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Application Container Market Driven by Growing Demand for Server Virtualization

June 28, 2019 / NA

Application containers are a product of the growing demand for server virtualization. They comprise a lightweight virtual environment in which any set of processes, such as CPU or memory, can be isolated and virtualized. Application containers use the kernel of the host system, allowing them to launch instantly, with zero performance overhead. The use of the shared kernel also improves performance attributes and allows smooth utilization of multiple computing resources. This is in contrast to traditional hypervisor/virtual machine systems, in which the guest and host systems can run on different kernels.While application containers provide a lighter level of security than virtual machines, the demand from the global application container market is growing due to their benefits in terms of runtime and storage size. Traditional virtual machine systems can take up several gigabytes, whereas application containers consume only a few megabytes. This improves the network connectivity massive...