Verify, organizations can apply two-factor authentication to all corporate applications or to speci c applications containing sensitive corporate information. By combining an extra layer of trust to your applications with an easy to implement solution, Verify enables enterprises to enhance security of sensitive corporate information and protect employee data.

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OrionVM and Blaize Launch New AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) Offering

OrionVM | September 07, 2022

OrionVM, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider and cloud computing pioneer, announced today the addition of technology partner Blaize®, the artificial intelligence (AI) computing innovator revolutionizing edge and automotive computing solutions, to create a new AI as a service (AIaaS) offering. This first-of-its-kind partnership will empower organizations across multiple industries to launch their AI solutions more quickly and efficiently, including machine learning across vast data sets. Under the agreement, both companies' global sales teams will sell Blaize's AI applications, enabled and powered by OrionVM's optimized cloud platform. The Blaize AIaaS solutions can be utilized in three possible scenarios: Blaize's unique Graph Streaming Processor (GSP®) chips for edge AI and sensor fusion applications cards can now be virtualized on the OrionVM cloud platform. Dedicated AI environments for clients can be easily created with virtualized GSPs. For example, they can be integrated into video surveillance technology on the edge providing sophisticated and constantly-updated analysis of events. The latest version of Blaize AI Studio is now available on the OrionVM cloud platform, allowing for the development of AI applications that can quickly be set up to perform workloads without needing to purchase and configure complex hardware environments. "Before the availability of next-gen cloud solutions like ours, AI was cost-prohibitive owing to steep infrastructure spend and a shortage of qualified programmers. Now, companies do not need to build their clouds, or rely on inflexible and expensive public clouds to build, test, and utilize their artificial intelligence systems. They can now take advantage of data insights through AIaaS without expensive up-front investments. This allows them to harness the power of machine learning at significantly lower costs," said Daniel Pfeiffer, COO and VP Partnerships for OrionVM. "We are excited to see offerings like Blaize's AIaaS provide cloud advantages such as enterprise security and the ability to instantly deploy and scale." Blaize's AI applications are now available on OrionVM's resilient, secure, high-performing infrastructure, enabling customers to run Blaize AI solutions on the industry's most efficient, flexible cloud platform. Customers will be able to deploy combined offerings to solve industry challenges in several verticals, including: Security and Video Surveillance Smart Retail Smart City and Transportation Services Life Sciences and Healthcare "We built our AI solutions with a deep understanding of where AI technology began and where it can go. Our innovative approach has helped companies across various industries because we address their need for products purpose-built for the requirements of edge AI, Our solutions allow customers flexibility by programming AI solutions to fit their specific requirements. Our advanced code-free AI software also uniquely implements "edge-aware" transfer learning and optimizations for higher accuracy post-model compression. The possibilities are almost limitless." Dinakar Munagala, Blaize Co-founder and CEO The AI industry has seen significant growth in the last few years, particularly during the pandemic, and this upward trend is expected to continue. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), worldwide spending on AI will increase from $50.1 billion in 2020 to more than $110 billion by 2024. Digital healthcare, manufacturing and retail businesses are likely to expand their use of edge computing by 2028, according to the Linux Foundation's State of the Edge report. These sectors have already demonstrated interest in AI technology's ability to improve response times and save bandwidth, while enabling less constrained data analysis. As businesses of various industries increasingly need to process large sets of data and harness the power of AI, they will seek out efficient and cost effective ways to bring AI technology into the fold. For more information on the OrionVM and Blaize AI offerings, please visit For more information on Blaize, please visit About OrionVM: OrionVM has developed a proprietary suite of cloud infrastructure "building blocks" that form a new blueprint for the delivery and monetization of cloud-based technology solutions. The core architecture for these building blocks, categorized as Infrastructure as a Service ("IaaS"), has already been used in many industries, with proven traction from leading managed services providers (MSPs), tier 1 telcos and Fortune 500 companies. The OrionVM Cloud Platform supports private, public, hybrid & bare-metal cloud deployments and is built either for internal consumption or resale. OrionVM's purpose-built stack uses InfiniBand and is benchmarked to outperform the incumbent clouds, at a lower price point due to the extreme efficiency and reduced cost of goods sold. Self-service web portals allow clients to quickly launch their own enterprise-grade cloud services with zero capital expenditure. About Blaize: Blaize is a leading provider of a proprietary purpose-built, full-stack hardware architecture and low-code/no-code software platform that enables edge AI processing solutions at the network's edge for computing in multiple large and rapidly-growing markets — automotive, mobility, retail, security, industrial automation, medical devices, and many others. Blaize's novel solution solves the technical problem that edge AI processing requires across those verticals — very low latency and high thermal and power efficiency — which previously relied on retrofitting sub-optimized AI solutions designed more for data centers and the cloud. Blaize has previously raised over $180MM from strategic investors such as DENSO, Daimler, Magna, and Samsung, and financial investors such as Franklin Templeton, Temasek, GGV, and others.

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Evolve IP & Anywhere365 Group Create an Enterprise-Grade Receptionist Solution

Evolve IP | July 11, 2022

Evolve IP a premier international service provider of Work Anywhere™ solutions announced that it has partnered with PeterConnects, part of Anywhere365® Group, to integrate and provide Microsoft Teams-focused communication and contact center solutions for enterprise organizations. This partnership will further mobilize the deployment of Evolve IP's enterprise-grade Anywhere Receptionist solution. The Anywhere Receptionist solution is a state-of-the-art telephone operator console that tightly integrates with Microsoft Teams and provides a range of smart features for improved call handling and efficient call distribution. The Anywhere Receptionist from Evolve IP The Anywhere Receptionist solution is designed to optimize efficiencies, streamline customer interactions, and improve overall operator and caller experience in Microsoft Teams. It achieves all of this from a single, secure, integrated pane of glass. The secure, cloud-hosted application enables attendants, receptionists, and contact center teams to elevate their remote working experience by providing full visibility into the availability and present status of all team members. Evolve IP's Anywhere Receptionist solution delivers the following features and more: Presence information of all users Queue management Intuitive and modern user interface Drag and drop call transfer Customizable widgets Callback reminders Automatic voicemail and email capabilities Contact management and monitoring Secure, browser-based cloud application Deep Integration for Maximum Collaboration and Communication "Anywhere Receptionist is deeply integrated into collaboration and communication platforms like Microsoft Teams, thereby extending its benefits beyond the contact center into every part of an organization. This empowers businesses to take communication to a new level and support their remote workforce," Autumn Salama, Chief Integration Officer of Evolve IP Erik van Arkel, Global Head of Partnerships, Anywhere365 Group, explains, "I'm proud to see how our efforts to always innovate our products and go-to-market are a reason for service providers such as Evolve IP to connect with our family of brands. Our aim is to always maximize the potential of time in any customer dialogue. This relationship will support that aim, together with our continued growth, as we look to meet the growing demand for communications solutions on top of Microsoft Teams. We're looking forward to collaborating with this aspiring partner that has a solid reputation and footprint in their markets."

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VIRTUAL DESKTOP TOOLS VMware Architect Russell Hamker to Present at 2022 VMware Explore | August 20, 2022

Guard Dog Solutions, Inc., dba, and VMware have disclosed further details of the company’s participation at VMware Explore 2022 in the Moscone Center in San Francisco Aug. 29 – Sept. 1, in booth 1914. Attendees who would like to have private appointments can sign up and gather more information at VMware Architect Russell Hamker will be speaking on how to create VMs (Virtual Machines) from 100 percent code on Thursday, Sept. 1, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 PM PDT at Moscone West, Level 2, Room 2005. In this session Hamker will join VMware Spring Developer Advocate DaShaun Carter in demonstrating how to build and deploy a Linux VM, how to patch the system, and how to install extra packages including Docker, Kubernetes and VMware Tanzu. At Booth 1914, will be teaching organizations of all sizes how to increase their cybersecurity wellness by training and deploying existing IT staff members to become Attack Surface Monitors in less than one hour. As the award-winning leader in real-time cyber security protection for business and consumers, is using VMware’s Tanzu containerization technology to support hardware-free and entirely remote deployment and management of cyber security protection for any size MSSP (Managed Security Service Providers) or organization. guardDog’s subscription-based FiDo technology uses patent-pending artificial intelligence from the company’s cloud-based Autonomous Incident Response (AiR) database to pre-emptively recognize all devices connected to a network including most especially the IoT (Internet of Things) and smart device connections device management solutions can’t see. The solution exposes and shuts down most cybersecurity threats before exploits can happen, protecting users and organizations from threats such as ransomware, man-in-the-middle attacks, denial of service, and emerging novel threats, protecting networks and the devices attached to them. “This year’s VMware conference is making its first return as a live event since the COVID pandemic began, We are pleased to play a role in making the 2022 event an extremely notable one as we announce our partnership with VMware as well as our use of the containerization architecture exemplified in VMware Tanzu as one of the key virtualizations models we are advancing to allow the remote deployment and management of thousands of FiDo implementations from a single location.” Peter Bookman, CEO and founder of uses AI-driven overlay technology in FiDo to find and protect users and networks from attempted cyberattacks in less than two milliseconds, by identifying the threats that device and network management solutions can’t see and proactively halting potential exploits before they begin. In both wired and Wi-Fi networks, FiDo protects network and the device users from threats across the entire Attack Surface, and most especially within the edge territory outside the perimeter of the network or on attached devices that other solutions cannot see. These include the myriad of IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as specialized health monitoring equipment, printers, doorbells, thermostats, smart refrigerators, smart pens, smart TVs, and game systems that are inherently vulnerable to the networks they join. Thanks to the VMware partnership and implementation, the ability to obtain and deploy virtualized FiDo technology also ends supply chain issues of availability delays, while allowing for instant and continual updates to the AiR database of known threats and suspicious network behavior. For all implementations, the virtualized alternatives for guardDog’s FiDo v3 technology are making it possible to cover all areas of the potential Attack Surface with far greater economy and ease than before. About Guard Dog Solutions Inc., headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, (dba has developed a cloud-based Autonomous Incident Response (AiR) cyber security software service that works together with a companion FiDo unit to simplify network security. The solution provides protection and visibility as it exposes invisible threats on networks and the devices attached to them, with patented technology to address and prevent cybersecurity threats before they compromise network environments. Every business, government, healthcare institution, home consumer, or other organization, is grappling to find security solutions that are adapting to this changing world. is pioneering new innovations designed to meet these challenges. In 2022, is expanding its reach still further to address full Attack Surface Management (ASM) and ASM-as-a-Service (ASMaaS) as cyber security’s next horizon. Additional virtual deployments for are now available through methods such as clusters of open development based on containers, via Kubernetes orchestration, and through other industry partnerships. This makes hardware agnostic and will provide IT staff, IT organizations and MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers) with the ability to achieve instantaneous and unlimited deployments. For more information, visit Safe Harbor Statement This press release contains forward-looking statements of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Exchange Act. Forward-looking statements are not a guarantee of future performance and results, and will not be accurate indications of the times by which such performance will be achieved.

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