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9 terms to know about enterprise cloud storage

February 11, 2019 / Jessica Lanman

In our digital age, you often hear stats like "Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is an enterprise cloud storage system that can store up to a petabyte of data," or "by 2035 we will have more than a yottabyte of data." But if you don’t know these terms, the stats are meaningless.Below, we’ve defined some terms around enterprise cloud storage to help you understand what they mean—and how our sponsor Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is great for businesses. We live in a world of data; with computers, smartphones and other devices, the human race is generating tons of information constantly. To utilize this information, it has to be stored well, where it can be accessible, but you can’t identify good storage if you don’t know how it can (and should) work.Cloud storage in particular is an excellent way to store data, as it allows us to access data quickly and effectively from almost any location, but talk around it is jargon-heavy. To clarify what makes cloud storage systems like Wasabi great, we’ve defined...