TheGreenBow and Zyxel Collaborate for a macOS VPN Client

TheGreenBow, a French cybersecurity software company, and Zyxel, a Taiwanese leading secure networking company, have expanded their collaboration with a macOS VPN Client.

Zyxel Networks is a global leader in offering secure, AI- and cloud-powered business and residential networking solutions, including award-winning security products.

TheGreenBow has modified its macOS VPN Client by adding functionality requested by Zyxel. These features have improved the company's security solutions.

Zyxel, on the other hand, adds TheGreenBow macOS VPN Client to its comprehensive security solutions. At the start of our fruitful collaboration, Zyxel was enticed by the highest level of security offered by TheGreenBow VPN products and picked TheGreenBow Windows IPSec VPN Client as his first option. Zyxel sells an IPSec VPN client named SecuExtender IPSec VPN Client, thanks to TheGreenBow's expertise in VPN technology. This service is primarily intended for small and medium-sized organizations worldwide to provide proper protection against the growing needs of a more mobile workforce and distributed work site expansions.

TheGreenBow's collaboration with Zyxel has been extended as part of TheGreenBow's ambitious ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) collaboration program, which will see further partnerships announced in the coming weeks.

About TheGreenBow
TheGreenBow is a French Cybersecurity Software company that has delivered dependable VPN solutions throughout the world since 1998. Their unique expertise is centered on developing user-friendly encryption technologies that combine the most significant degree of security with unparalleled ease of use.

With over two million licenses distributed globally and more than 20 decades of expertise in developing cryptographic software for privacy protection in a B2B market, as well as Common Criteria EAL3+ certification.

TheGreenBow is a reliable and scalable provider of security solutions for SMEs, large accounts, critical infrastructures, governments, and civil administrations.

TheGreenBow is a founder member of Hexatrust and a member of the competitive cluster "Pôle Systematic."



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