Saudi Telecom Company (STC) Rolls out On-Demand Virtual Services Using ADVA’s Ensemble Suite of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Technologies

ADVA | January 28, 2021

ADVA today announced that the Saudi Telecom Company is turning out on-request virtual services utilizing ADVA's Ensemble set-up of organization capacities virtualization (NFV) innovations. The new general CPE (uCPE) offering is based on the Dell EMC Networking Virtual Edge Platform (VEP) 1405 arrangement running ADVA's Ensemble Edge Cloud NFV suite. Venture clients of STC, the biggest IT specialist organization in the Middle East, will have the option to rapidly and effectively access virtual services, including steering, firewall, WAN streamlining, IoT and voice applications. With the business' biggest environment of virtual organization capacities (VNFs) to browse, overseen administration clients can consequently empower new applications and services with no monetary danger.

“Today’s enterprises need to be agile. They require the freedom to mix and match the latest cloud technologies to seize new revenue opportunities in an instant. That’s what our new uCPE service is all about. It eliminates vendor lock-in and lets our clients experiment with best-in-class solutions that fit their specific needs and ambitions,” said Fahad A. Alhajeri, VP, digital solutions, STC. “By giving our customers quick and secure access to an unrivalled range of multi-vendor virtual technologies, we’re unleashing the full potential of businesses in this region. With the help of ADVA’s Ensemble NFV technology, we’re forging a path for our customers to a cloud-based future of on-demand services and rapid innovation.”

STC's new uCPE offering empowers organizations across the Middle East to choose virtual items from the Ensemble Harmony Ecosystem, a novel multi-merchant climate with unrivaled assortment and decision. It's based on the Dell EMC Networking VEP 1405 arrangement, a conservative, low-power uCPE apparatus reason worked to have VNFs and ideal for requesting SD-WAN applications. With ADVA's Ensemble Connector as the NFVI stage, numerous VNFs can run on a solitary uCPE. Other key segments incorporate Ensemble Orchestrator and Virtualization Director, which give a basic and powerful administration and organization (MANO) design, enabling STC to turn out secure virtualized services at scale.

STC’s uCPE service is ideal for connecting the enterprise to the cloud. Now businesses throughout the Middle East can leverage the power of virtualization and choose from the market’s widest range of onboarded commercial VNFs,” commented James Buchanan, GM, Edge Cloud, ADVA. “Our Ensemble suite’s MANO capabilities support the rollout of secure virtualized service across multiple locations with complete flexibility and scale. And, thanks to our Ensemble Connector’s zero-touch provisioning, STC can ship uCPE to a customer site and provision it securely with no need for technicians. With such rapid deployments and agile service creation at the network edge, STC is leading the way to the managed services of tomorrow.”

“By utilizing our Virtual Edge Platform 1405 series and ADVA’s Ensemble software, STC is giving its customers a simple way to respond to shifting industry demand,” said Drew Schulke, VP, Dell EMC Networking, Dell Technologies. “Working with ADVA, we’re empowering STC and its customers to digitalize their infrastructures. Now they can deploy solutions at the click of a mouse and harness advanced tools for boosting security, reducing costs and improving end-user customer experience.”

About ADVA

ADVA is a company founded on innovation and focused on helping our customers succeed. Our technology forms the building blocks of a shared digital future and empowers networks across the globe. We’re continually developing breakthrough hardware and software that leads the networking industry and creates new business opportunities. It’s these open connectivity solutions that enable our customers to deliver the cloud and mobile services that are vital to today’s society and for imagining new tomorrows. Together, we’re building a truly connected and sustainable future.

About STC

“Solutions by STC” is one of the largest technology and communications services providers in the Middle East. The company has a range of products and services that address the needs of consumers and businesses of all sizes. Solutions by STC has continued to build upon its core telecom position and offers innovative digital services and solutions for enterprises, including cloud and infrastructure services, network and security management services, Big Data and analytics solutions, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions (such as fleet/asset management and mobile point-of-sale solutions).


10 most essential performance metrics that businesses should consider when managing their virtual machines.


10 most essential performance metrics that businesses should consider when managing their virtual machines.

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CYTRACOM Announces Industry-Leading Network Security for MSPs with ControlOne's New Passwordless Experience and Silent Deployment

PR Newswire | June 02, 2023

Channel leader CYTRACOM announces a significant update to its ControlOne platform, enabling MSPs to prevent managed clients from evading security requirements and create a passwordless experience for end-users. Managed users are now always on the virtual corporate network, secured by unified global security policies, with an experience that is transparent to end users. "With the new capabilities of the ControlOne agent, we are demonstrating our continued commitment to driving innovation within the network security market for managed services providers," says CYTRACOM Co-founder and CEO Zane Conkle. "Working closely with MSPs, we are removing the complexity of connecting and securing users without compromising performance and security. The ControlOne platform enables MSPs to meet the challenges of today's distributed workforce and alleviate the increasing pressure from regulatory and compliance entities, all while driving increased profit for our partners." Game-changing features With the latest release of ControlOne, CYTRACOM is removing the end user from the process of joining or connecting to corporate network infrastructures. "To achieve this objective, we are uniquely leveraging identity management, initially with Microsoft Azure AD and other third-party identity providers coming soon. With this update, the ControlOne agent can now be silently deployed by MSPs through RMM platforms. Unlike VPN software and other security solutions, no interaction with the end user is necessary during setup," says Eric Romano, Head of ControlOne Development, CYTRACOM. Once deployed, end users are always on the corporate network regardless of location and are protected by firewall and security policies directly managed by the MSP. This also enables MSPs to prevent users from disconnecting from the network, essentially closing a major security gap that exists in most solutions available in the market today. CYTRACOM's new ControlOne agent also enables a passwordless experience for users. "No longer do they have to complete set-up procedures or connect and disconnect from the network," continues Romano "ControlOne is always on and enables users to work without having to learn specific processes based on their location like they were forced to do with legacy VPN solutions." Brandt Ball, Founder of Standard I.T. Security adds, "CYTRACOM's ControlOne agent changes the game for us as it enforces always-on security and dramatically cuts deployment costs and effort. We are no longer reliant on the customer to do the right thing or comply with directions which saves us time and money and dramatically improves the experience for the customer. The ControlOne agent integration with Azure AD takes decision-making out of the hands of the customer and ensures they are always connected, always secure, and able to just work. It truly is a win-win." Cyber insurance ready The combination of the new silent deployment and passwordless experience of the CYTRACOM ControlOne agent, along with its ability to eliminate VPNs and firewalls, ensures MSPs innovate and achieve compliance with industry regulations and mandates set forth by cyber insurance providers and other regulatory bodies. "In today's hybrid work environments, we know everyone isn't working inside an office building, but with CYTRACOM's ControlOne platform, MSPs can securely connect and protect users as if they were inside the perimeter of their corporate network at all times," says CYTRACOM COO John Tippett. "ControlOne enables MSPs to regain control over their customers' networks. By eliminating the end user from the equation, MSPs can achieve secure networks and enforce compliance, eliminating vulnerabilities introduced by legacy VPN and on-premises firewalls." About CYTRACOM CYTRACOM delivers infrastructure software purpose-built to empower managed service providers (MSPs) with cloud solutions that connect and secure both traditional and hybrid workforces. Our secure access service edge (SASE) solution provides identity-based network security and connectivity within a single platform that enables businesses to deploy zero-trust networks, enforce compliance and eliminate traditional firewalls and VPNs. Our unified communications suite (UCaaS) uniquely aligns with the operating needs of MSPs and enables their customers to experience seamless communication and collaboration regardless of physical location. Together, these solutions deliver a communications, security and networking platform that is exclusively available to CYTRACOM channel partners.

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Scale Computing Continues to Deliver High-Performing, Resilient, and Scalable IT Infrastructure to Educational Institutions

prnewswire | June 07, 2023

Scale Computing, the market leader in edge computing, virtualization, and hyperconverged solutions, today announced ongoing momentum with education customers and the SC//Platform, which enables educational institutions of all sizes to optimize and scale operations with self-healing, automated infrastructure for all applications. The company also announced that Michael Patterson, Director of Sales, is speaking at the Utah Education and Telehealth Network (UETN) Tech Summit next week in Murray, Utah. Patterson's session, "Eliminate Virtualization Complexities with VMware Alternatives," examines how a hyper-converged approach to virtualization can simplify ongoing management and save schools' IT budget and time while allowing a scalable and secure infrastructure. "We are seeing education leaders at every level invest heavily in new technologies to meet the continuing demands for online learning. These educational institutions require powerful systems that can run workloads with speed and efficiency," said Jeff Ready, CEO and co-founder of Scale Computing. "The Scale Computing Platform is simple to use and easy to manage. It eliminates any downtime by leveraging our patented self-healing technology in a single solution to make IT infrastructure easier for schools and universities. SC//Platform allows IT leaders to manage workloads of any size, leaving more resources available for learning." The Scale Computing Platform enhances learning experiences in the classroom, the campus, and beyond by delivering agile, always-on IT across a variety of environments. Using cutting-edge technologies, the award-winning solution uses self-healing and automation to maximize application uptime and performance, simplify management, and protect data. SC//Platform addresses the two biggest costs in IT — downtime and people. American College of Education (ACE), an online graduate school that caters to teachers who want to further their education, is one customer that found a lower cost of entry into virtualization and a lower cost of ownership with SC//Platform. With both a national and international online student population, ACE requires IT infrastructure that is not only up and running 24/7, but is also easy to access and manage. Previously using a cloud-based managed services provider platform, ACE was unable to meet the around-the-clock demands of their international student users and needed to move to a more controlled system. By partnering with Scale Computing, ACE achieved a simple-to-manage, streamlined IT operation, with both a lower cost of entry and a lower total cost of ownership over time. As James Aldridge, Vice President of Information Technology at ACE, explains, "We were facing all kinds of different struggles before we moved to Scale Computing. We would have systems go down, and we would have downtimes anywhere between an hour to two hours to sometimes up to twelve. I had never used Scale Computing before, but it has been one of the most stable platforms, and the best platform for streamlining our operations internally. With Scale Computing, everything is integrated and being able to manage it all so easily, in a single pane of glass, is hands down the most streamlined I've ever seen." Like most institutions of higher education, each college within Auburn University functions autonomously, with each dean deciding how best to appropriate their respective budgets and staff various departments in the interest of its students and programs. The SC//Platform brings storage, servers, virtualization, and management together in a single, comprehensive system. With no virtualization software to license and no external storage to buy, it lowers out-of-pocket costs and radically simplifies the infrastructure needed to keep applications running, making the deployment and management of highly available and scalable infrastructure as easy to manage as a single server. As Joel Beckum, IT Coordinator, Auburn University noted, "Scale Computing Platform does everything that I need it to. It simplifies my network infrastructure so that I can be an expert. I was a desktop support guy who's now a system admin. Scale makes me look like a pro. As far as my users know, I'm a genius." Willard Public Schools, an award-winning public school system in Willard, Missouri, has partnered with Scale Computing since 2011 for its long-term, future-proof IT infrastructure to power its educational institutions. After its initial implementation, Willard Public Schools decided to replace all of its remaining legacy infrastructure with Scale Computing, creating an all-in-one hyperconverged solution with reliability, maximum availability, and ease of use. With SC//Platform as its IT foundation, Willard Public Schools has a future-proof, efficient, high-performing IT infrastructure in place, allowing Willard's IT team to focus on more strategic projects. About Scale Computing Scale Computing is a leader in edge computing, virtualization, and hyperconverged solutions. Using patented HyperCore™ technology, Scale Computing Platform automatically identifies, mitigates, and corrects infrastructure problems in real-time, enabling applications to achieve maximum uptime, even when local IT resources and staff are scarce. Edge Computing is the fastest growing area of IT infrastructure, and industry analysts have named Scale Computing an outperformer and leader in the space, including being named the #1 edge computing vendor by CRN. Scale Computing's products are sold by thousands of value-added resellers, integrators, and service providers worldwide. When ease-of-use, high availability, and TCO matter, Scale Computing Platform is the ideal infrastructure platform. Read what our customers have to say on Gartner Peer Insights, Spiceworks, TechValidate, G2, and TrustRadius.

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ABN AMRO Modernizes Data Infrastructure with Datometry and Azure Synapse

Datometry | April 28, 2023

Datometry, the database virtualization company, announced today that the third-largest Dutch bank, ABN AMRO, has completed the transition of their central data warehouse to Azure Synapse using the Datometry platform. ABN AMRO was looking to replatform their business-critical workloads from a legacy data warehouse to Azure Synapse. Yet, a conventional migration approach would take years and expose the bank to considerable risk. Specifically, modifying application code would trigger regulatory processes and require a lengthy re-certification of the models these applications implement. With Datometry Hyper-Q™, ABN AMRO was able to move all workloads—including data ingest, analysis, and reporting—from their legacy system to Azure Synapse within only 10 months. Keeping their applications intact, ABN AMRO was able to eliminate the need for a re-certification of their models. Using Datometry, ABN AMRO outperformed a state-of-the-art migration approach. First, they completed the project in under 25% of the time. Second, they avoided the need for costly staff augmentation. And third, switching over to the new system was completely seamless without downtime for the business. These accomplishments translated into substantial savings on the 5-year TCO. "With Datometry we have delivered a successful transformation. We moved our mission-critical workloads from Teradata to Azure Synapse seamlessly," said Marcel Kramer, Head of Data Engineering at ABN AMRO. "With a legacy of more than 15 years of business logic, this is a remarkable result." "We are excited to see ABN AMRO join the rapidly growing cohort of thought leaders that break free from the lock-in of legacy database vendors," said Mike Waas, CEO of Datometry. "For our customers, the rewriting of applications, which has long been the bane of the industry, is a thing of the past." About Datometry Datometry is the leader in database system virtualization. Datometry's technology frees enterprises from legacy database technology and accelerates any enterprise's transition to the cloud. With Datometry Hyper-Q, enterprises can run their existing applications directly on a cloud database without the need for costly and risk-laden database migrations. Datometry counts leading enterprises worldwide among their customers.

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