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Aviation connectivity firm Gogo takes to the cloud with AWS infrastructure shift

March 14, 2019 / Clare Hopping

Aviation firm Gogo has decided to migrate its infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS), making use of the company’s full suite of cloud services to deliver a better in-flight entertainment experience.Gogo has already moved the majority of its commercial and business aviation divisions to AWS, but will now start using additional services such as analytics, serverless, database, and storage to engage with more airlines, without needed to upscale its physical infrastructure. It will also provide significant cost savings and improve the efficiency of the company’s current operations compared to using legacy infrastructure.“The change in velocity that we experienced moving from our on-premises environment to AWS has been phenomenal,” said Ravi Balwada, senior vice president of software development at Gogo.“By operating and innovating on AWS, we’ve been able to nearly eliminate customer-impacting incidents related to ground-based deployments and increase our deployment cadence sevenfold. ...