Telco Systems and Stem Connect Collaborate to Accelerate the Rollout of Service Virtualization on Telecommunications Networks

Telco Systems | July 15, 2021

Telco Systems, a leading provider of innovative Network Edge solutions for communications infrastructure and service management, and Stem Connect, a leading supplier of ultra-reliable business connectivity solutions, announced today a joint offering for a service virtualization solution in the United Kingdom, France, and South Africa. The new service will be built on Telco Systems' fast edge technology and Stem Connect's expertise in providing enterprise-grade networking solutions in these regions.

This strategic collaboration was formed after successful testing of the integrated solution in accordance with particular market needs, which included Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) such as SD-WAN and Firewall. Customers will get access to the latest Edge Computing technology as well as a localized, field-proven deployment capability. With enterprises looking for quick and efficient solutions that reduce time to market, the focus of this collaboration is on pre-packaged technology and a streamlined delivery and service approach. The solution goes beyond connection and security because Telco Systems' edge device allows other applications to be installed on the device at a low cost, allowing Stem Connect to deploy additional applications required by the enterprise customer.

Third-party VNFs and new white box devices can be set up and fully operational in minutes thanks to Telco Systems' virtualization technology. This technology allows telcos, managed service providers, and governments to rapidly deploy new VNF-based business services with centralized administration and ongoing orchestration. Telco Systems' Edge computing solution also enables MSPs to operate on Intel or Arm-based devices while using native Cloud environments for network management and operations.

About Telco Systems
Telco Systems is a leader in innovative Cloud Computing and Network Edge solutions for managing communications infrastructure and services. Carrier Ethernet, MPLS-based demarcation and aggregation, NFV, uCPE, 5G, and IoT solutions are among the company's industry-leading Cloud Edge Computing product portfolio. Worldwide, managed service providers and enterprises depend on Telco Systems for networking technologies and innovations to increase the capacity of their network infrastructures and generate revenue from new connectivity offerings. BATM Advanced Communications' fully owned subsidiary is Telco Systems.

About Stem Connect
Stem Connect, a leading and preferred Network Provider in the United Kingdom, France, and South Africa, takes a unique approach to provide connectivity solutions to our customers. Our main goal is to provide affordable and practical solutions that are supported by highly skilled and professional support staff. Stem Connect is well known in the enterprise for managed connectivity solutions, voice, data, or fail-safe service level agreements. The Stem Connect network has a strong presence, with numerous International Fibre routes and Global peering POPS. Our fiber, POPS (Point of Presence), and datacenter peering points allow us to create a resilient network with multiple fail-overs and shortest path routing, allowing Stem Connect to offer a highly resilient network with minimal latency. As a result, our clients can run real-time applications that surpass their expectations. In addition, we provide one of the most extensive service level agreements in the UK.


10 most essential performance metrics that businesses should consider when managing their virtual machines.


10 most essential performance metrics that businesses should consider when managing their virtual machines.

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ReasonLabs Unveils RAV VPN Wi-Fi Security to Enhance Online Privacy for Home Users

PR Newswire | May 25, 2023

ReasonLabs, the cybersecurity pioneer equipping families and individuals with the same level of cyber protection used by major global companies, today announced the launch of RAV VPN, its virtual private network that uses the most advanced security practices in the industry to protect user's privacy and keep them secure while connected online. Without proper protection, any Wi-Fi network can be vulnerable to malware and different types of advanced security threats. Cybercriminals often take advantage of vulnerable Wi-Fi networks, such as unsecured public networks, to steal discreet information like financial data, login passwords, and other data. RAV VPN provides defense against unsafe networks while encrypting all transferred data with the latest security protocols - Wireguard, IKVe2, and OpenVPN. It's simple to install and extremely easy-to-use, allowing users to connect quickly, encrypt their internet traffic, and enjoy a trouble-free VPN experience. "We are thrilled about the launch of RAV VPN and what it means for home users worldwide," said Kobi Kalif, CEO at ReasonLabs. "RAV VPN provides a higher level of privacy and security for users to surf the web, stream safely, and connect to public or unsafe networks without worry. By equipping families and individuals with a VPN that is designed for enterprise use, we are delivering on our promise of democratizing enterprise-grade technology for everyone around the world." The release of RAV VPN further expands ReasonLabs' cybersecurity suite aimed at families, individuals, and remote workers. It perfectly complements RAV Endpoint Protection, ReasonLabs' flagship Next-Gen Antivirus solution, as well as RAV EDR, its Endpoint Protection & Response (EDR) software, to provide multilayered protection to users. Led by AI, cybersecurity, and machine-learning experts, ReasonLabs is able to provide the highest levels of cyber defense and digital privacy protection possible. RAV VPN is available for download today with various subscription possibilities and a 30-day money-back assurance. About ReasonLabs ReasonLabs is a cybersecurity pioneer equipping tens of millions of families and individuals worldwide with the same level of cyber protection utilized by Fortune 500 companies. Its AI-powered, next-generation antivirus engine scans billions of files around the world to predict and prevent cyberattacks in real-time, 24/7. Its flagship product, RAV Endpoint Protection, together with its other products combine to form a multilayered solution that safeguards home users against next-generation threats. Co-Founded in 2016 by seasoned cybersecurity expert Andrew Newman—an architect of Microsoft's native cybersecurity program, Microsoft Defender—ReasonLabs is based in New York and Tel Aviv.

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NordVPN's Free Version Marks Milestone in Encrypted Networking through Meshnet

NordVPN | March 16, 2023

NordVPN's current product update features Meshnet file-sharing, easy file-sharing functionality, and an open-source Linux application which provides free meshnet to everyone. Meshnet's benefits no longer require a NordVPN subscription. Computers and mobile devices are now connected via a peer-to-peer VPN tunnel. Users can bypass restrictions by routing their internet traffic through any NordVPN-enabled remote device. Windows, mac, and linux devices can be personal VPN servers. This implies consumers can now enjoy perks at home regardless of their location. Meshnet allows instant unlimited file sharing and sharing unlimited-size photos and videos without quality loss. In addition, it is a safe approach to share files through an end-to-end encrypted peer-to-peer VPN tunnel. Users can share and receive files from their own devices and from NordVPN-installed relatives, friends, and co-workers. Two-way permission ensures privacy with the new functionality. Meshnet lets users avoid internet restrictions by routing their traffic through any remote NordVPN-installed device. Windows, Mac, and Linux devices can serve as personal VPN servers. This means consumers can enjoy all advantages at home regardless of their location. NordVPN has rolled out three of its products under an open-source license: The entire NordVPN Linux application, Libtelio, which is a networking library used throughout NordVPN apps, and Libdrop, a Meshnet file-sharing library. Developers can now audit, review, and contribute to these products' source code, which is publicly available. NordVPN, an opensource shows transparency, community engagement, and product trust by making these products open source. Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and Android TV support Meshnet. NordVPN updated its Meshnet documentation page on its website, which states: Internet traffic routing: With Meshnet, travelers can use a laptop left at home to browse the internet with their own IP address. Meshnet lets you establish your own VPN server through your own or your friends' devices, no matter their whereabouts. Secure Remote Device Access: To view shared folders remotely, Meshnet doesn't require public sharing. It secures your home network using a peer-to-peer VPN tunnel, so you're the only one connecting to your home network. Gaming: Meshnet acts as a virtual local area network (LAN), allowing users to play multiplayer games with others without LAN wires. In short, users can connect to the same server from different places. NordVPN Product Strategist, Vykintas Maknickas, remarked, "We are continuously expanding the capabilities of NordVPN. This release marks a significant change in openness by both making part of the service free as well as open-sourcing a substantial part of our client software.” (Source – iTWire) About NordVPN NordVPN, founded in 2012, is a company that protects against ISPs, advertising, and other third-party snoopers. It makes connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots easy and secure. Meshnet, a recent product, allows instant unlimited file sharing and sharing unlimited-size photos and videos without quality loss. It allows usage of personal VPN using windows, mac, and linux devices. It provides 5600+ servers in 60 countries to browse freely.

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Platform9's Latest Release Cuts Costs of Legacy Virtual Machines by 50%

Businesswire | May 19, 2023

Platform9, a leader in helping enterprises with a better way to go cloud native, today announced the most recent release of its products Platform9 KubeVirt and Platform9 Managed Kubernetes (PMK) to address the most pressing budget, staffing, and operational efficiency challenges enterprises are facing in today’s tight economy. As CEOs and CFOs step in to assess costs at all levels, IT leaders are faced with a number of challenging tasks, including controlling cloud costs, lowering legacy vendor license fees, optimizing staffing, and improving operational efficiencies. With this release, Platform9 can help enterprises migrate 100s and even 1000s of virtual machines from legacy virtualization products, driving down costs in several ways: Save by product consolidation and reduced license fees: Replace multiple legacy virtualization products and their extremely expensive enterprise licensing fees. Save enormous public cloud bills by repatriating to on-premises or co-location infrastructure: Migrate to another environment for a fraction of the cost of public cloud. Eliminate the need for costly hardware investments. Run legacy VMs on a modern self-service virtualization solution on existing infrastructure. Save on operation costs: Leverage built-in automation for multiple operational tasks such as lifecycle management, monitoring, alerting, self-healing, security patching, and troubleshooting “To optimize spending, businesses today are reducing the number of enterprise virtualization products and vendors with very expensive license fees,” said Bhaskar Gorti, CEO of Platform9. “Platform9’s latest release unifies, in a single platform, the capabilities of many legacy products including virtualization, container management, monitoring, bare metal management, management plane, and much more. Adopting a platform-based approach such as this for infrastructure management can help reduce costs by consolidating and eliminating redundant products and operational overhead.” Platform9’s approach is unifying and consolidating capabilities available in multiple legacy products into one platform. The latest 5.8 release incorporates the most recent open-source versions of Kubernetes (for container management) and KubeVirt (for VM management), including many infrastructure services for monitoring, load balancing, logging, networking, and much more. Platform9 KubeVirt has a modern user interface and terminology that both VM and infrastructure operators are familiar with. IT teams that are adopting the platform do not need to understand the underlying Kubernetes complexity, which reduces onboarding and training time. Engineering teams who are currently developing and delivering cloud native applications, on the other hand, may leverage the full power of Kubernetes on the same platform. Platform9 5.8 KubeVirt includes several improvements to VM performance, scalability, monitoring, and reliability, significantly matching legacy VM functionality at a lower cost. Notable capabilities include: Guaranteed 99.9% uptime SLA through remote monitoring and alerting: Platform9 management plane remote monitoring is now extended to KubeVirt services. You can now act on alerts round-the-clock to ensure your VMs’ availability. Tested at scale: Rigorous scale-testing to ensure that the platform can run in a variety of scale situations: a few nodes in thousands of locations (for edge use cases) and hundreds of nodes in a few locations (data center or public cloud regions use case). Advanced networking with OVS and performance add-ons: Leverage DPDK, SRIOV and other built-in features to run your networking processes at line speed. "Enterprises today face an ever-increasing need for agility and cost-effectiveness to thrive in a challenging economic environment," said Madhura Maskasky, VP of product and co-founder of Platform9. "With Platform9 5.8, we're delivering a unified virtualization and containerization platform that is secure, scalable, and easy to manage - giving enterprises the flexibility to deploy, orchestrate, maintain, and observe infrastructure across any cloud, edge, or on-premises infrastructure." Enterprises facing budget pressures and looking to save costs by migrating out of legacy virtualization platforms or out of public clouds can take advantage of Platform9’s free consultation offer with our experts. About Platform9 Platform9 empowers enterprises with a faster, better, and more cost-effective way to go cloud native. Its fully automated container management and orchestration solution delivers cost control, resource reduction, and speed of application deployment. Its unique always-on assurance™ technology ensures 24/7 non-stop operations through remote monitoring, automated upgrades, and proactive problem resolution, Innovative enterprises like Juniper, Kingfisher Plc, Mavenir, Redfin, and Cloudera achieve 4x faster time-to-market, up to 90% reduction in operational costs, and 99.99% uptime. Platform9 is an inclusive, globally distributed company backed by leading investors.

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