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AT&T Trumpets ‘Significant’ 5G Network Lead

March 13, 2020 / Matt Kapko

AT&T’s 5G network is kicking into gear with coverage reaching a potential 80 million people spanning about 80 cities, CFO John Stephens said at an investor conference. AT&T remains on track to deploy “nationwide” 5G coverage before July with 200 million people covered, he said. After making its 5G network exclusively available to business customers for more than a year, the operator opened up access to consumers in December 2019. Now it’s shifting into selling mode as it waits for more 5G-capable devices to hit the market. “5G is going to be a very big deal for us,” Stephens said, describing the company’s approach as more “rational” than that of its competitors. We have 160 megahertz of what we’ll call sub-6 or low- and medium-band spectrum that is either in service or being put in service across the country. This is giving us great coverage. This is giving us great speeds, giving us great quality,” he said, according to a Seeking Alpha transcript.