Securden Eliminates Unveils VPN Hassles with Significant Enhancements to Its Remote Access Solution

Securden | June 10, 2020

Securden Eliminates Unveils VPN Hassles with Significant Enhancements to Its Remote Access Solution
  • Securden PAM allows work-from-home IT staff and third-party contractors to launch secure, one-click connections with remote servers, databases, devices, web applications, and other enterprise resources without VPN.

  • Organizations can ensure a centrally controlled, fully audited, zero-trust, just-in-time access that is simple and scalable.

  • Securden eliminates the need for VPN and enables authorized remote users - internal or external - to launch native or web-based RDP, SSH, SQL connections with Windows, Unix servers.

Securden, Inc., a leading provider of Privileged Access Governance solutions today announced that it has implemented significant enhancements to its remote access solution addressing the crucial IT infrastructure access requirements of the remote workforce, specifically the IT administrators, third-party vendors, and contractors. Securden is offering the new version free-to-use for three months.

The security and user-experience related enhancements in the new version enable organizations to allow their internal IT staff who are working from home and the third-party vendors to remotely access critical IT systems that are kept behind corporate firewalls in a single-click without relying on VPN connectivity and without compromising security.

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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, providing a secure and easily accessible remote work environment has become a big challenge for organizations. VPN connectivity often brings with it operational, security, and scalability issues. The basic tenets of access security - ensuring the right access to the right person only for the required resource and for the required time duration - cannot be fully met resulting in cybersecurity risks,

Bala Venkatramani, CEO of Securden.

"Securden eliminates the need for VPN and enables authorized remote users - internal or external - to launch native or web-based RDP, SSH, SQL connections with Windows, Unix servers; managed desktops; internal web applications; MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL databases; AWS, Azure, and other cloud platforms; switches, routers, firewalls, and other SSH devices from any operating system and from anywhere. It also ensures that users get access only to specific IT assets for a specified time duration fortified through MFA, comprehensive auditing and alerts, live session monitoring, and recordings thereby striking a fine balance between security and ease-of-use," he said.

While allowing live session monitoring, Securden enables administrators to intervene to terminate sessions or collaborate when a colleague needs assistance.

Part of the Securden Privileged Account Manager (PAM) product, the remote access solution readily integrates with various enterprise infrastructure and leverages the authentication mechanism of existing directory services such as Active Directory and federated identity stores to grant remote access.

To reduce the risks associated with remote access, Securden ensures that there is no direct connection between the end-user machines and the sensitive IT resources. It also offers the provision to route all connections through a secure remote gateway.


As many organizations may have hurriedly put remote access solutions in place, security may have been a bit of a secondary priority. When bolstering the remote work environment, having an effective means of privileged access management is a great way to ensure that users are only able to get to the resources they need and for the amount of time they need it,

Brandon Lee, Networking and Virtualization Specialist at

"With the zero-trust model at the application layer and many other powerful capabilities, Securden Privileged Account Manager (PAM) facilitates remote work connectivity not only easily, securely, and efficiently, but also at scale without VPN," he added.

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About Securden

Securden is a leading provider of privileged access governance solutions that uniquely combine the key security principles of zero-trust architecture, least privilege enforcement, and continuous risk assessment to prevent cyberattacks, malware propagation, and insider exploitation. With a refreshingly new approach, Securden offers complete control over privileged access, visibility without barriers, and superior access governance across cloud, physical, virtual environments. Designed for security and scalability with simplicity in mind, Securden products (Password Vault for Enterprises, Privileged Account Manager, and Endpoint Privilege Management and Application Control) are trusted by organizations of all types and sizes, including large banking and financial institutions, government agencies, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, IT service providers, MSPs, and manufacturing companies across the globe.


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This document provides insight into the considerations and processes required to implement a backup strategy of VMware using vSphere with Bacula Enterprise Edition version 8.0, 8.2 and 8.4. It also covers in depth how to restore specic les (Single File Recovery) from backups made with Bacula Enterprise vSphere Plugin.