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AT&T 5G, Airship Plans Powered by Mirantis

February 07, 2019 / Dan Meyer

Mirantis scored an eight-figure, multi-year deal to provide AT&T with core infrastructure software to run the carrier’s 5G services. The central component of that core infrastructure is Kubernetes and is part of AT&T’s previously announced Airship initiative.Mirantis CEO and co-founder Adrian Ionel explained that the company’s platform allows Kubernetes to be run on-premises, on bare metal, or in the cloud. And in the case of its latest work with AT&T, that Kubernetes base supports OpenStack as a workload on top of the container orchestrator.Ionel explained that its work showed that Mirantis was able to bind the Kubernetes substrate to bare metal and that it could get that substrate to work at scale. He said that Mirantis expects the platform to run a few thousand nodes this year, and then scale to 10,000 nodes over the next three years, and more than 20,000 nodes “in the years to come.