Skupos Joins Mako Networks' VPN Cloud Partner Program

To facilitate retailers' participation in fully-managed brand financed programs and promotions that enhance income and enable retailers to remain competitive, Skupos Inc. has joined a Mako VPN Cloud Partner Program. As a result, distributed merchants utilizing Mako Networks security solutions may now log in to guarantee safe network connections using Mako SD-WAN technology.

The Mako VPN Cloud Partner Program enables retail sites to safely and quickly connect to the online applications of service providers. Skupos has direct access to the store via the Mako Central Management System (CMS), removes a 24/7 link to their back-office computer, and removes file problems due to disconnected files.

The Mako Cloud partners can use virtual or physical Mako VPN concentrations to provide tens of thousands of dispersed retail sites in their online environments. In addition, retailers already using a Mako security gateway may connect to a partner's network simply by choosing it from the relevant drop-down menu and using the Mako CMS instructions.

The platform Skupos supports retailers:

Revenue Boost: Increase your income instantly through registration in scan data and brand-funded promotions.

Build a Competitive Advantage:  By providing discounts from brands to your customers, encouraging foot traffic and driving volume.

Save time: Earn hassle-free income by managing end-to-end programs.

Cost-Effective: Benefits from a platform without long-term commitments.

With the help of a growing number of partners, the Mako VPN Cloud Program symbiotic proposal, where Mako Networks, partners, and customers are all united, is driving rapid development. The characteristics that make this connection simple make it quick and economical. The move from existing platforms to the Mako System often produces considerable savings considering both upfront and continuing expenses.

Mako supports partners as a managed service provider:

• Complimentary or reduced cost Mako VPN aggregation technology

• Mako secure one-click connectivity template for the VPN.

• Marketing documents approved for Mako

• Mako technical support 24/7 access

In addition, Mako's application of source network address translation allows retailers to connect to Mako VPN Cloud Partners networks without resetting internal IP addresses (SNAT). As retail brand safety requirements sometimes prohibit payment environments from accessing the public Internet, Mako VPN Cloud offers merchants a secure way of contacting third-party service providers. The solution utilizes a Mako VPN Cloud connection that subverts the public Internet and respects PCI DSS and other safety requirements.

Mako System's key technological characteristics include:

• The NAT implementation of Mako enables retailers to connect to partner networks without resetting their internal IP address schemes.

• Mako Secure VPN cloud tunnels allow retailers to bypass public Internet connections, brand compliance, PCI DSS, and other security regulations.

• Mako's redundancy of the SD-WAN circuit, the redundancy of physical and virtual devices, and geographic redundancy ensure that retailers are kept in touch with partner networks.

About Skupos Inc. About
In 2016, Skupos was established to provide product placement data, price, and customer behavior data across the c-store sector. Skupos has since been the unique platform for ultimately connecting the retail value chain of convenience to tens of thousands of dealers at the point of sale. The company's technology, which focuses primarily on independent companies and small stores, enables marketers to establish direct relationships with c-store clients and learn how consumers deal with their goods; from its headquarters in San Francisco and Denver, Skupos services over 14,000 clients worldwide.

About Mako Networks
Mako Networks offers distributor companies easy, secure, PCI-certified networks. Mako operates worldwide from US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand offices and combines centralized cloud administration and reporting, genuine SD-WAN, secure Wi-Fi, built-in mobile, Mako VPN Cloud, next-generation firewalls, and end-to-end PCI DSS certification into one simple, easy-to-manage system.



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