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Factors That Make Vmware Inc VMW Bargain Priced.

July 05, 2019 / Rebecca Roberts

VMware, Inc., (VMW)s stock has risen by 15.19% from average 12-month price target of $195.2 expected by the analysts. The price of the stock ended July 04, 2019 trading at $169.46 which saw downtrend of 23.58% since the beginning of 2019. For most investors, the 0.28% rally in the share price could have prompted them to buy the stock, but doing that would be a mistake as it would be taking into consideration only the short-term performance of the stock. Most analysts believed that the stock has the potential to rise by 38.68% or more. For VMware, Inc. to record further gain analysts believe that the company has to hit $235 price target. The high price target for VMW for next 12 months currently stands at $235. This means that the highest 12 months price target is 38.68% above its last closing price. The median price target for the stock over the next 12 months is $195, which means that it could rise by 15.07% from its current position. Despite that, some analysts believe that it wont p...