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StorMagic SvSAN Delivers 100 Percent Uptime, Maximum Operational Efficiency to Manufacturers

StorMagic SvSAN Delivers 100 Percent Uptime, Maximum Operational Efficiency to Manufacturers

StorMagic®, solving the world’s edge data problems, today announced continued momentum with manufacturing end users with the addition of two new Germany-based customers. StorMagic SvSAN is a simple, two-node virtual SAN that manages data and its associated applications, to ensure customers’ main objective – productivity.

“Manufacturers require IT systems that deliver built-in redundancy and high availability to ensure continuous operations and, ultimately, productivity to keep their businesses running,” said Bruce Kornfeld, chief marketing and product officer, StorMagic. “SvSAN eliminates single points of failure and downtime to keep factories and plants operational and efficient.”

StorMagic ensures production uptime through high availability, reliability and performance, at a low cost, and is helping two German manufacturers in this endeavor.

WST previously used DataCore SANsymphony to store application data from various databases, file services, and telecommunication systems. Mounting costs and inadequate performance as the volume of data increased led them to review all-flash disk systems at two of their production facilities. SvSAN was selected due to its ability to support all the applications required at these sites with ease of use, minimal hardware requirements and high uptime.

“WST was able to significantly reduce costs and add 100 percent uptime between our two datacenters by moving to StorMagic SvSAN,” said Alexandra Körner, head of IT, WST Präzisionstechnik GmbH. “We’ve also been able to eliminate vendor lock-in thanks to SvSAN’s compatibility with all storage types, hardware and hypervisors. Our future costs have been significantly reduced without sacrificing performance, and budgets are now much more predictable, and easier to plan.”

Witholz GmbH previously used a physical SAN for data processing and management in its two datacenters. The company urgently needed a solution that provided high availability to store application data from its entire IT environment. Witholz found that StorMagic SvSAN was the ideal solution as it was very easy to install and use, and offered the highest performance for the price.

“StorMagic SvSAN is a ‘set and forget’ solution that delivers the best price for performance point in today’s market, and is an ideal fit for every small to medium-sized enterprise," said Matthias Böhler, CEO, Witholz GmbH. “SvSAN allowed us to maximize our budget and achieve 100 percent uptime, which lets us sleep more soundly at night.”

About StorMagic

StorMagic is solving the world’s edge data problems. We help organizations store, protect, and use their data at and from the edge. StorMagic’s Forever Data solutions ensure data is always protected and available, no matter the type or location, to provide value anytime, anywhere. StorMagic’s storage, surveillance and security products are flexible, robust, easy to use and cost-effective, without sacrificing enterprise-class features, for organizations with one to thousands of sites. Visit

About WST Präzisionstechnik GmbH

WST Präzisionstechnik GmbH is a leading manufacturer of milled and turned parts and supplies in the German market. It specializes in the production of synchronous machining tools, producing 25 million parts in 1,500 custom designs annually. Visit

About Witholz

Witholz is a modern production and service company, specializing in timber construction, and the production of wooden beams. The manufacturer delivers everything from one-off bespoke orders to mass produced wood, and a variety of related joinery components, all from a single source. Visit ​​



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