Virtana Expands Monitoring Coverage and Enhances Infrastructure Capacity Planning with Latest Version of VirtualWisdom

Virtana | November 16, 2021

Virtana, the leader in hybrid infrastructure management for mission-critical workloads, introduced the latest version of VirtualWisdom, the premier hybrid IT infrastructure management and AIOps platform for mission-critical workloads. VirtualWisdom 6.3 is the first product launch since Virtana’s rebrand in October 2019 and continues the company’s push into capacity management with global storage array analytics, an expanded range of integrations, and new portable reports and dashboards.

Mission-critical hybrid applications combine resources in public clouds, with physical or virtual resources residing in private data centers. For these crucially important workloads, operating at web-scale, managing cost, performance, and capacity has never been more complex or important. To gain the insights and operational control that deliver efficient, cost-effective operation, organizations need real-time visibility, automated discovery, AI-powered analytics, and immediate access to best-practice solutions that proactively solve infrastructure-related performance and capacity issues for critical applications.

VirtualWisdom provides real-time, data-driven lifecycle recommendations to assure performance, speed problem resolution, automate workload optimization, free-up capacity, and ensure resource availability. AI-powered capacity forecasting helps organizations avoid capacity-driven problems before they can happen, and AI-powered workload optimization keeps applications operating within SLAs.

“To provide organizations with a competitive advantage, IT needs to use and manage their resources efficiently. IT professionals need tools to enable them to quickly resolve problems, even as the infrastructure becomes increasingly more complex. They also need to automate as many of the mundane IT tasks as possible,” said George Crump, President and Founder of Storage Switzerland. “Powered by AI/ML capabilities, VirtualWisdom offers recommendations and automated problem resolution, providing customers with deep infrastructure visibility.”

The new VirtualWisdom release features the new Capacity Auditor, a global storage array analytic that offers a unique approach to global capacity management designed to provide app-centric insights and intelligence across hybrid infrastructure and multi-vendor data storage environments. With Capacity Auditor, organizations have a broad view of storage usage and trends across all storage arrays, applications, locations, physical storage assets, and effective capacity.

Other key features of the new VirtualWisdom 6.3 release include:

  • New infrastructure integrations: Support for Oracle’s Solaris, Red Hat KVM, and Pure Storage solutions that provide all the power of the VirtualWisdom platform to applications using infrastructure within these environments, and management of infrastructure elements that live within them.
  • Dynamic entity insights: Enhances VirtualWisdom’s continuous real-time infrastructure discovery with simple, intuitive dashboards and reports for servers, storage, and networks. Enabling immediate insights into critical relationships between infrastructure elements, visibility into vital statistics, and the capability to automatically apply customizable information sets for identification and cost.
  • Portable reports: Empowers users to share collective insights, dashboards and reports across the VirtualWisdom community. Customers and partners can easily exchange best-practice monitoring reports and visualizations unique to specific environments and applications.
  • Hybrid Application Definition: Hybrid, real-time application views make it easy to visualize hybrid applications that cross multiple technology boundaries in one view – including applications that span multiple clouds (AWS, Azure), virtual environments (VMware, KVM, HyperV, PowerVM) as well as physical systems.

“The Virtana VirtualWisdom platform has been a fundamental enabler of our mission-critical manufacturing technology solutions and services for many years now,” said Todd Weeks, Plex Systems Global VP of Cloud Operations. “Our ability to offer our customers nearly 100% business continuity in a highly efficient cloud infrastructure relies on the real-time infrastructure visibility and AI-powered analytics that are unique to the VirtualWisdom platform.”

“Digital transformation is driving exponential data growth as today’s enterprises must have global visibility into all storage resources to continuously meet these ever-growing demands. Point solutions to managing data sets across multiple vendor storage environments result in highly fragmented, manual and wasteful practices and resources – and can put entire applications at risk. With application aware, predictive insight into the underlying digital infrastructure, VirtualWisdom offers the industry’s first and only global infrastructure capacity auditor and forecaster that can providing real-time visibility into mission-critical digital workload infrastructure.”

Tim Van Ash, SVP of Products at Virtana

The latest version of VirtualWisdom is currently being showcased at the Gartner Infrastructure Operations and Cloud Summit in Las Vegas. Todd Weeks, Plex Systems Global VP of Cloud Operations will be speaking on Dec. 11 at 11:15 a.m. on “How Virtana Empowers Peak Performance for the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.”

About Virtana
Virtana is a leader in hybrid infrastructure management for mission-critical workloads, providing comprehensive hybrid IT infrastructure monitoring and real-time, AI-powered analytics for the modern enterprise data center. The company’s solutions give IT operations teams’ deep workload visibility and actionable insights into their end-to-end systems that support mission-critical applications. Virtana customers include leaders in enterprise IT, cloud service providers and federal agencies that are leveraging the company’s platforms to maximize the performance, health and utilization of their hybrid IT infrastructure. The privately-held company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif.


With Datto SIRIS you have the flexibility to recover entire systems locally or in the secure Datto Clout. This demonstration will walk you through local recovery.


With Datto SIRIS you have the flexibility to recover entire systems locally or in the secure Datto Clout. This demonstration will walk you through local recovery.

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ADVA Expands Multi-Vendor Network Functions Virtualization Program

ADVA | December 14, 2020

ADVA (FSE: ADV) today reported the proceeding with development of its Ensemble Harmony Ecosystem. With the expansion of 20 individuals, the business' driving organization capacities virtualization (NFV) accomplice program includes a considerably more extensive scope of virtualized applications and upheld administrations. New increments to the multi-merchant environment incorporate cloud, virtualization, systems administration and security pioneer, VMware. Correspondence specialist organizations (CSPs) would now be able to profit by open arrangements created by more than 65 individuals, including in excess of 50 virtual organization capacities (VNFs) and in excess of 40 white box workers. “We’re excited to be joining the Ensemble Harmony Ecosystem, helping it accelerate the pace of NFV innovation and generate new value for our customers. This program is key to creating the openness and interoperability needed in the new age of software-based telecommunication networks,” said Mark Vondemkamp, VP, Products, SD-WAN and SASE Business, VMware. “For us, the Ensemble Harmony Ecosystem enables comprehensive virtualized solutions. It enables CSPs to choose from a wide variety of commercial VNFs and effortlessly realize the promise of NFV. Ensemble Harmony also makes it easy for us to deliver a consistent cloud architecture all the way from the public cloud to the network edge.” ADVA's Ensemble Harmony Ecosystem is an alliance of equipment, programming and administration accomplices cooperating to drive virtualization and softwarization in media transmission organizations. The program conveys all CSPs need to tackle the full advantages of NFV and mechanization. It cultivates close joint effort between accomplices to guarantee interoperability and gives the capacity to choose from industry-driving arrangements, including the most famous SD-WAN, firewall and WAN advancement items. Beside VMware, the latest increments to the Ensemble Harmony Ecosystem are CASwell, flexiWAN, IEI Integration Corp, NEXCOM and Lanner. “Lanner continues to work with ADVA on CSP adoption of NFV. And our support and promotion of Ensemble Harmony is another great example of how we together provide solutions that outperform purpose-built platforms in every way,” said Sven Freudenfeld, CTO, Lanner Inc. “Lanner’s Whitebox Solutions™, coupled with Ensemble and VNF partners, provide solutions that are available off-the-shelf, with the best technology, pre-validated, and fully homologated.” “This ongoing growth means our Ensemble Harmony Ecosystem provides more options and delivers more value. By welcoming industry leaders like VMware into the program, we’re enabling our customers to transform their operations with some of the best available cloud solutions,” commented James Buchanan, GM, Edge Cloud, ADVA. “Today’s CSPs demand the freedom to choose the most advanced virtualization technology from a variety of leading innovators. They expect tech suppliers to cooperate with each other to ensure interoperability and reduce complexity. That’s what our Ensemble Harmony Ecosystem is all about. It creates an environment that fosters close cooperation, accelerates new initiatives and enables true multi-vendor solutions.”

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Cog Systems and the US DOD collaborate to build an Enhanced Retransmission Device (ERD)

Cog Systems | February 09, 2022

Connected devices make life easier for millions of people worldwide. They also make it easier for malicious hackers to get their hands on sensitive data, or worse. Together Cog Systems and the US DOD have built a commercial, easy to use Enhanced Retransmission Device (ERD) that adds two layers of security for end user devices to improve their Defense in Depth security posture. The ERD works with any wireless carrier or Wi-Fi network and with mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. Cog Systems and the US DOD have collaborated to build the only fully compliant device available today, per the latest guidelines for Commercial Solutions for Classified from NIST (specifically from Mobile Access Capability Package 2.5), for use by the US Government. The added security of a VPN has become a minimum requirement for protecting networked devices from cyberthreats. However, for government and enterprise-focused applications, the bare minimum just won't do. Layered security systems are much more effective at protecting networked devices from unwanted intrusion. On top of the VPN, the ERD enables the local user to add the following to their end user devices: A Protocol Break that sanitizes the dataflow going in, reducing the threat from malicious attachments, and ensuring only clean data reaches your connected device; A Firewall that can be tuned to only accept data from known IP addresses, and block data from any other addresses before it gets to your connected device. The increased use of connected devices by employees to connect to their government or enterprise applications has long been a quandary for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). It is a distinct honor for all of the employees of Cog to work with the US DOD to develop a device that makes layered security available to the market and building a world-class, ultra-secure, commercial device that makes all of us more secure is a giant step forward for the entire market." Carl L. Nerup, CEO of Cog Systems The ERD adds that necessary addition of two additional layers of security with an easy and portable solution that CISOs can immediately deploy for their employees, especially for work from home employees. The ERD is built on an isolated and modular architecture, using Cog Systems' Virtual Mobile Device SDK, and the formally verified type-1 virtualization. Discrete Virtual Machines running on the Type-1 Hypervisor keep critical processes secure, enabling MILS architectures that support applications with privacy and mutual distrust. Cog Systems has partnered with Aegis Secure for the commercialization and distribution of the ERD, branded as the Aegis R51. The Aegis R51 is the world's most secure Enhanced Retransmission Device (ERD) available to the commercial market today. About Cog Systems Cog Systems has been preparing for the revolution in connected device architecture since 2014. The traditional architecture of IoT and smart devices creates a massive attack surface, forcing security policy to accept high risk, restricted access, which poses a burden on users. By coupling the same modularity techniques used in cloud computing with the fundamentals of security, trustworthiness, and adaptability to enable highly secure connected devices, Cog proactively delivers the assurance of defense-grade security for world governments and corporate enterprises. About Aegis Secure Aegis Secure has been building bespoke Ultra-Secure Mobile devices since 2014 for a discriminating set of customers in the public and private sectors. With that industry leading experience building real products for the Ultra-Secure Mobility market in collaboration with Cog Systems, Inc, it became a logical to take the lessons from those bespoke projects and use them to develop products that we could commercialize and make available to the global marketplace.

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NewEdge Collaborates with Parallel Wireless to Meet Mil5G's Network Requirements

NewEdge | January 13, 2021

NewEdge, a pioneer in the arising Open RAN environment, reported a cooperation exertion with Parallel Wireless, the main ALL G Open RAN software supplier, and All Purpose Networks, a pioneer in MEC, on various tasks that give a total start to finish framework to meet Mil5G's organization necessities. It was reported as of late that the Department of Defense, with the help of the FCC, is making accessible up to 530 MHz of range in the mid-band, which has been considered basic for US 5G incomparability. To address this opportunity, the partners will provide the following: • NewEdge Signal Solutions offers a broad portfolio of 5G Open RAN remote radio heads (RRH). The NewEdge Radio Units are the smallest size, weight and power consumption in their class, simultaneously satisfying multiple RF bands and modes in a single Radio Unit. • Parallel Wireless provides flexible and scalable DU and CU software. By leveraging the scale of commoditized general processor-based hardware, the software supports legacy 2G 3G 4G waveforms, and can be software upgraded to 5G. • All Purpose Networks, a pioneer in MEC (Multiple Access Edge Computing) with over thirty patents, will provide a software-based secure overlay to the underlying network. APN will provide a software component that runs on a general-purpose computer, providing unique routing and security capabilities. The resulting collaboration will provide an end-to-end solution from the edge to the core, including a security layer for all clients and access points regardless of how they connect to the network. Supporting Quotes "NewEdge is at the forefront of the Open RAN movement being embraced by mobile operators around the world, was an early participant in the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) and a founding member of the Open RAN Policy Coalition," said Tom Lambalot, CEO of NewEdge Signal Solutions. "To ensure seamless interoperability with a respective DU (Distributed Unit), we are engaging with leading OpenRAN participants that are more focused on the software elements of the network architecture, including Parallel Wireless. As 5G continues to roll out, we are benefiting from the investments we have made in the core technologies required of a best-in-class Radio Unit offering. Our broadband Radio Units, agile in both frequency and air interface, are ideally suited to the demands of an everchanging spectrum environment. Future trends including CBRS spectrum sharing and the recent announcement by the Department of Defense will only bolster demand." "We are collaborating with NewEdge to build a stronger Open RAN ecosystem. The NewEdge Radios will be O-RAN compliant and will interoperate with our CU & DU solutions," said Steve Papa, founder and CEO of Parallel Wireless. "We are delighted to collaborate on market-specific opportunities that leverage the strengths of each entity and usher in the era of Open RAN." "All Purpose Networks is excited to collaborate with other leading Open RAN suppliers. One of the key items that needs to be addressed when assembling hardware and software from different vendors is security. APN has spent considerable time and effort addressing this very concern and has been issued over 30 patents that are at the core of the MEC (Multiple Access Edge Computing) and Open RAN revolution," said Jim Brewington – founder and Chairman of APN. About NewEdge: NewEdge™ Signal Solutions is a leader in the integrated design and manufacturing of Radio Units for both the Defense and Commercial Markets. NewEdge solves complex technical problems resulting from the explosion of frequency bands, waveforms and mobile standards, from 2G to 5G. NewEdge technology enables the virtualization of the Wireless RAN (Radio Access Network) with a highly-flexible RU (Radio Unit) that can serve multiple modes (2G/3G/4G/5G) and a diverse set of frequency bands in a single RU – SKU. About Parallel Wireless Parallel Wireless is a U.S.-based company challenging the world's legacy vendors with the industry's only unified ALL G (5G/4G/3G/2G) software-enabled Open RAN solution. Its cloud-native network software reimagines network economics for global mobile operators in both coverage and capacity deployments, while also paving the way to 5G. The company is engaged with 50+ leading operators worldwide. Parallel Wireless's innovation and excellence in multi-technology, open virtualized RAN solutions have been recognized with 74+ industry awards.

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