TeraSky - The Global VMware Partner of the Year - Achieves All Seven VMware Master Services Competencies

TeraSky, a leading advanced technology solutions provider, has successfully achieved its seventh VMware Master Services Competency in Cloud Foundation. Having recently won VMware's Partner of the Year, this latest achievement further cements TeraSky's elite partner status: they are one of only a few worldwide to achieve all seven of VMware's master-level certifications. VMware's Master Services Competencies (MSC) identify VMware partners that demonstrate excellence in both VMware product expertise and customer service.

This most recent TeraSky achievement, the Cloud Foundation Competency, specifically designates expertise in delivering business outcomes for data center modernization, application modernization and hybrid cloud use cases. Achieving this competency demonstrates a deep expertise in server, storage, and network virtualization, as well as cloud management and automation and an ability to architect, design, build and operate an integrated solution. The other competencies held by TeraSky include Cloud Management and Automation, Cloud Native, Data Center Virtualization, Digital Workspace, Network Virtualization, and VMWare Cloud on AWS.

"Achieving all available VMware master services competencies is a goal we set for ourselves from the outset of our partnership with VMware, and we are thrilled to have officially reached number seven. This milestone is further testament to our deep investment in developing and maintaining our own expertise in order to provide the highest level of service."

Ofir Abekasis, CEO, TeraSky

TeraSky absorbs the increasing complexity of new technologies, knowledge, and methodologies to help companies integrate solutions with simplicity and ease. With this seventh VMware Master Services Competency, TeraSky further increased their lead in the industry in Israel, the USA, and EMEA, supporting VMware client needs at every stage of digital transformation.

About TeraSky
TeraSky crafts masterful solutions for companies anywhere on the digitalization spectrum, from conventional businesses undergoing digital transformations to born-to-the-cloud startups facing the challenges of expansion and scale. Partnering with the world's leading technology providers, our elite team of forward-thinkers and competent doers designs and builds applications and data infrastructures in clouds and datacenters. We help our customers beat the complexity of modern IT, meet their business goals - and transform with confidence.



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