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Any application, any device, any cloud the view from vmware

June 12, 2019 / Sean Kinney

With the shift to 5g, early investments in network functions virtualization are paving the way to what will ultimately be an it-centric network that takes advantage of centralized and distributed compute power to support new types of services and billions of new connected devices.pervasive cloud computing capable of handling a variety of distributed workloads are needed to move the industry from where it is today to the full vision of network slicing bespoke data pipes created automatically on demand. this gives users the appropriate connectivity for the necessary application while allowing operators to optimize the allocation of network and spectral resources.this notion of connecting any device to any cloud to run any application with end-to-end security is a key to vmware’s corporate strategy, gabriele di piazza, vice president of solutions for telco nfv, told rcr wireless news in a recent interview.