SentryBay Partners with EUC Software Innovator Stratodesk to Deliver Shield Against Cyber Threats for BYOD Environments

SentryBay | January 12, 2022

SentryBay, the UK-based cybersecurity software company, and Stratodesk, the leading global innovator in end-user computing (EUC) management and OS software, announced their technology alliance partnership. This partnership benefits companies by delivering advanced security options to prevent keylogging and screen capture on Stratodesk’s operating system layer, rather than just a connected Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) session.

SentryBay and Stratodesk channel partners are now able to offer companies across all verticals an additional security layer as part of their VDI, cloud and IoT endpoint solutions to customers.

As organizations move towards bring-your-own-device (BYOD) models enabling them to support the expanding hybrid workforce, the demand for devices running a secure operating system is growing. This partnership allows companies who deploy Stratodesk NoTouch OS to take advantage of SentryBay’s patented, anti-keylogging, anti-DLL injection and anti-screen scraping technology. A US-based multinational healthcare and insurance company has chosen the SentryBay and Stratodesk joint solution to ensure additional compliance and security measures are in place for devices inside the organization as well as the more compliance challenged work-from-home devices.

There is much synergy between SentryBay and Stratodesk. It made perfect sense to bring our security software together with Stratodesk NoTouch OS in order to deliver an operating system fit for today’s ever-shifting corporate and remote/hybrid environment. Defending against the threat of attack on endpoints is a constant battle and our layered approach ensures that organisations can mitigate the risk of data-loss at the point of data entry. We look forward to working together in partnership with Stratodesk.”

Brent Agar, VP Business Development, North America at SentryBay

“Stratodesk NoTouch OS is built to be innately secure,” says Stratodesk CEO and Founder Emanuel Pirker. “Those looking to take advantage of SentryBay’s advanced, added security will benefit from the quintessential security, flexibility and remote/hybrid work friendly solution that is Stratodesk NoTouch. Our joint customers can leverage secure work from anywhere with impeccable security standards thanks to Stratodesk NoTouch OS and SentryBay Armored Client.”

As the network access point of choice for cybercriminals, unmanaged endpoints such as Thin Clients, personal computing devices, and dedicated work desktop PCs are highly vulnerable to attack. Keyboards and displays are especially vulnerable attack vectors that criminals exploit in order to steal sensitive data.

With SentryBay’s Armored Client fully verified and compatible with Stratodesk NoTouch OS, organizations that purchase can take advantage of its next level security benefits and be confident that their data is being securely wrapped within a micro-environment which neutralizes the impact of malware threats, in particular keylogging and screen scraping, wherever and however teams are working.

About SentryBay
SentryBay is a pioneer in technology that approaches security issues from a different – and more proactive – perspective. Endpoint data protection is essential to provide a secure, cloud-based IT ecosystem that avoids the weaknesses inherent in both technology and users. SentryBay’s “secure framework” within which applications can run – underpinned by multi-layered anti-keylogging technology –allows these weaknesses to be overcome. The company’s product is used by some of the world’s largest enterprises – from global banks and a central bank to small, medium and large enterprises.

About Stratodesk
Founded in 2010, Stratodesk is the leading global innovator in EUC management and OS software. Stratodesk’s cutting edge Linux-based OS and management suite, Stratodesk NoTouch, is redefining end user computing with its hardware agnostic and cloud-ready abilities enabling companies to cost-effectively manage their entire secure digital perimeter. Stratodesk delivers an all-in-one solution for VDI, DaaS and IoT markets and its software works seamlessly across all x64, x86 and ARM/Raspberry Pi based hardware products to provide a unified platform for all your endpoints. Stratodesk NoTouch increases endpoint security, simplifies user experience, and allows customers to maximize the benefits of their existing desktop hardware through PC conversion. Today Stratodesk has nearly one million licences deployed across multiple industries.


Where Are Other Organizations on their Digital Network Journey? Organizations intend to make their networks more digital ready over the next 2 years. the rate of growth in revenue, customer retention and profit over orgs with less mature networks.


Where Are Other Organizations on their Digital Network Journey? Organizations intend to make their networks more digital ready over the next 2 years. the rate of growth in revenue, customer retention and profit over orgs with less mature networks.

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