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Virtual RAN Hits the Mainstream…Now Waiting for the Green Light


Mobile Experts Inc. released a detailed market study today, highlighting the growth of Virtual RAN.  In particular, this report estimates the pricing and adoption of vDU and vCU software from 2022 through 2032, showing how vRAN will grow through 5G deployments and accelerate with 5.5G or 6G deployments.

Mobile Experts has collected data from dozens of software and hardware suppliers, as well as 20 different mobile operators, in order to pinpoint the specific opportunities served by virtualization in upcoming mobile networks. Major distinctions between public and private networks are illustrated, along with the impact of COTS semiconductors in the radio and the impact of virtualization in 2G through 4G networks.

This new report complements the recent Mobile Experts report on Open RAN, which highlights the performance, cost, and flexibility implications of Open RAN standards in the market. Together, these two reports provide a complete picture of the changing architecture in mobile networks.

Joe Madden, lead analyst at Mobile Experts, commented that "We consistently predicted in 2013 through 2020 that vRAN would take a long time to reach global acceptance. This report shows the specific outlook over a 10-year timeline, as we can now see a path toward widespread adoption. We expect the biggest growth when new spectrum arrives in the 2028 timeframe. By 2032, vRAN software will be used in more than 30% of new deployments."

Subscribers to Mobile Experts research will receive:

  • Full access to the 55-page Virtual RAN 2023 report;
  • 49 comprehensive charts and figures;
  • Cost analysis over the life cycle of a mobile network;
  • Access to the analysts behind the reports.

About Mobile Experts Inc.:

Mobile Experts provides insightful market analysis for the mobile infrastructure and mobile handset markets.  Recent publications focus on ORAN, Macro and Massive MIMO Base Stations,  Industrial Private 5G, and more.



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