. https://virtualization.network/Resources/Whitepapers/0d84b162-478e-4bc8-bf1f-a2231c86cf50_network-virtualization-infographic-1-638.pdf
Virtual Network resources can be easily created, deleted as well as extended Automating IT environment - Automates a broad range of provisioning and maintenance activities with extended productivity Reduces downtime - Increases the operational efficiency by reducing the unplanned network downtime Secured user Environment - Provides greater flexibility in a secured environment by providing isolation and micro-segmentation Enhanced security- Distributed firewall and complete deployment of security controls are integrated to the infrastructure to improve the security to a great extent Disaster Recovery- When entire network is replicated, the changes made in the source are automatically copied to the recovery site ,enabling network continuity Cost Efficient - Reduces the infrastructure cost by minimizing the cabling price and consolidating the ports/switches Multi-tenant Cloud Environment. DOWNLOAD