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Amazon’s Werner Vogels: ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching. Encrypt Like Everyone Is’

March 27, 2019 / Jessica Lyons Hardcastle

Modern apps require serverless architectures with a lot of automation and continuous security, said Amazon CTO Werner Vogels during the AWS Summit keynote. He wore a black tee-shirt that read: “Encrypt Everything.”It’s a simple message, but an important one in today’s culture of bigger, more expensive security breaches with companies still not encrypting data.“Encryption is the tool we have to make sure that nobody else has access to your data,” Vogels said. Amazon Web Services (AWS) built encryption into nearly all of its 165 cloud services, he added. “Make use of it. Dance like nobody is watching. Encrypt like everyone is.”By continuous security, Vogels means a DevSecOps approach where security is built into the continuous integration and deployment model and “security is everyone’s job.” Old-style security — like firewalls — don’t work in today’s microservices world, he said. “If firewalls were the right security solution, we would still have moats around our cities. We don’t. We pr...